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HEllo and welcome. In this video we are going
to talk about eye sty. Eye stye appears as a red bump on the inside or outside of the
eyelid or on the lower part of the eye. Here are some simple remedies you can try
to get rid of the sty at home. 1. Boil some coriander seeds in water. Once
the water is boiled, drain out the seeds and wash the stye with the water. Do this twice
or thrice a day and your stye will be healed in no time. 2. Take a few cloves, ground the cloves into
a paste. Add little water. Apply it from one corner of the eyelash to the other end. Apply
a little on the stye too. Leave it for five hours to dry and you will notice a drastic
change. 3. Mix a pinch of turmeric in a glass of water.
Stir this well.wash the eye with this water twice daily. Hope this video helped you. Stay healthy and
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34 thoughts on “3 Natural Home Remedies To GET RID OF A STYE IN EYE

  1. So when you have a stye inside your eyelid you you suppose to put the "home remedies" on top of your eyelid or inside of your eyelid

  2. I had a stye about 2 monthes ago…. it gradually left but there is still a visible but colourless bump. its really annoying me although it isn't hurting me. it just looks annoying.How can i possibly remove this bump?

  3. mam if the clove enters the eye then…….
    and when I apply it to my stye a burning sensation was there..
    and it also entered my eye… then I wash it of suddenly….
    Are you having another remedies.
    please suggest……

  4. it extremely pains when the water is splashed in my eye, its been 3 days of my stye, help i can't wash my eye😢

  5. from past 2months m suffering Frm Chalazion .. no pain no redness.. a Hard Rock under lower lid of my right eye.. plz plz plz help

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