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Do you ever hear a buzzing in your ear? According to a study published in 2014, that
buzzing you hear, also known as tinnitus, is one of the most common biological problems. The sounds can include, tapping, clicking,
and other noises. They can switch ears, and their intensity
and volume can change. Normally this symptom doesn’t indicate anything
worse, but the sounds can be annoying and cause mood swings and depression. It’s a common problem in older people and
people who have been exposed to loud noises, like people who work in clubs or construction
work. It could also affect people who normally turn
the volume up too loud while listening to music using headphones. Other common causes are: – Excessive ear wax;
– Ear infections; – Eardrum injuries;
– Medication such as antibiotics and aspirin; – Jaw or dental problems;
– Heart problems; – Depression and stress. There are several ways to treat this buzzing,
but the best thing to do is find out what is causing the buzzing and prevent it from
happening again. In today’s video we’re going to explore some
of the natural remedies that can help reduce this problem: Acupuncture
Several studies have confirmed that acupuncture really helps with the buzzing. If your acupuncturist studies Chinese medicine,
he’ll know how to treat the problem. This treatment normally lasts about 10 sessions. Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Biloba is a medicinal plant that can improve your blood circulation, especially
to your head. If the buzzing is happening due to bad circulation,
this plant can help a lot. Ear candling
Ear candling is a old natural medicine technique. You burn a cone made of gauze, paraffin and
bee’s wax, and it helps fight infections and swelling. The heat generated from the cone, together
with the easy pressure generated from the burning, naturally clears out your ears and
respiratory tracts. Zinc
Several studies show that zinc reduces the buzzing sounds. You can eat foods with high levels of zinc
such as oysters, pumpkin seeds, beans, almonds, sesame, and flax seed. Vitamin B12
Most people who hear this buzzing are lacking vitamin B12. If that’s your case, eating foods rich in
vitamin B12 is a great choice. Normally the foods with the highest levels
of B12 are of animal origin, but if you’re a vegetarian, you can look for supplements.

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  1. Oh my God! What a coincidence it is. I have been suffering with the same issue and wanted to know why it's happening. ☺ Thanks to you a lot. You're doing magical! ❀

  2. My ear was wax few month ago now ear is okay but silly ear ringing. I have alargiy problem. Before my ear was wax for alargiye. Now help me

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