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Hello everyone my self dr varun sharma and you are watching Ask In this video i am gonna tell you about 5 worst habits You have to avoid, if u want to keep ur thyroid gland healthy And if you have problem of hair fall, And you have wrinkles problem, unhealthy skin Also you have weight gain problem, and suffering frm thyroid disorders Then plz watch the video carefully and till end. The last 2 habits are very important And worst among all If you haven’t subscribe my channel Then plz subscribe it, and hit the bell icon For latest notifications Lets get started Lets talk abt 1st habit. Avoid drinking tea and coffee empty stomach If u drink tea and coffee Empty stomach then be alert Becoz this habit is very dangerous It causes gastric problems Like, gastritis Heart burn, gastric ulcer, Gastric ulcer, nervousness Sleeplessness, palpitation And with oll combined effect Will cause low metabolism and low immunity This will cause in near future Thyroid disorders Have you ever think, empty stomach tea and coffee may cause This much of negative effects on body So plz avoid taking empty stomach tea and coffee my recommendations is not to drink tea and coffee But if u want to drink any kind of tea them plz drink Arjuna tea U can drink arjuna tea and is very good for health and beautify your skin and cure thyroid gland If you want to know Benifit of Arjuna tea, and how to prepare Arjuna tea According to Ayurveda Let me know in the comment section. I will try to make a video on it Lotz of viewers will also think that, we r drinking tea and coffee Empty stomach, we don’t have any issues But i am warning u In near future you may be got these disease, in long term Drinking tea and coffee empty stomach So plz don’t drink Tea and coffee empty stomach Lets talk abt 2nd habit The habit u should avoid is Avoid drinking ice water and refrigerated water It will directly Lower your blood circulation As soon as u drink ice water Or u drink some cold drink (Coca-Cola) It will directly decrease blood circulation in your intestine And then it slow down blood circulation of whole body Which leads to low metabolism And Directly effects thyroid gland Plz Avoid drinking ice water I u drink ice water and refrigerated water For long time and ages This will slowly cause Thyroid disorders And minor organ damage. In winters you can drink hot or lukewarm water And if u summers U can drink normal tap water What i prefer is to drink water in copper container Drinking water frm copper flask is healthy and good for ur stomach So i request u To Avoid ice cold water to stay healthy Lets talk abt 3rd habit u hv to avoid If u r thyroid patient Then plz avoid soy products Soy products r healthy but for thyroid patient They r not healthy If u talk soy products For long time and ages regularly It will low down absorption of iodine Iodine is very important for thyroid gland Iodine do all functions for thyroid gland Soy products will interrupt absorption of iodine With low iodine level Thyroid gland will not function properly And if u r talking pills for thyroid The soy products will interrupt absorption of medicine u hv taken Soy products r harmfull For u thyroid gland So plz avoid soy products I am adding 1 more point Also avoid eating cabbage, cauliflower, Broccoli, turnip Avoid eating these veg They contain Goitrogens And r unhealthy for ur thyroid gland Lets talk abt 4th habit And is very important Avoid Stress I today’s lifestyle stress is very common But i think u guy’s don’t know How harmfull this stress is It work as a slow poison For thyroid gland is is just a enemy If u take more stress And for long-term Will cause hair fall problems amd wrinkles on ur face And ur all beauty will loss So plz Avoid taking Stress In previous video i hv told some. Exercise and yoga u can watch it, link is in the cart Follow them and plz stop taking Stress As we take stress, It will activate glucocorticoids Which leads to fall in tsh level And then fall in t3 and t4 levels Which leads to low metabolism And further cause unhealthy body And low immunity So plz avoid taking Stress and be happy Lets talk abt 5th habit Avoid Late night sleeping habit And try to Wake up early in the morning So that u do proper exercise And yoga So plz avoid Late night sleeping habit For thyroid patient and Normal human being, quality sleep is very important If ur not taking quality sleep Then it will lead to lots of disease in long term And if ur already in stress the getting a Quality Sleep is not possible So plz down ur stress levels And try to get quality sleep You hv to make a strict sleeping schedule And habit for getting quality sleep Fix bed time is very important Make a schedule for bed time Then u will able to take quality sleep After that u will able to normalise ur thyroid levels U can try to avoid Technology stuff like mobile and tv 1 hour before going to bedor sleep Try to to touch and use them before going to bed If will help you to get quality sleep and Also helps in low ur stress levels At night u can take hot milk to better results So plz avoid Stress And acquire and good sleeping habit Friends impossible is nothing, u can do it Try this at least for 1 month And make schedule for all this And try to avoid all these 5 habits After that you can see the changes in ur body and stress levels, and thyroid health If u like the video plz subscribe Channel Like the video and share it Thx for watching this video

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  1. Sir make a video on pituitary gland activation i sucherd that ka thyroid ki main cause pituitary gland sa start hoti ha.

  2. Wow….. It worked for me… I see alot of change in my skin…. It looks alot better…. Thank u sooo much Dr.

  3. Thank you so much doctor , I have seen the video in right time God bless you doctor 🙏🙏🙏🙏👌👌

  4. Sir i have hypothyroidism…and i am continuously gaining weight day by day😭😭😭..plz make a video on diz sir plz plz

  5. Thank you for information , I am taking tyroid tablet from past 3 years , my question is my tyroid level is varying for every 6 months, some time itseems to be normal sometime high, why is this . Even though I have proper sleep, food, yoga etc.

  6. Mujhe thyroid bahut saalon se hai,medicine bhi chal rahi hai,, par meri body sari pe pigmentations ho gyi hai, face pe melasma,neck pe hyperpigmentation,baju pe shoulder pe

  7. Hi,
    My TSH is high since past 9 years. It's always 10+. My skin is very dull and full of dark patches. What should I do? Currently, I am taking 175 mcg for thyroid.

  8. I follow ed the instructions give by Dr varnusharma from one month and my thyroid levels are gradually decreasing and I am confident that further proceed ing my thyroid level will be cured completely thanks to Dr varnusharma
    Ask health guru

  9. Kia hum exercises or good food k sath sath (APPLE CIDER VINIGAR OR GREEN COFFEE CAPSULES FOR WEIGHT LOSS) le sakte hein
    Please tell me

  10. Hi Im from Canada and I recently found you but you are amazing ,I really want to know more about that Arjum tea …well basically in Toronto we drink lots of coffee and tea cause the weather is cold,and yes as you know Canadians are popular in having Ulcer and stomach problems.

  11. can we make tea from the combination of normal tea leaves + arjuna bark powdr as it is difficult to leave the habit of normal tea.

  12. Sir.meri neck and back me cracking sound shuru ho gya h .lagatar pure din hota h.. Plz tell reson

  13. I am from j&k hers not available internet service plz advice me in comment plz plz I am THS patient hers not I see yous vedio only for comment?

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