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I am going to share with you 5 healthy habits
that will keep you feeling fantastic every day. Enjoy the video! Hello everybody. Dr. Bryan Dzvonick here. If this is your first time watching my channel
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button and click the bell so that you can stay notified of future videos. Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the most
important things that you can do for yourself and for your family. As long as you stay on track and practice
healthy habits you can feel great all the time. It takes about 21 days of doing an activity
for it to become a habit. So if you’re going to try any of these techniques
that I’m about to mention, give it at least a month so that you could see if it’s going
to work for you. Here’s my top 5 healthy habits to incorporate
into your daily routine so that you can feel fantastic every day. If you don’t know how to cook then you need
to learn some basic cooking skills. If you do know how to cook and you’re not
utilizing your cooking skills, instead you’re eating out all the time then listen to this. Many restaurant chains and major food manufacturers
chemically alter their food so that you become addicted. That’s right they want you to become addicted
so that they can make more money. Here’s an example. The Coca Cola company used to put cocaine
in their product because they knew it would get their customers addicted. Well, cocaine became illegal so what did the
Coca Cola company do? They switched to another highly addictive
chemical, caffeine. You every wonder why they put caffeine in
sodas? It’s because it makes it addictive. And there’s one more other thing that Coke
put in their product that is addictive and that’s sugar which has morphed into adding
high fructose corn syrup which is cheaper and sweeter and even more addictive. Speaking of sugar. Check all your food labels because nowadays
manufacturers in the United States have to list the added sugars that they put in their
products. So you as the consumer can know exactly how
much sugar is being added to the product which makes it more addictive. All of these additives, dyes, preservatives,
excess sugar and other chemicals added to food could have a tremendous impact on your
health. That’s why it’s a good idea to get into the
habit of preparing the food yourself. Because whenever you prepare your own food
you are very aware of the ingredients that you’re putting into it. You’re choosing the best ingredients for you
and your family and you know, you’re in control, your know that you’re not going to be exposed
to these chemicals that could potentially harm your health. So to avoid having your biochemistry hacked
by the food manufacturers, get into the habit of preparing your food at home from scratch,
from whole food ingredients. Regular exercise and stretching is the fountain
of youth. Back in 2012 I was involved in a hike up this
mountain called Blue Mountain. And it’s located in one of the towns that’s
next to my city. And there was probably over a hundred people
there all hiking up the mountain. And I was in pretty good shape so I was keeping
up with the top group. And about 3/4 of the way up the mountain I
saw up ahead there was an older gentlemen. And so I rushed and caught up with him and
started having a conversation with him. Eventually I learned how old he was. He told me that he was 81 years old and I
was shocked because this man was in such good shape. I asked him you know what’s your secret? You know, I wanted to get some insight. I want to live long and be healthy. He told me that his secret was that throughout
his entire life he never stopped moving. He said when all of his friends would become
sedentary and lazy and would stop working out. They would shrivel up and, you know some would
just get health issues and become sick and not be able to move. But he kept moving his whole life. His back was straight. He was strong. He was up there with the top group so this
really inspired me and I incorporate it into my life. I made it a habit to exercise, to move every
single day keep moving so that I could live a healthy life. I want to be the 81 year old man hiking up
blue and you can too if you incorporate this healthy habit into your daily life. Engage in some type of activity that you enjoy
doing. You’re not going to enjoy it all the time. I can tell you from experience that exercise
is hard work. It’s so hard to get going and motivated but
once get going and once you finish the workout you feel so wonderful and days after having
the strength and flexibility you feel like a kid again. So if you are not engaging in regular physical
activity every day, add this into your life and you will feel fantastic. Human beings are rhythmic animals and many
of our hormones, neurotransmitters and other chemicals in the body are released based off
of a rhythmic pattern. Basically it’s based off of the day, night
cycle. So you want to get into the habit of maintaining
important life rhythms. You should be waking up at the same time every
single day, including weekends. Preferably after 4 am and before 9 am to try
to get as close as you can to waking up when the sun comes up. Set your alarm, wake up when it goes off and
never ever his the snooze button. When the alarm goes off get right up out of
bed, make your bed, go outside, hopefully it’s sunny outside, the sun will help to wake
you up. If that’s not the case or you can’t go outside,
if it’s too cold, splash some water on your face, that will wake you up instantly. You also want to eat your meals on a rhythm
so choose how many meals you want to eat per day. There’s no set standard. Three meals, two meals, one meal… Whatever works for you. But whenever you do eat, eat at the same time
every single day and try not to snack in between meals. Because we get hungry based on the release
of a hormone known as ghrelin. And ghrelin is released based on our previous
week long of eating pattern. So if for the last 7 days you ate breakfast
at 7 am, your body will release ghrelin and you will be hungry every day at 7 am. So if you can follow this same eating pattern
you body’s going to release the hormone at those specific times and you won’t be hungry
in between meals and that will make sure that you don’t overeat. Whenever you make it a habit of getting your
sleeping and eating into a rhythm other things in your body will balance out. For example other hormones will balance out
so if you’re having hormonal issues syncing them up to your sleeping and eating schedule
will have a great benefit for your overall health. One of the negative sides of modern convenience
is all of these chemicals we’re exposed to on a daily basis. You want to get into the habit of limiting
your exposure to potentially toxic chemicals in your environment. Now you will never be able to get 100% away
from these chemicals. If you try to get 100% it going to drive you
mad. So just try your best to stay away from as
many as you can. If organic food is available to you and it’s
affordable then choose that option instead of conventionally grown produce and meat because
organic food is not sprayed with pesticides. So that’s one major toxin exposure that all
of us have is pesticides. Next, try not to store your food in plastic
containers because the plastic will leech into your food, especially if your food is
oil based. So for example, if you’re purchasing olive
oil or peanut butter from the store and it is stored in a plastic container, the whole
time while it’s sitting on the shelf there in the store or sitting in your cupboard it’s
going to be leeching plastic into those foods and when you eat it, it’s going to come into
your body have an effect. Just for your information things like plastics,
and pesticides, and other chemicals that we’re normally exposed to on a daily basis could
have a negative effect on your hormone system. And for more information on environmental
toxins, check out the website for tons of information and research related to
environmental toxins. With this information you can get into the
habit of avoiding environmental toxins. Make it a habit of keeping your mind focused
on what is happening now. Because this moment, the present, is reality. The future and the past are figments of your
imagination. A great amplifier of stress for a lot of people
due to them constantly playing scenarios in their mind of what could possibly happen in
the future or reliving, over and over again, events that took place in the past. This is a recipe to keep you stressed out. So the goal is to keep your mind focused something
that’s happening right now. It’s normal for stressful events to come up
in your life but if these stressful events come up and you’re constantly thinking about
them and planning, then it’s going to cause health problems. If that’s the case for you then this segment
is very important and you need to practice mindfulness. Here’s one simple way to practice keeping
your mind present. Set aside 10 minutes per day to practice the
following technique. What you’re going to do is find a peaceful
place for you to be alone. And for the duration of the 10 minutes you
want to try to keep your mind focused on something that is happening at that present moment. It could be anywhere from watching traffic,
to watching kids play, to watching or listening to birds, or to watching a trail of ants. Something to keep your mind occupied on what’s
going on at that particular moment in time. Now inevitably your mind is going to want
to wonder off. The trick is to catch yourself, to recognize
when your mind goes astray and bring it back to focusing on something in the present moment. See how many times you can catch yourself
in the act of your mind wondering off and bring it back to the present moment. Keep a pencil and paper handy so that you
could check off every time that this happens. The more times you catch yourself in the act
of your mind going astray, the better you get at catching yourself in the act, the less
you react to stress. Do this every day, within a month you should
notice a significant change in your stress levels. Once you get this technique down then maintain
the habit of keeping your mind present. Incorporating these 5 healthy habits into
your life could have a profound affect on your overall well being. As with anything in life the greatest rewards
require the greatest discipline. So stick with these techniques and over time
they will all become healthy habits. If you liked this video consider giving it
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  1. This is now my favorite video! I'll be sharing this info at work with my team & using the info for team activities! Thank you!

  2. Really important information! It's not easy these days to stay healthy with everything we're bombarded with environmentally, socially, etc. We should all be practicing these habits.

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