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Hello and welcome. Do you dread a change in
season because it always triggers a sinusitis attack. The symptoms of sinusitis can vary
from excessive sneezing, running nose, blockage of nostrils, headaches, pressure around head
eyes and face. Dont you worry help is at hand. you can try
some of these remedies simply at home. Here you go with the first remedy. Take 1
teaspoon of fenugreek seeds, add them to 1 cup of boiling water, once the concoction
is ready drink this thrice a day till the condition improves. You can reduce the intake
once you feel better. Lets take a look at remedy 2. Take 2 teaspoons
of apple cider vinegar, add a cup of water, take 1 teaspoon of honey, mix this well and
drink this thrice daily for 5 days. Apple cider vinegar helps thin mucus so that it
is eliminated easily. Take a teaspoon of brown and roasted cumin
seeds, add 2 teaspoons of honey to it, mix this well. This should give you relief from
Sinusitis. We hope you feel better. For more such videos
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65 thoughts on “3 Simple & Powerful Home Remedies To TREAT SINUSITIS

  1. hello guyzz for 1st remedy how much time it take to water to come into half?? plz tell is the 1st remedy work ??

  2. Can this help if i have a swollen nose my nose is always inflamed i think i have an infection inside I'm using Nasacort but i want a Natural home remedies

  3. the 3rd remedy is cumin powder and 2 tea spoon of honey how much time i have to eat in a day when in the mornig or night

  4. Thank you so much this presentation and I am taking remedy no 3 and now I feeling batter than before with the sinusitis.I'm taking from the last two weeks but untill when I have to take that remedy 3 and one more think how can I relief with mucus coz with the mucus I'm feeling blocked in my throat…….please tell me and thank you so much.

  5. Hi my name is Joe please help me I suffer for the last 3 years from a servere sinus infection my nose is always blocked ajy im always getting a cold every few weeks also when i try to unblock my nose i have to sniff up and this make a noise in my nose everytime i do it please i need help its really embarrising in public what remedy would be best for me thank you

  6. I have sinusitis problem for six months or five months, one side nostril is completely blocked, I had taken aurvedic remedies but didn't get any affect, I am in so trouble,and even I can't feel smell or fragrance from right side nostril, so tell m plz what should I do. how to rid out of this problem

  7. my nose isn't plugged, it just feels inflamed. what is it? facial edema, chronic sinusitis, or rosacea? when inflamed, skin gets red.

  8. As specialist, I believe Sinuzolax Miracle can be great way to cure your sinusitis safely. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it will work for you too.

  9. So I found when I mix the ground cumin with the honey and stick it up my nose, my sinusitis did not improve. Please help, all I smell is sweet jeera throughout the day!

  10. Hi everyone, if you want to get rid of your sinus forgood go che kout my video on youtube type, how to treat sinus, this reaally works and spread the word.

  11. here's a few ideas to tryuse a saline rinse – this is a good way to keep your nose clearcook with chili peppers – these have capsaicin which helps shrink nose polyps . Use Tea Tree Oil – dilute first then swab the polyps with it – this can reduce polpys and reduce symptoms.Eat foods with high levels of anioxidants – broccoli, citrus fruits etc – these can cure nose polyps naturally. (I discovered these and why they work from jits polyp plan website )

  12. I feel nose kinda plugged left side only . Have done all to trying rid it off and no success yet :/
    Wintry temps getting worser. Feel me dizzy at times. Good lord guys !!!

  13. Hey this sounds great! Have you seen Devon Rifelone's website? It talks about a step by step blueprint you can follow to make nasal polyps go away within days.

  14. Hey,i was diagnosed with acute sinusitis,i took antibiotic and nasal spray but sometimes i get a thick mucus sensation in my nose. I just keep swallowing and it wont go away. My mouth dries and i feel terrible. I wont sleep until the morning and it is really affecting my daily performance. Any kind of help is appreciated thanks

  15. Please don't tell anybody to take 2nd treatment because I try then I get so Many complications. Like abdominal dissension. Severe gastritis. Really it's very hamful. This my experience..

  16. Onion is a great decongestant to open up the sinuses. In addition, it has sulfur compounds that fight fungi and bacteria. Therefore, onion is also one of the best home remedies for sinus infection.

    You cut one onion into small pieces. Then, you put these pieces in one pot of water.
    You let it boil for five minutes. After that, you inhale the vapors for about a few minutes.
    Next, you can strain the liquid and then drink it.
    You should practice a few times per day for about one week or till the congestion clears.

  17. I couldn`t imagine that the polyps were gone, based on the doctor this early morning. Just before this I had taken topical and oral steroids for Eight months and also the polyps would certainly shrink a little but the head aches were dreadful. Now using this nasal polyps treatment solution “Fαfοnzα TD” (Google it), my polyps are gone after just 5 days and I feel good than ever before!

  18. Given that I think about it, I had been offered many pills and tablets that didn`t do anything to my polyps. Using the nasal polyps treatment method “Fαfοnzα TD” (Google it) and proper diet, my polyps had shrunk and were banished fully! I am happy that I discovered this item through my own study.

  19. Thank you so much! I tried this and after three (3) glasses of drinking this formula (2tsps of ACV+1tsp of honey+1 glass of water) it was like magic! Very effective. I have shared this wonderful home remedy to anyone I know who has sinusitis. Highly recommended! 😊

  20. Do natural popular sinus treatment like Sinuzolax Miracle really work and if so, how effective are they? I've noticed numerous awesome things about this popular sinus infection treatment.

  21. It has only been 3 weeks since I have started with the nasal polyps treatment method “Fαfοnzα TD” (Google it) and my nose is better, making me feel more energetic each day. Getting rid of the nasal polyps also has drastically enhanced my self-esteem. It hasn`t just gotten me free of the one thing I hated about myself but also saved me loads of money as I was thinking about surgery.

  22. If anyone is interested in reducing vertigo naturally the greatest info that i've ever had was with the Vertical fixer method (just google it) – definately the most helpful method that I've tried.

  23. This was great, I have been researching "signs of sinus pressure" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Franaar Easy Breath Formula – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my neighbour got amazing success with it.

  24. Sinus problems are linked to fatty liver . Do a liver detox. If the filter is clogged it needs to be cleansed before it works properly to drain your lymph. Also get a good true hepa air filter.

  25. I get swelling on my face near cheeks lips and eyes.. Is this also a sinus? Plz tel me mam.

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