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Hello and welcome. In this video we are going
to show you home remedies for cough. Coughing is basically when you experience difficulty
breathing and its an action by which excess mucus is driven out of the system. It may be caused by the inflation of larynx,
caused by weather or seasonal changes. The real cause of this disorder however is the
clogging of bronchial tubes with waste matter. Remedy number 1. For this we take a cup of
grape juice. add a tea spoon of honey. Drink this to get relief from cough Remedy number 2. For this we take a teaspoon
of onion juice. We add a teaspon of honey to it. You need to keep this aside for 5 hours.
It makes for an excellent cough syrup. have this twice daily. Remedy number 3. For this we take a tablespon
of crushed onion. We then add about a teaspon of lemon juice. We add a cup of boiling water
to this. Let’s also add some honey for taste. Stir it well. have this 2-3 times a day. In this remedy we are going to use almonds,
butter and sugar. What we do is we first take 7 almonds and we soak them in water overnight.
After that take out their skins and grind them into a fine paste. Once you have the
paste, add about 20 grams of butter, add it to the almond paste, add a little bit of sugar.
Mix this. Your home remedy is ready. Have this once in the morning and once in the evening. Remedy number 5. This is a very simple remedy
in which we use raisins and sugar. Take about a tablespoon of raisins, add a tablespon of
sugar to it, mash it very well, it becomes a paste like this. You heat this mixture very
well. Take a teaspon of this mixture at bedtime everyday to give you relief from cough. Hope these remedies give you relief from your
cough. Stay healthy. Thanks for watching and for more such videos please subscribe to stylecraze.

5 thoughts on “5 Best Natural COUGH HOME REMEDIES For Quick Relief

  1. Thanks, the first remedy helped a lot and I actually like the taste even though I don't like the taste of honey. 🙂

  2. As sugar is flammatory, I suspect that putting sugar on anything when one is ill will lessen the benefit of any cure.

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    Kick Out the Mites.
    Use HEPA Filters.
    Clear the Smoke.
    (I read these and the reasons they work from Laken chest remedy website )

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