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How do you treat dry eyes naturally? That is what we are going to cover today. I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler with the Dry Eye Show. Today I am going to go over 5 tips for natural dry eye relief First of all we are going to go over what dry eye is Dry eye is caused by many different things and there are many different presentations of dry eye One of the biggest factor is inflammation There are a lot of different things that can cause inflammation which we will get into a little bit later with dry eyes you are going to notice a stinging, a burning, a gritty sensation in your eyes You might notice excess watering of your eyes followed by period of dryness You might have a discharge from your eyes You might have a blurred vision or a vision that fluctuates Light sensitivity is all part of it. Red eyes Sometimes I get red eyes when my eyes are really dry You might have tired eyes and discomfort while wearing contact lenses These are all symptoms that are caused by dry eyes disease. What causes dry eye disease? There are so many different causes medications such as anti histamines and decogenstants hormonal replacement theraphy and birth control blood pressure medications. All that can lead to dry eyes syndrome Allergies can affect your eyes for sure Long term use of contact lenses too much time on the computer or in windy or really irritative environments skin conditions such as rosacea psoriasis can contribute to dry eyes nutritional deficiency as well cigarette smoking and alcohol use We really have to be careful because we only get two eyes with so much inflammation in our body that inflammation can really take over and cause those dry eyes. Today we are going over five natural tips that you can use to get rid of dry eyes or at least find a little bit of relief The first one is omega 3 fatty acids I know some of you have probably heard the study that came out recently just in these past couple months It basically said that omega 3s are not beneficial for dry eyes That is absolutely false Good fats and omega 3s are going to help your dry eyes They decrease inflammation in the body and they really help your eyes to fight that dryness and to heal properly We absolutely recommend taking a 1000 to 2000 mg of omega 3 fatty acids per day You can get that in supplement form You can eat food like wild caught mackerel and salmon You can eat walnuts even avocados or like coconut oil Those are great omega 6 fats that are wonderful for your eyes Absolutely recommend that everybody with dry eyes be taking an omega 3 and it is great for other things as well not just your eyes Increase your intake of water That is tip number 2 You want to be drinking at least half your body weight an ounces of water per day If you weigh 150 lbs, you should be drinking 75 ounces of water per day filtered water preferrably Use a Berky. We like our Berky filter You can find it on Amazon and other places of course You definitely want to be drinking water Keep a cup with you a water bottle with you and just continually have it refilled with filtered water throughout your day if it is right there in front of you, you are going to drink it if it is not, you definitely will not Tip number 3 our eye blinking exercises Eye blinking exercises can be really great to get oils in your eyelids flowing and to get your tears flowing I do have an article in this video that goes along with it There is a video that shows me doing eye blinking exercises You can go there and watch that and see how you do them but basically it consist of squeezing your eyelids shut for a few seconds then opening them up, blinking a few times and doing it again you will do that a couple of times and you will do it multiple times per day as you take a break from your computer which you should be doing anyway eye blinking exercises is tip number 3 and it is a great one Tiip number 4 is eyelid hygiene We absolutely recommend that everyone even children these days should have an eyelid hygiene regimen both in the morning and in the evening We love hypochlorous acid eyelid cleansers We have a Heyedrate Lid and Lash Cleanser They are great because they are not irritating They are simple to use You just spray it on your close eyelids. You rub it in and let it dry It is that simple. That is going to help cut down on bacteria and any other microorganism that might be around your eyes and eyelids and around your eyelashes You definitely want to make sure that you follow tip number 4 which is eyelid hygiene Lastly tip number 5 is to add green leafy vegetables into your diet Why green leafy vegetables? They are completely anti-inflammatory They are alkaline. They really help to get your body in balance They help your body fight inflammation When you eat spinach in your green smoothie in the morning which everybody should be doing when you have kale salad for lunch or when you put spinach or kale or chard or collard greens or anything like that into soups or different meals throughout the day That is wonderful just do what you can to incorporate those things into your day They are really going to help fight that inflammation Keep your eyes healthy Ensure that you are doing your best to get rid of that dry eye How to treat dry eyes naturally This was 5 tips for natural dry eye relief I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler with The Dry Eye Show make sure that you subscribe click to get notifications to see all of our videos Thanks for watching

46 thoughts on “5 Tips for Natural Dry Eye Relief – How Do You Treat Dry Eyes Naturally

  1. I’ve had MGD for almost a year… tried everything except ductal plugs and Lipiflow! (What do you think of the latter for completely blocked Meiboman glands?
    I am so desperate to get rid of this debilitating and sometimes disabling condition.)

    Currently on Ikervan drops but no improvements yet (ai think my eyes don’t like them!

    I have had a month without any eye gunk flare ups but it is back this week with a cengeance, and the light greem gino escapes particularly out of the outer corners of my eyes, and tge regular wiping away of said gunk is making my tender skin around my eyes SUPER red and it gets a bit crackled look to it (like greyscale in Game of Thrones!) (no broken skin)

    What on Earth can I use to protect and mousrurise around my eyes??
    (Can’t use xmy normal Estee Lauder wye cream, it stings.)
    Can get away with my light face oil but that is not forming a protective barrier.
    Any recommendations?
    And opinion on Lipo

    I’m SO fed up of this

  2. Hi again, still trying to figure out which bleph I have.
    One question I had slightly swollen top eyelids and dry eyes.
    No itching no burning no swelling in lower lids.
    As soon as I started with the heat mask treatment my lower lids blew up
    and started burning and itching. Also started with tiny rash along lash line on lower in places.
    As I said only tea tree seems to make a difference. Does it sound like Rosacea or Demodex?
    Tea tree wipes gave me my eyelashes back. What should I do about the heat masks ? I stopped about three weeks ago after doing them for 2 months. Lower lids have calmed back down. But in the evening they start swelling in the corners . I was told that mites in eyelashes was an old wives tale by hospital doctor in the Sheffield UK eye walk in center. They are so backwards it’s scary . Wish there was Docs like you in the UK

  3. Hello doctor. I dont know if I really have dry eyes so I wanted to ask you. Like my right eye is not red but it always feels heavy, watery and sometimes itchy. Does this mean I have a dry eye ? Thanks in advance

  4. thanks mam…I've dry doctor recommended some artificial eyedrop and computer glasses..but I've addicted to computer glasses without it I can't be comfortable… please help me

  5. Hii…….my age is 23….i feel heavy eyes after wake up in morning and in day also same condition… please help me what can I do

  6. I am 48 years old, and I have type 2 diabetes. I had dry eyes ONLY upon waking up for almost three years now, I went to 5 eye doctors here in the US and I was told that my eyes don’t produce enough tears and I have to use artificial tears, I was told there is no cure for this condition. None of the 5 doctors asked me if I have diabetes or not, surprisingly I discovered that my dry eye condition is caused by diabetes, and if my blood sugar is low then the dry eye will be mild and so on.

    A few years ago I had an Inguinal Hernia and I had surgery, the pain didn’t go away, I went to my surgeon many times, he thought I am after pain killers. I went to a lawyer and wanted to sue this doctor, finally, he agreed to do a re-exploration surgery. When I woke up after surgery he said there was a problem in the mesh he used enough to give me a lot of pain, he said he corrected the problem and I should be OK. Pain is less now but I still have days that I cannot go to work.

    I cannot imagine how bad medical schools are in the United States. I also had acute chronic nasal congestion for almost one year, I went to three doctors here in the US and none of them cured my problem. I was given steroids and was told if steroids don’t cure me then I will have to have surgery. Fortunately, I went to visit my mother in Jordan and told her about my problem, she recommended a doctor, so I went there and I told him what happened to me here in the US, he asked me not to continue, he said he knows how American doctors deal with diseases. He prescribed 4 medications for me and wala, symptoms gradually disappeared in a few days and I am free of nasal congestion for almost 2.5 years now.

    A cousin of mine in Michigan had a problem in her eyes, she went to 2 eye doctors and was told there is no cure for her eye problem and she will gradually lose vision and will be blind in few years. She was advised to see a doctor in Israel, so she traveled there and again, she was cured of the problem and her vision was restored.

    It is discouraging that you live in a highly advanced country with such bad doctors, I am sure there are good doctors out there, but there were not educated here in the US.

  7. Sometimes when i use mobile or read books my one eye starts watering and feels pressure in that eye.what's reason?

  8. Did you have inflammation? I have dry eye, I believe due to inflammation so I been using the dry eye relief drops but it's no help!

  9. So my eyes are just dry no tears and nothing just dry I fired eye drops and it did not work

  10. my eyes sometimes becomes dry every 10 or 11pm in the evening, what should I do to cure them?
    by the way Im 13

  11. Hi dr, 1) ok to clean lids with Baking Soda & add water and drink? particular types?
    2) how could a cleanser with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is soap-free? Better avoid it? Thanks a lot.

  12. Hi
    I am 10 years old and my eyes sometimes have a little bit of stinging. I blink constantly and I'm not sure if the stinging is the cause of dry eyes. I don't see any redness in my eyes. I also tear up in my eyes as well. Could you please answer because I don't know if it is dry eyes or not!

  13. Hlo i feel that my one eye is normal but the other one is inside i mean i feel tha it is more inside. While both looks samee can u plz help me ?? Is it eye dryness

  14. Mam.. I have pain on. My right eye only… Pain comes at night only after i took sleep the pain gone away… I faced the problem weekly once… I went to many hospitals and doctors still my problem is not solved…. What i will do? Plz give me suggestions

  15. can i use tropicamide and phenylephrine hydrochloride solution for irritated eye, because my DR. suggested me this, I am confuse BC it is for eye dilation …
    plz guide…

  16. My eyes always hurt and when I touch my eyeball I get like a pain and out of no where my vision turns black and blurry. Is this dry eyes?

  17. Nutritional deficiency? If I have Pyrroles (Low in vitamins) could that be the cause ? By the way my eyes feel like they're getting scratched when I blink or look up (with my eyes not head.) Another thing is that when I pull my eye lid up for a couple seconds, my eye will not feel so scratchy for 1 or 2 minutes after. Then It goes back to being scratchy when I blink and stuff. Thank you if you read.

  18. This is what happens to my eyes its just right out of nowhere it just burns and I want open my eyes but they aren't red

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