Taking Charge of Your Health

Hello and Good morning Now a days we are ignorant towards health Because of fast and changing life style Still it is very important take care of your health When you are work burden or responsibilities increase That’s the time you feel to have best of fitness and health almost 90% of the people Are careless towards health unless they come to know they have diabetes or abnormal blood pressure and ask them to start walking exercise in the morning till than they are ignorant As we can notice INDIA is the country with highest number of patients of diabetes and bloodpressure at present Diabetic patients are increasing in the speed of knots to fight against such situation Why we shouldn’t be preventive for our health It is not at all a big task to take care of your health This is sion fort in mumbai Naturally beautiful area it is I feel As if i have visited my village Every morning 40 minutes walk in this location We get lot of health benefit Because of lot of trees in this area there is very good amount of fresh oxygen you will get If we can take the benefit of this oxygen by walking in such location than dont bother of any disease ,I bet you will feel the difference it will make to your routine life You no more need any pills to take for diabetes and bloodpressure Make sure to Find out the nearest such location with dense trees to do walking daily in the morning Allopathic medicines don’t improve or increase your life You might feel you have taken medical insurance and you wont bother of any medical conditon hospitals are there to give you free services and medicines with your policy You will be cured for time being But that is only going to benefit the hospital or the doctor more There is no way you are going get any benefit by that I will show how beautifull sun rise scene you will get to see here We get lost in our speedy life we just forget to enjoy the beauty of nature Even if we cant go far Just look around if you can find such beautifull location Today i take a resolution to walk atleast 40 minutes daily in the morning At this location of sion fort To take care of my health My self I am a doctor and i practice naturopathy Daily I meet lot of patient come to me with very small issues. And they dont know what is small simple thing they can do to stay fit Friends I made this video specially for you. I feel like Every one must live a healthy life With these small things you can have 100% fit and healthy life As soon as you get up in the morning go to such naturally beautiful place for atleast a 40 minutes of walk Such an exercise in daily morning will always eep yo away from disease like diabetes and bloodpressure Even in other diesease you will better or relieved with such routine Allopathic medicine are mostly have side effects on your body Even your heart tissues are also gets damaged due to this As history of heart patients can be seen Most of the heart patiants have took heavy medicine Due to which their heart tissue damaged and they die due to heart attack It is very sad to say Very large number of allopathic doctors are behaving like agents of medicine comanies Doctors ask patients to keep on taking the diabetes and bloodpressure as much as they live taking those pills will kill you sooner than you are about to die Not all doctors ask patients to do some exercise or check diet before giving medicines Or ask them to walk for 1 hour daily morning in naturally beautifull atmosphere Thats why keep on saying that allopathic doctors are working as a agents of medicine comapnies Common or poor people dont even afford such expensive medicines I will like to inform about generic medicines These medicine are sold at very reasonable and discounted prices in generic stores you can save upto 20 to 70% of your medicinal cost by using those medicines Check for the nearest generic stores Do like and share this video to share the awareness Thank you for watching.

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