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did you know that the scientific name of
earwax is sir rumen earwax is produced deep within our ear canals and under
normal circumstances provides a healthy function for our bodies by protecting
our inner ears from foreign infection if you find that your earwax is building up
more than it should be however you may end up experiencing some discomfort
difficulty hearing and personal embarrassment if anyone asked to share
your ear buds if you’re suffering from a buildup of superfluous earwax there are
a few home remedies that you can try out to give your ears a long-overdue
cleaning here are just a handful of ear cleaning techniques that make use of
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way through to avoid missing any important info number one baking soda
let’s get this one out of the way first after all if you’ve been watching this
channel for a while then chances are you’re expecting baking soda to make its
way on this list anyways to use baking soda to remove excess earwax all you
have to do is dissolve half a teaspoon of the stuff into some warm water and
let it drip into your ears with a dropper bottle then flush it out with
some water an hour later rinse and repeat this process once a day
until your ears start to feel a little bit clearer just make sure you’re not
doing this for any longer than two weeks and it should be smooth sailing from
there number two oil the reason that oil can be effective at treating ear wax is
because ear wax in itself is a wax like substance which means that some oils can
be used to soften up the wax and make it easier to remove suggested oils for
getting rid of your wax include coconut oil baby oil glycerin olive oil and
mineral oil just drip a couple drops into your ear for about five minutes
once or twice per day you can also warm the oil beforehand to make for a
slightly less unpleasant experience just make sure that you don’t try warming it
in the microwave number three hydrogen peroxide for
another possible solution to earwax related problems a few drops of hydrogen
peroxide may also do the trick drips somewhere between five to 10 drops
of 3% hydrogen peroxide into your ear and keep your head tilted for about five
minutes before rinsing it out repeat this process once per day for somewhere
between 3 to 14 days and you should start experiencing cleaner ears and
cleaner hearing number 4 water irrigation if you don’t have any sort of
the above items on the list currently lying around your house you can always
just try to flush out the wax with some good old-fashioned water to irrigate
excess wax from your ears fill a small rubber bulb with warm water and gently
squeeze it into your ear while allowing the water to run back out into a basin
bowl or a towel you can always just combine this with any of the other
methods we’ve already mentioned in case you’re looking for a double down on ear
cleaning techniques what not to do as you can see there are a number of useful
home remedies which if used correctly can provide a safe and effective relief
for buildup levels of earwax however for every safe and effective home remedy
there are just as many supposed remedies for excessive ear wax which may in fact
be potentially dangerous to attempt for starters you should always avoid
sticking small objects in your ear in an attempt to dig the wax out as this could
potentially damage your ear and before you ask yes this includes cotton swabs
also while some people swear by the use of ear candles these could potentially
cause burns and even potentially damage your eardrum so make sure you avoid
those as well if your ear wax problem is getting especially hard to deal with
you should probably speak to your doctor in order to see if there are any other
procedures that can potentially help you out
hopefully you are able to find this video helpful if you already happen to
struggle with excessive buildup of earwax do you happen to know any other
home remedies or techniques that have proven effective for you if you happen
to have anything to contribute to the discussion be sure to let us know in the
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  3. My grandfather are used that oil Technic .. still we r using that was best one still now to clear wax in ur years . Thank you 🙂

  4. Old trick warm up salt In a frying pan tie up In old pillow case warm up on short burst in microwave when cold lay on it with bad ear draining out moister

  5. Do not toutch your hears with all these things or anything else! If you are experiencing any problem with them, just go to a speacialist doctor!

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