Taking Charge of Your Health

Do it in a group! Do it with a friend or
do it with a group. I definitely recommend doing it in a group setting
for your first time because having that support- You get a lot of literature and
a lot of videos and a lot of support. How their body’s feeling and what’s
happening in their day to day. Get a friend, it’ll be easier with a friend and
just do it. also you can share recipes get an accountability buddy and text
someone who cares. A lot of planning goes into my cleansing. Maintaining good
practice around food around your eating habits is a really good place to start.
When you have it all planned out for you it makes it so much easier because if
you branch outside of that, then you’re gonna you’re gonna eat the whole pizza.
In the middle if I don’t know what to eat it just causes this unnecessary
stress, i need a good two weeks to prep for it. Plan your meals! It’s a really hard not to cheat.
It’s hard not to cheat if the people around you look aren’t conscious of what
you’re trying to do. It is hard not to cheat if you don’t have a good meal plan.
So everyone has their challenging foods that they miss, when they’re cleansing – mine was sweets.
Energy is gonna crash for me without sugar.
Chips and salsa are my favorite go-to. So you know I ask my husband not to make the chocolate chip cookies during the cleansing phase – and to get over that fear of like well what
is my family gonna eat or what is this gonna create or “oh I can’t slow down I
can’t cook every day” well then you need to cleanse because you need to cook. If
you’re hungry in the middle of the day and you are not prepped with like some
seeds or some fruit then you’re gonna make yourself miserable or you’re gonna
reach for whatever’s in the cupboard. And I found that if I took Banyan’s Sweet Ease
before meals that covered everything I didn’t crave sweets at all so that
made it so much easier. I rely a lot on Sweet Ease to take that edge off. Be gentle with yourself. If you’re not ready to eliminate everything that you depend on
in life just eliminate one thing try just caffeine. You don’t have to do it
perfectly. It helps to give yourself that break like say you have low energy it’s
okay to switch up the rice and use quinoa instead or add some lean protein.
You have expectations of yourself and what you feel like this is gonna create
your life and anything less than that is not good enough but that’s something to
eliminate too. Then if you cheat you just it’s nothing into the world you just get
back on the horse. It’s okay to do that!

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