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Hi, I’m Dr. Axe, doctor of natural medicine
and founder of In this video, I’m going to share with you my three steps to
beat Lyme disease for good and you’re going to learn the best diet, the best supplements,
as well as the best natural treatments today to beat Lyme disease. And I guarantee a lot
of this is going to surprise you. And if you follow the tips in this video, I think you’re
going to start seeing results in as little as seven days. And I know that if you’re struggling
with Lyme disease, it can be overwhelming, it can be depressing, it can be discouraging,
but I know that this is going to give you hope. Now, one of the first things I’m going to
talk about is the diet for Lyme disease. And I know that there are a lot of people out
there that are confused about the best foods when it comes to overcoming Lyme disease.
And here’s what I typically see. When someone has Lyme disease, they tend to gravitate and
start doing more of a raw diet, maybe juicing vegetables or trying to eat more veggies and
fruits. And surprisingly, that’s not the ideal diet for Lyme disease. With Lyme disease,
the key is boosting your immune system. And a lot of Lyme disease or infectious disease,
it begins in your gut lining. We really need to support your immune system. Remember this, 70% of your immune system is
located in your gut. So if you’re treating Lyme disease by taking a lot of things where
you’re trying to kill a parasite, that is going to be the worst thing you can possibly
do. In fact, most people get worse when they’ll go and take rounds of antibiotics. Whether
they’re natural or conventional antibiotics, you’re actually digging yourself into a deeper
hole. And what I’m going to recommend you do if you have Lyme disease is follow a diet
to start to heal and seal your gut lining is the most important thing you can do. And
I would follow a diet what I call a one-pot diet or primarily a crockpot diet, every single
day, eating these meals. I’m going to tell you, you’re going to see
phenomenal results this way when you follow this and some of the treatments I have for
you. So part of something to remember is that a lot of people think that maybe there’s a
food that’s going to heal them. There is not a food that’s going to heal you. Your body
heals itself. I’ll give you an example. If I cut my hand here, there isn’t a nutrient
that heals this cut. I just need to keep it covered up. The body heals itself. It’s the
same thing. When you have damage in your body or you have a parasite or something that’s
taking over inside of you, you don’t want to treat it. You want to simply strengthen
your natural immune system so your body can fight it off itself. So that’s the most important thing to remember.
And many people have practiced fasting for a long time. Now, I don’t recommend you fast
with Lyme disease. What I recommend you do is you consume foods that are easy to digest
and that help rebuild the strength of your immunity, which all starts in your gut. And
so here’s what you don’t want to do. Don’t do ice cold drinks, don’t do raw veggie juices,
don’t do raw vegetables, period, or a lot of raw foods. You want to be doing foods that
are warming and drying to your system that help eliminate Candida, help eliminate parasite
infections, and any other type of pathogen within your body. The way to do that is to consume a diet that’s
rich in bone broth, organic meat and vegetables. So here’s what this meal looks like, is you’re
consuming, you’re getting bone broth, you can buy it or make it yourself, you’re going
to put that in a crock pot, you’re going to get some organic chicken or beef or any type
of organic meat, and then load it up with lots of veggies, and you’re going to make
a homemade chicken soup or bone broth stew. And that is the perfect diet. You’re getting
plenty of protein, but also loads of cooked vegetables, things like onions and garlic. That’s what’s going to help you, that type
of meal. Because the bone broth contains proline and lysine, the vegetables contain all the
vitamins and minerals you need, the onions and garlic contain prebiotic-rich fibers,
that’s going to help heal and seal your gut lying, helping you beat Lyme disease for good.
And in addition to that, doing some fermented vegetables and getting probiotics in your
diet. If you can follow that diet and get off some of the other stuff you were doing,
I’m telling you, it is by far the best diet when it comes to beating Lyme disease. The
second tip I have for beating Lyme disease is to take certain supplements. Number one
is vitamin D3, taking 5,000 to 10,000 IUs a day. Vitamin D is important for cortisol
levels. When you get vitamin D, your body starts producing
over 200 antimicrobials that will kill off infectious disease, pathogenic bacteria within
your body. You’ve got to make sure you’re getting plenty of vitamin D. Feel free to
take a vitamin D test, but 90% of people, at least, are deficient, especially those
with Lyme disease. So about 5,000 to 10,000 IUs a day, unless you’re getting direct sunlight,
you don’t need to take it then, if you’re in the sun for 30 minutes that day. But that’s
very, very important. The next supplement I recommend is the B-complex supplement. We
really want to support your cellular function, especially vitamin B12, but look for an organic
B complex supplement. You’ve got to have plenty of B vitamins in order to heal. The next supplement is coenzyme Q10. In a
recent medical study, they found that those suffering from Lyme disease had low co-Q10
levels. I recommend 100 to 200 milligrams of coenzyme Q10 every single day, I believe,
is crucial. And then another supplement is bone broth protein powder or collagen protein
powder. As your body heals, we want to give it the right nutrients for repairing and healing
those damaged tissues. Also, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids and certain adaptogenic
herbs, like shiitake and Cordyceps mushrooms, are great supplements as well. But those are
really the best supplements you want to be following. And then from a natural treatment
standpoint, when it comes to suffering from any type of Lyme disease, there are several
things you might consider. There is ozone therapy, and really oxygenating
yourselves. That tends to help many people. Also acupuncture. I would look up five elements
acupuncture in your area. In fact, I believe that acupuncture is probably the best treatment
when it comes to fighting Lyme disease. And you can go to your acupuncturist and they
can tell you that you might have a qi deficiency or a spleen deficiency or a liver issue. They
can tell you what’s going on with your organs, and that may give you even a better idea on
some dietary things or some herbs you might want to take in Chinese medicine for naturally
fighting Lyme disease. I’ll give you an example. Many people with
Lyme disease have what’s called a qi deficiency, that’s Q-I, qi deficiency, and certain supplements
can help that, such as royal jelly and spirulina and astragalus and other herbs in Chinese
medicine, licorice root. All of these can really help in rebuilding and healing the
system. So again, number one, follow that bone broth diet. Number two, take those healing
supplements we talked about. And number three, go and see a five-element acupuncturist. If you do all those things, I guarantee you’re
going to see great results in overcoming Lyme disease. By the way, if you want to learn
more about Lyme disease, I have a full written out plan on my website, Just visit
my site at Also, subscribe here to my Youtube channel if you want to learn
more natural remedies, cures, and how to use food as medicine.

46 thoughts on “3 Steps to Treat Lyme Disease

  1. Unless you have chronic lyme disease and you have beaten it then can you give the right advice

    It's like a back seat passenger advising the the driver

  2. uniformed bro… why not inform people how natural herbs can be taken separate from probiotics… it’s a rather important point bro… Take spirochete killing herbs and mega dose probiotics…

  3. Thank you Dr. Axe, I have been suffering with lyme disease, babesiosis, and MRSA from a staph infection….I am going to try your bone broth "soup" and I am taking a regiment of herbs as described in Stephen Buhner's book "healing lyme naturally". God bless you for posting this video.

  4. This is complete bullshit. Do not try to get your body to fight the disease by itself through diet and supplements… You need a course of antibiotics (e.g. doxycycline) for several weeks. You really don't want the long term effects of not treating lyme disease effectively as soon as you can.

  5. Here s a tip that helped me. and my cat from the brink… The best and rapid cure is to relax completely you will notice symptoms decreasing immediately, with spots on the skin just a couple of antibiotics to clear, and calm for the symptoms to subside, the pain will get better too, its a disease of stress. Nizoral shampoo will detox the body of any pests.

  6. All fungi, bacteria, parasites have a protective layer called biofilm. Nothing will kill them unless you get rid of the biofilm. Once you get rid of the biofilm they are exposed and can be killed. Try serapepptase and cistus incanus tea for the biofilm. Also activated charcoal and garlic. It can take a while to get rid of the biofilm depending on how long the fungus, parasites and bacteria have been in your system. But getting rid of the biofilm will allow you to kill them. Also diet and certain supplements are key. You most definitely need to heal your gut and keep more good bacteria than bad. Take probiotics. Your gut is your hero. In addition you'll need suplements that boost liver function and kidney function. Try taking something that binds to toxins so you can poop them out. Dont forget about the herx effect. It basically means that things can get worse before they get better. These bacteria parasites and fungi fight to stay. So if your trying what I recommended and you start to feel worse, then know that your making these guys fight for their lives. Above it all, PRAY HARD and be sincere about it. The most high God knows and sees all, give your life to him. He knows what your going through. Maybe your going through this so you can draw closer to him. Pray to the most high Ahiya in the name of the savior yashia. He wants you to turn from your evil ways. Of its not God's way then it's the devil's way. There is no inbetween! Wish you all the best! God bless!

  7. is you do all thar you cure just about 99% of the problems a person can have…that was very VERY inespecific….

  8. What if your plant base ?
    I been plant base all my life so what if I get it I live in Wales and this is spreading in Wales .
    So how would you cure it ?
    I've always gone fully raw if ever I'm sick and it's help so much and cured me.

  9. I found a tick behind my right ear on June 15 2018.  I yanked it off.  It was NOT full of blood.  It must have just attached to me.  For about a week I had a big red bump behind my ear and it hurt like hell.  Then it stopped hurting so I thought, oh, it's OK, no need to see a doctor.  Then I started getting aches and flu like symptoms on July5 2018.  My neck is so stiff I can hardly move it.  I am a grown woman and not prone to crying.  I'm crying.  It is Saturday July 7, 2018.  I have to call the doctor on Monday.  Sixty three years I've lived in the country and never once got a tick bite!  I hurt so bad and I'm so scared.

  10. A friend got Lyme he started taking Nugenix for sexual reasons but what it did do was stop the pain caused from Lyme. If he stops taking it the pain comes back.

  11. I think this guy has something against being vegetarian. It's never ever a good sign when someone says hey drop that vegan or vegetarian diet and have some bone soup! I find that my immune system was extremely good before mold sickness and I've been a vegetarian most of my life so..
    I'm lucky I was healthy when I got sick from mold or I wouldnt still be alive. The microbiogist said our apartment had the highest levels of mold she's ever seen.
    We are still in a moldy building but theres lower levels of mold than before and were working on moving if court doesnt resolve it.

  12. I can't take garlic or Omega 3 fish oils. Have a heart stent…Plavix. PQQ is another that helps if taking CoQ10. I eat a lot of flax in lieu of fish oils.

  13. Dr. Axe is incompetent chiropractor which has nothing to do with infection desiases. Please stop BS people. Acupuncture ? Really?? For Bacterial infection? You need to stop. NOT Doctor Axe.

  14. Many Lyme patients have mast cell activation disorder (MCAD) bone broth should never be consumed by those with Mast cell issues because it is very high in histamine!

  15. Elle, I was trying to see what you wanted me to answer, I can't get to reply to you. Not good on computers, contact me, Brocious. Thanks

  16. Avoid pesticides! Avoid meat, fish, dairy. Get herbs to heal Lyme. Herbs heal Lyme . Fast, Coffee enemas! Eat fruit and veg. Raw! Juice! It’s caused by parasites! Mould. Springtails, spiroches. Avoid sugar, yeast. Go gluten free.

  17. 😬😓😰😱
    I do everything he said Not to do

    Ok so
    – Organic Soup
    – D3 (up to 5-10k IU) or 30 min Sun ☀️
    – B Complex (organic)
    – CoQ10 (100-200 mg)
    – Omega 3
    – Bone Broth Protein
    – Ozone Therapy
    – Acupuncture (Five Elements)

  18. And wath about the patogens wath herbs to kill them in the different forms they are in like Spiro-form, Cyst-form, L-form, S-Form?

  19. It’s unfortunate Axe never talks about the why, he only recommends the treatment. There’s never any actual effort to explain what’s happening in the body. How these treatments are actually working on a cellular level. How the nutrients and minerals he recommends are actually reacting with the body. Seems to be the standard broad stroke explanation you would receive from your ordinary pharmaceutical pushing Physician. If you want to inform people, actually try to explain things. In my opinion he’s just pushing his brand, and people should look elsewhere if they actually want to understand what’s happening in their body. Link some studies “Doc”.

  20. Try Lyme-N. The whole operation seems super sketch but eventually I got so sick I tried it regardless. So far 7 mos seizure free, praise God.

  21. 5 element acupuncturist here. Thanks for the props! Yes indeed there are many things I can and have done with acupuncture in my journey with Lyme.

  22. Doctors and People who rush to antibiotics rather then changing there life style (soda, beer, wine, cigs, drugs, candy etc) will be the cause of the antibiotic crisis whenever it happens

    Its so simple to cut out toxic foods lol

  23. Hello, I have late stage lyme with co infections as well as EBV and I am currently under going ozone therapy. Any other words of wisdom to add with fighting EBV? Thank You Lynn

  24. Dear friends.

    I am 100% cured from lyme within one year without antibiotics but by strengthening my own immune system.

    First I went through hell with a lot of back pain in the joints and muscles that I had to walk with a walker and almost got into a wheelchair.

    All painkillers are useless with lyme I could not sleep for weeks.

    Now I am 100% cured of lyme within a year and without pains and that without antibiotics but through cardillin tincture, ginger, ginger powder, garlic and carrot juice and a lot of exercise (cycling).

    The borrelia bacterium dies quickly by itself, but the most important thing to do then is to clean the poison that they have left in your body and that gives you those terrible pains.

    You need to detoxify your body without antibiotics with natural resources along with exercise and you are healed.

    Rob Steenwinkel



  25. I took antibiotics for 10 days, and I am still having symptoms. I heard from someone that I will have Lyme Disease for the rest of my life. Is this true?

  26. Please add MTHFR deficiency to be ruled out as part of initial assessment. That Lyme pathogen turns gene off and on. Also, in order for body to heal itself. The body will NOT heal itself if the person has a mthfr deficiency. Lyme highly linked to mthfr deficiency have your doc rule it out. It can be easily addressed big part of healing puzzle to be considered. Blessings! ☀️

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