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Ascites is the accumulation of excess fluid
in the abdominal area caused due to cirrhosis of liver or increased pressure of liver blood
flow. Dont worry. Help is at hand We’ll provide you with simple remedies you can try
at home. 1. Soak a handful of fenugreek seeds overnight.
Next morning, mix the seeds and water gently and strain the liquid with a muslin cloth
or strainer. Drink the liquid to keep yourself 2. Dilute 30 ml of bitter gourd root juice
with water and consume the liquid at least thrice a day for rapid relief. 3. Take a handful of chick peas. Soak them
overnight in water. Strain the liquid early in the morning and drink it to get relief
from ascites. 4. Consumption of fresh garlic juice daily
for at least two to three weeks. It helps to reduce the pain and swelling in the abdomen. Hope this video helped you. Stay healthy and
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24 thoughts on “4 Effective Home Remedies For ASCITES TREATMENT

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  4. I feel like this are too much water to drink in this medicine.. ismt it too much liquids for people that are retaining fluids?? Just wondering

  5. What is bitter gourd root juice? Is it bitter gourd fruit which is green and bitter or is it the root of bitter gourd plant which is not green? The presenter keeps saying bitter gourd root!

  6. Thank you, guys remember that chickpeas/water from it can cause gases
    If someone already has it better to skip that remedy try other two.

  7. We cannot understand a goddamn word this lady is saying because of the freaking horrible sound, the echo, and the loud overtones.

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