Taking Charge of Your Health

Some of the benefits of onion are well known
by people who follow natural medicine. Onion helps as a blood thinner and is also
a natural antibiotic. But do you know how to properly take advantage
of the health benefits of the onion? Experts agree that because of its antibiotic
characteristics, an onion can treat many health problems, such as fever and cardiovascular
ailments. So, knowing the benefits of onion and how
to take advantage of its antibiotic properties is extremely important, especially when there
is limited access to industrialized antibiotics. So that you can take full advantage of the
benefits of onion, look for organic onions to avoid consuming pesticides which diminish
and could even nullify its natural properties. Here are five times when onions can not only
be a simple cooking ingredient, but a great ally: 1. Treating a stopped up ear
Extract the core of an onion with a cloth and position it carefully inside your ear. Be careful not to force too much into the
ear. You just need to position the core of the
onion at the opening of the ear canal. Leave it there overnight. The nutrients from the onion will soften the
fluid in the ear, facilitating further cleansing. 2. Treating burns
If you burn yourself by accident when cooking, simply cut an onion in half and apply it to
affected area. The onion will relieve the pain quickly. This tip is only light burns. In cases of more severe burns it’s better
to call a doctor. 3. Treating a bee or wasp sting
Getting stung by a bee can be extremely dangerous, especially if you’re allergic. Therefore, we want to make sure that you know
that this tip doesn’t apply to people with allergies. The first step is to remove the stinger without
pressing the spot. Grate half an onion and apply it to the affected
area. The juice that the onion releases will aid
in healing and relieving pain. 4. Fever
This is a very old and well known tip. In case of a fever, put pieces of onion in
your socks and wear them. It helps to lower your body temperature. 5. Detox
This is one of the best-known tips, and even sometimes prescribed by doctors. Eat raw onions to cleanse the blood and eliminate
toxins from the body. See how simple it is to enjoy the benefits
of onions? Check which of these tips applies to you and
take advantage of all its healing properties.

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