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– So, three things you need
to know before doing an enema. First of all, why would you do an enema? Well, if you look back to Hippocrates, who laid the foundation
for modern medicine, he was a big proponent for saying, “All disease begins in the gut.” And enemas were actually used in hospitals all around the world for a very long time. I remember having a
really amazing experience when I was just a young teenager. And I had a major flu, was really sick. Didn’t happen very often
but I remember just absolutely feeling like I was dying, and my mother took me into the bathroom and she… Asked me to take down
my pants and bend over and she stuck this thing up
my bum and gave me an enema. Probably the worst experience I ever had for having my own mother
stick something up my butt. But I remember running to the toilet and just lots and lots
of stuff coming out. And I’ll never forget, I remember that experience
right afterwards, it was like, wow, all
this pressure on my head, my fever, just the pains
riddling in my body, seemed to almost immediately go away. So, why would you do an enema? Well, lots of people get
backed up digestively. If you’re feel of shit, and you’re not moving, you’re constipated, that excess shit that’s sitting
in your digestive system is gonna accumulate and become toxic. It puts stress on your liver. All this excess toxicity then goes, some into your lungs, you start to cough, you get a lot of mucus, the body is trying to get rid of it. A lot of times we get the flu because we have a backed up digestive system. Things aren’t that great, we have a compromised immune system, and then some type of
bug, virus, bacteria, things starts to spread. So, enemas go all the
way back to ancient Egypt and even amongst many different cultures. Hippocrates spent seven years in Egypt learning from the physicians and then brought a lot of
these practises back to Greece. And then these things just
kinda went around the world. So, the reason why you would do an enema is if you’re constipated,
if you’re really sick, and things just aren’t moving, they can help you in ways that you can’t even possibly imagine. The difference between
a colonic and an enema, a colonic is actually going into a clinic, having someone administer a colonic, it’s lots of water, it can also be super beneficial. But for a lot of people, they’re maybe a little bit squeamish about having somebody else shove
something up their butt, so you can actually do it yourself. In fact, I wanted to show you what my own personal enema kit looks like. Heal Thy Self enema kit by Tyler Tolman, that’s what it looks like. This thing will hold about three litres, two to three litres of fluid. And this is what it looks like. You know, a lot of you are gonna ask, well, what do you actually do? You’re actually just sticking
this tiny, little piece, a lot smaller than even my pinky, you’re putting this up your bum. You’re using some coconut oil
or some type of lubricant, you’re lightly inserting it, putting it up your bum, and actually releasing
water into the colon, which allows it to then
flush everything out. Which is where a lot of bad bacteria and things are going on, that can help you to feel
better almost immediately. So what kind of things can
you put into the enema? Well, you can use
something like wheat grass. There’s an amazing woman
called Ann Wigmore, who had grey hair at 50, in her 70s, she had a
full head of black hair and was a big proponent for wheat grass. Wheat grass contains almost every nutrient you can possibly imagine. So, especially if you’re sick, and you’re getting rid of this toxicity, you can also uptake a
lot of that nutrition by adding wheat grass to the enema. Most people, including myself, will typically just use
a little bit of salt which makes it a lot easier. So, I’ll put in a tablespoon of salt into a whole litre of water. I’ll let it go into a solution. Then when I fill my enema kit, I’ll add that saltwater solution and it works quite nicely. You could actually just use ocean water, it would be the perfect amount of salt for really washing out
the digestive system. Salt also helps us to hydrate, it also kills bad bacteria. So, it’d be good for multiple reasons. Salt’s probably the most
common thing that people use. Now when you’re doing the enema, it also needs to be warm
or close to hot water. You need to be able to
put your hand in it, cause it’s too hot and it burns, it’s gonna burn your bum hole. You don’t wanna do that. But cold water isn’t the
most effective, as well. And it’ll probably come out a little soon. So, if it’s warm water, body
temperature, slightly hot, that hot water’s gonna
help break up any plaque or things that are stuck,
carry it out of your body. There’s something called Gerson therapy. Gerson therapy is a
quite successful therapy that thousands and thousands
and thousands of people for the last 30 plus
years have been using, probably longer than that, for different forms of cancer. And it’s been very
effective for colon cancer, liver cancer, different forms of cancer. You guys look into that yourself. But one of the major
protocols that Gerson does, Gerson was a doctor, is he would cook and make organic coffee. Just like a brewed coffee. You use two tablespoons
of organic coffee grounds, you boil it for five minutes, you allow that to cool, and then you can add that to the enema. When you take in coffee
through the backside, it stimulates the liver
to dump bile acids. And whenever the liver
dumps out these bile acids, it literally grabs all the extra toxins, and fats, and cholesterol, and things that are stuck in
the liver and the gallbladder, and it ejects it out
into the small intestine. And then these things can
start to come out, as well. So, especially for
people with liver cancer, it’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve been running a clinical
fasting programme in Bali for seven years with a doctor
from the United States, I’ve had people with colon
cancer, liver colon cancer, many different forms of disease, and it’s been quite effective. It’s an amazing technique. So you could use coffee, you could use salt, you could add bicarbonate of soda, you could do wheat grass. And the ancient Egyptians also had very specific recipes of
actual essential oils. So, it’s gonna take me way too
long to explain what that is. It’s a four day process of
doing very specific things that cleans your colon more
than anything I’ve ever seen. It strips it of all kinds of plaque, people tend to see parasites coming out, deep levels of, even, sandy looking stuff, all kinds of things. So, maybe I’ll make a separate video just about the ancient Egyptian technique and what they used. Is it safe? Well, absolutely it’s safe. It’s an amazing process, and again, it’s just a tiny little piece that you’re inserting very gently, you’re using lubrication, you’re laying on your back. I’ll make another video, I already have videos
for actual instruction where I’m in the bathroom, I’m showing you guys exactly
the positions to sit in, how to administer it,
all this sort of stuff. My enema kit also comes
with another attachment that is actually a douche for women. So, ladies if you ever get
a urinary tract infection, putting about half a cup
of apple cider vinegar in warm water and administering a douche, can clean everything out, balance the pH of your bits, your uterus and all this sort of stuff, clean everything out and help to get rid of
urinary tract infection. Apple cider vinegar is also a spermicidal. So, if a man and a woman
were playing and oops, accidentally got a little
bit of that stuff in there. She can actually go use apple
cider vinegar as a douche to kill the sperm and not get pregnant. So, I hope these tips
have helped you guys. It is absolutely safe, it’s been used by thousands of people, but you have to educate yourself. If you ever get to the point where it’s starting to hurt a little bit, or you’re not inserting it correctly, or you’re not taking the cap off of it, something like this, it’s usually simple things
where people run into problems. But at any point where you feel like there’s pain or something going on, you can just stop and not do it and wait a few days until you do it again. Why would I do an enema? Because number one, I’m
either constipated or sick. Or number two, essentially I’m fasting and it’s a way to help my body
detoxify while I’m fasting. I’m not the type of person
that does enemas everyday. I have a really good digestive system because of fasting and colon cleansing and using these types of tools. So, I normally don’t use it, but if I were to start
feeling sick, I would. That definitely happens, if
I feel something coming on, or if I’m fasting, I’m
doing it every single day because my body’s detoxing and I’m supporting that process. Hope you guys have learned
a little bit about enemas. Check out my other videos. Talk to you soon.

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