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What do you do when you get small bumps on
your elbows? Some people, especially kids, have the bad
habit of picking at them until they look much worse. Others run to the doctor or pharmacist and
end up with expensive creams, that first breakdown the top layer of skin in an effort to cure
the rash. No matter if it is a series of small pimple-like
bumps, dry skin, eczema, or a red rash that causes you discomfort and embarrassment, natural
remedies do exist. These remedies are cheap and widely available. Take a look at the following video for some
insight into how you can go back to having healthy, pain-free elbows to playfully jab
your friends with when they get out of line. Apple Cider Vinegar
Used for years as a natural cleaning agent, apple cider vinegar can calm down those angry
rashes on your skin. It naturally relieves annoying itchy spots
while killing germs and bacteria. It’s also easy to apply and good for other
natural remedies. Always remember to use raw, unfiltered apple
cider vinegar for this treatment. Simply mix up a 1 to 1 solution of apple cider
vinegar and water and apply it to the affected areas with a cotton ball. We recommend that you do this twice a day
to keep the inflamed area clean and to ensure you don’t have any desire to scratch your
elbow. During the day, you can also moisturize your
elbow with a natural, chemical-free oil such as coconut oil. As a simple substitute, try undiluted Witch
Hazel too. Oatmeal
Staying in the kitchen a little longer will help us find another great remedy for your
elbow rash. Great for lessening the symptoms associated
with chicken pox, poison ivy, and mosquito bites, an oatmeal compress may be just what
you need to get rid of that incessant itch. Blend a cup of oatmeal into a powder and mix
it with water to make a paste. Apply the paste to the affected area a few
times a day until the rash disappears. Aloe Vera
One plant that every household should always keep around is aloe vera. It’s a surprisingly great remedy for burns—both
contact and sunburns. However, it’s also perfect for some types
of elbow rashes. Slice open a piece of aloe vera and rub the
gel on your elbow. Do this several times a day until the scaly,
itchy skin is only a memory. Coconut oil with tea tree oil
Mixing coconut oil and tea tree oil can also treat these elbow bumps caused by any number
of conditions. The tea tree oil helps to reduce the swelling
in the area while the coconut oil moisturizes. For every 1 drop of coconut oil you want to
use, add another 3 drops of tea tree oil and apply it to your elbow 2-3 times per day until
you’ve got complete relief. As a final note, it’s important to remember
that these remedies are topical solutions for common conditions. If you have problems with your elbow joint
or any internal pain, please go see a specialist.

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