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five simple home remedies for bacterial
infections factions discover the below mentioned natural
ways to get an idea on how to treat bacterial infection naturally with
simple home remedies remedies these breweries will inhibit the growth
of harmful bacteria inside the body with its powerful antibacterial and
anti-inflammatory properties and thereby clears the infection quickly and
naturally without any side effects aloe vera aloe vera has in a bacterial
and anti-inflammatory properties that help to strengthen the body to fight
against the bacterial action and also cools the body freshly extracted aloe
vera gel from an aloe leaf will work as an excellent remedy for treating
internal infections like the vaginal infections bacterial skin infections and
urinary tract infections take out the aloe vera gel freshly from
an aloe leaf apply the gel directly on the affected areas of the skin leave it
for a few hours to overnight and then rinse off with water dry the area gently
and repeat the application regularly for two to three times daily turmeric turmeric is a golden herb that
works well in treating various skin problems including cancerous tumors and
bacterial infections the curcumin is an excellent compound in turmeric that
exhibits antibacterial and he oxygen and anti-inflammatory properties which are
essential for treating bacterial infections actions mix enough water in freshly ground
turmeric to make a fine paste apply it on the bacteria affected skin areas let
it sit for a few minutes and rinse off with water tap dry the skin and repeat
the same process for once or twice daily until you get relief from the problem apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar
ACV has acidic nature and it contains in a bacterial and anti-inflammatory
properties that treat a host of bacterial infections along with reducing
the pain and irritation it helps to maintain proper pH levels to make a
hostile environment to the bacteria and prevent its growth take some raw unfiltered and
unpasteurized ACV and apply it directly on the skin where it is affected with
bacteria by using a cotton ball let it sit for a few minutes and rinse off with
lukewarm water dry the area with a soft challenge repeat the same process for
once or twice daily until you get complete relief from the bacterial
infections lemon lemon acts as an excellent remedy
for treating bacterial infections especially respiratory infections it
effectively reduces the build-up of mucus inside the respiratory tract and
thereby removes the bacteria that were trapped inside the mucus and causing
infections and fresh juice consuming fresh juice like
cranberry juice will help to treat vaginal and urinary tract infections it
is safe to consume by pregnant women those who are suffering from bacterial
infections but make sure to use fresh cranberry juice not canned or sweetened
for several times daily to combat the bacteria in the body

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