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The acute form of dysentery is characterized
by pain in the abdomen and diarrhoea. Abdominal pain and constant desire to evacuate are some
of the other symptoms. Dont worry. help is at hand. You can try some
of these simple remedies at home. Now these are some of the remedies for dysentery.
Take 3 lemon slices, add them to boiling water drink this in fusion thrice daily. Take 5-10 grams of bitter gourd seeds, take
a cup of buttermilk, add these seeds to the buttermilk. You can either grind these to
a paste or mash them. Take this twice daily. Take 50 ml of castor oil. Mix this with 1
cup of milk. Drink this thrice daily. Next take a teaspoon of isabgol powder, take
half a cup of curd, mix it well and take it 3-4 times a day. Take a glass full of buttermilk, add a pinch
of salt, a pinch of roasted brown cumin powder, a little pepper, stir this well and drink
twice with breakfast and lunch. For more such videos subscribe to stylecraze.

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