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Jordan: Hi. I’m Jordan Rubin and welcome to Ancient Medicine
Today brought to you by We have an interesting program for you today,
so anyone watching who’s a popcorn fan, I bet everyone’s had popcorn before, you need
to pay attention and you may even need to share this because there are hidden dangers
lurking in these beautiful yellow and white kernels. Popcorn has been consumed for a long, long
time, in fact, you could argue that popcorn is a heritage food of America. In fact, the Native Americans made popcorn. One thing I found interesting is that when
you grow corn there’s actually varieties that are made specifically for popcorn. I don’t know exactly the qualities there,
but I remember seeing in a list of seeds, popcorn seeds versus regular corn. You can’t just take regular corn kernels and
pop them apparently, but I’ve eaten popcorn quite a bit, you probably have too. And today we’re going to talk about five popcorn
poisons to avoid and better yet, we’re going to share with you how to make the best popcorn
ever. Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you
that popcorn is a health food because we know it’s high in starch, high in carbohydrates,
but I’m going to, by the end of this video, give you a popcorn recipe that is sure to
please. And I’m even going to show you how to make
it right here, because occasionally a good popcorn treat is amazing. And if you like to go to movies somewhere
somehow popcorn and movies got connected, kind of like a hot dog at a baseball game. And in fact I’m going to a movie tonight,
you can go ahead and make your own popcorn and kind of smuggle it in, put it in your,
you know anyway . . . So we’re going to get going right here, five
popcorn poisons to avoid, and popcorn pitfalls. First of all, we have movie theater popcorn
right here. Looks delicious, but looks can be deceiving,
and no I’m not going to eat it in case you’re wondering. The number one popcorn pitfall is inflammation
friendly oils. Now actually that should be unfriendly oils,
meaning that these oils cause inflammation. So here is a typical vegetable oil, again
look how beautiful it looks, looks can be deceiving. This is highly processed and oils that are
heated, that are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-6 is can be similar to hydrogenated
oils with trans fats. Here is a fake or butter substitute, and I
believe there was an ingredient list here somewhere that actually talks about soybean
oil, canola oil, these are genetically modified oils that are high in PUFAs, Polyunsaturated
fatty acids. And when they’re heated to high heat like
popping corn heat, they are damaging. So when somebody buys something like this,
quick and easy, puts it in a microwave which I don’t recommend using it all due to the
radiation. Pops it, puts the oil and the fake butter,
you’re ending up with inflammatory oils. In fact, this is one of the most damaging
substances on the planet, high oils that are vegetable, volatile, and cause damage. Damaged fats are hard to eliminate from the
body because they are fat soluble and often stored. Number two. Neurotoxic insecticides, that sounds like
something from Star Trek. That’s really, really bad. Neuro is brain and there are insecticides
used on corn that can remain in the popcorn and cause you issues with the brain. These insecticides are known by the Environmental
Protection Agency to be damaging to laboratory animals and to human animals. This is an issue, obviously you can get around
that, we’ll tell you how in a moment by buying organic popcorn. Number three. Thyroid-damaging bags. Who ever thought that a popcorn bag could
damage your thyroid? Well there’s actually compounds that can land
and stick to receptor sites, this is like a science lesson. Receptor sites that can bind various thyroid
specific antigens and cause your thyroid issues, which can cause weight gain etc. So, even the material that corn is popped
that is microwaved, and radiated, and heated can be damaging. Here’s an interesting one, have you ever heard
of popcorn lung? When was the last time you knew someone that
was diagnosed with popcorn lung? “What happened at your trip to the doctor?” “Oh man, you’re not going to believe this. I have a bad case of popcorn lung.” That even sounds weird. Now, popcorn lung is caused by certain compounds
that are in popcorn and in the packaging that can cause a reaction that brings you respiratory
issues. So conventional, microwave popcorn can cause
a condition in factory workers that are making it called popcorn lung, and it can even be
caused by popcorn in those consuming it. So make sure to avoid the dreaded popcorn
lung. Troubling toppings, I say this all the time. It’s not necessarily the coffee that’s causing
you challenges, it’s what you put in and on it. It may not be the ice cream in some cases,
it’s what you put in and on it. It may not even be the sandwich, it may not
be the popcorn, folks, it’s what you put on it. Remember you got a little this, you got a
little that, and then you’ve got a lot of this which can give you all kinds of issues. Toppings such as margarine-like substances,
fake butter, you put things on popcorn even the salt that is sodium chloride, that is
devoid of balancing minerals can be an issue. So what you put on the popcorn, the toppings,
can be very troubling. All right, let’s just ditch the bad stuff
here for just a moment and talk about the good news. This is how you detox your popcorn. You might have detoxed your liver, you might
have gone on a gallbladder cleanse, a colon purge, but have you detoxed your popcorn lately? Now just to be clear, I’m not suggesting you
go on an all popcorn diet and therefore detox your body. No. remember popcorn is not a wonderful, beautiful,
powerful superfood, but we’re going to make it pretty darn good. And I’m going to show you how in just a moment. You start with organic kernels, organic means
non-GMO, we’ve talked about this before. Organic is non-GMO, organic and a non-GMO,
meaning organic and non-GMO, but non-GMO doesn’t always mean organic. So try to get organic because it’s always
non-GMO. Corn is one of the highest crops by percentage
that’s genetically modified. In fact, if it doesn’t say organic or non-GMO
you need to assume that it is genetically modified. And corn that is genetically modified can
be very problematic. I also want to recommend using the correct
fats. So this is coconut oil. When you pop the popped corn you want to do
it in coconut oil, red palm oil, or that could be rather messy but it also would look sort
of Christmas like come to think of it. Ghee is great. Ghee is clarified butter, very popular in
India and other countries. And if you’re sensitive or allergic to dairy
protein you can still consume ghee or clarified butter. So start with the correct fats and understand,
we’ve already popped it. So you know you’ve got that going. Now in addition, we want to pop it old-school
style. I mean I’m talking about a pot, you pop it
in a pot, let it sort of breathe a little bit, it blows up and nothing like hearing
some delicious popcorn when you’re really hungry watching your favorite sporting event
or movie on television. Now popping it old-school is good, you’re
avoiding microwave radiation etc., you can also get a popcorn maker. Back when I was a kid my mom had one of those
and they seemed all right as well. But here’s the biggest thing, so we’re going
to make popcorn here. So we’ve got our popcorn and I’m putting some
of it in a bowl. Now remember what I said, popcorn is high
in starches, therefore carbohydrates. So how can we balance it out? Because it’s very low in protein, very low
in fat, even low in fiber. What if we made a superfood popcorn treat
that everyone in the family will love? So first and foremost, we’re going to use
a sort of spice blend. Now right here we’ve got some rosemary, so
I’m going to put a couple of sprigs on. Now typically, I would use ground rosemary,
but by the power of YouTube television, just pretend its ground. Okay now, here we’ve got garlic salt, this
is organic. Garlic is a wonderful superfood, its antimicrobial,
and it’s even good for the metabolism. So we’re going to put a little garlic on. And by the way, what I would typically do
before putting these spices on is I would melt some ghee or grass-fed butter and or
some coconut oil. And I’d pour it on the popcorn once it’s been
warmed, and heated, and popped. And then, all these wonderful superfood toppings
are going to stick. So here is turmeric. Turmeric, organic, very anti-inflammatory
and it gives it a really cool color and everyone will like the taste. You may not realize this folks, but mustard
is made yellow with turmeric. The compound curcumin that makes turmeric
orange or yellow makes mustard yellow is really, really good for you. And in fact the average American, their only
exposure to turmeric is through mustard, they don’t get enough of it. So you’ve got these wonderful spices and herbs
you can mix it up. You can use thyme, and parsley, and sage. I use a seasoning blend called Herbamare. I’ve used it for nearly 20 years and it’s
awesome. In addition, you can add some flax seed oil,
get some more omega-3s in there. Often we’ll make popcorn, we’ll add a little
butter to the top, then we’ll add once it’s room temperature some flax or olive oil, and
it’s really great with the spices. So we’ve got some superfoods, we’ve got some
super flavor for your popcorn detox. Your super popcorn if you will. But now, I’m going to top it off with a way
to infuse fats, proteins, and flavor. Fats, proteins, flavor, fiber, I left that
out too. So we’re going to do some dry roasted sunflower
seeds, you can also use sunflower seeds that have been sprouted and low-temperature dehydrated,
a couple of teaspoons here. Then pumpkin seeds, these are really awesome. These are Austrian pumpkin seeds. Quick trivia question or answer. Did you know that Austrian pumpkin seeds have
no shell? They actually come out of the pumpkin like
this. How handy. So these pumpkin seeds are raw, you can also
get them roasted, sprinkle them in. This is starting to look like a party in a
bowl. I’m going to add some more popcorn here just
to make sure that we’re a little more full. But this isn’t popcorn, this is a symphony
of superfood sustenance. I like alliteration. Okay then we’re going to add, these are some
almonds that are sprouted and seasoned. Sprouting is pretty easy. You soak nuts, put them in your oven on the
lowest setting or the pilot light, or use your home dehydrator or buy them at the store. Man, this is awesome. So then we’re going to add a little bit more
of this, we’re going to put some more toppings on there from a superfood seasoning perspective. And then I’m going to mix it all up and you’re
going to have a superfood popcorn treat. And here’s the cool thing, some people are
very interested in natural health and you’re watching, you’re a subscriber to the Dr. Axe
YouTube channel, and there are people in your family, husbands, teenagers, etc., that don’t
share the same wonderful health beliefs you do. This is a great way to introduce, check this
out, high-quality proteins, omega-3, 6, and 9, fatty acids, anti-inflammatory turmeric,
rosemary which is good for the brain, garlic which is good for the immune system and the
heart all in one delicious serving. So again folks, we want to avoid the popcorn
pitfalls including inflammatory oils, neurotoxic insecticides, thyroid damaging bags, popcorn
lung, troubling toppings, and we want to create a superfood snack that is sure to satisfy. Seriously, this is our superfood popcorn. I’m Jordan Rubin for Ancient Medicine Today. And if you’ve enjoyed this information because
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