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Today, I’d like to talk about ways we can recover on our own I know for a lot of you, you’ve talked to me about Not knowing if you can Not having the financial ability to actually seek services or, being too young and your parents won’t take you seriously So what can you do to recover on your own? Today I’m going to offer five helpful tips on ways you can start recovery on your own without actual professional help. Now the first thing I want to mention in the first tip is see your doctor. Your regular doctor, PCD (Primary Care Doctor) whatever the hell you want to call them. Make sure you see them. Now, I know I said this was going to be without professional help; and by that I meant: No dieticians, psychiatrists, therapist like myself none of that. But we all need to see our doctor first. Get your blood work done Ask for a full work-up because one of the main things I worry about as a professional is the actual medical care of my patient. How are they doing physically? There are a lot of things we cannot see: and because we know eating disorders affect our hearts, and for those of you who are not aware, when your body eats itself it starts eating this muscle and our heart is a muscle and it can really be hard on your heart and most of the people who have passed away from eating disorders it is due to heart failure or heart attacks. So, we want to make sure things are running smoothly. Also, electrolytes balance, a lot of you are purging and we know that can be thrown off and that can cause heart attacks and that can cause a lot of issues. Potassium levels, there are so many things that are important so, before you even consider doing this on your own, or working on recovery without a professional you need to make sure you’re medically safe. My second tip is; educating yourself about the disorder you think you have and your process with it. And I know this sound really odd and silly; but I think it’s important for us to understand the eating disorder relm what different types of eating disorder are there? What behaviours are we doing daily, weekly or whatever? How severe is it? And what’s our relationship with an eating disorder? How long do we think it’s been going on? Pretend you’re a detective to your own eating disorder. How long have these symptoms been around? They might be a lot longer than you ever thought. How often are we using these behaviours? What’s the relationship with it, is it talking down to us? Like “you deserve the punishment!” Or is it something we help control, and we feel better and more in control of our lives. I think that this step is honestly the most important in our whole process of recovery. In my eating disorder workbook, (the link will be in the description below) I have you do a lot of work to figure this out so, if you’re struggling to understand what I’m talking about or know how to be a detective when it comes to your own eating disorder Check out that workbook, it will really help you get started. The third thing is, setting up a support team. If we don’t have professionals around to help support us; what I have called in the past as your “treatment team” we need to set up our support team. This can be friends, this can be family, this can be your friends online. I think this is really really important to have people who are available to you 24/7 This might be support groups, this might be a hotline, this might be the chat on Whatever you do, make sure you have people available to you no matter what time of day it is; and that’s why online can be such a good resource because there are people all over the world Who, are available even if it 3 in the morning to you, when it might be the middle of the day to them, and knowing you have the support when you need it is pivotal for recovery. The fourth tip is setting up a schedule and sticking to it. The nice thing about having appointments with your treatment team is that you have set times each week where you see them, or once a month if it is your psychiatrist or your doctor and that time is set aside. You have an appointment, you have to be there! You know it’s coming. So how do we make that happen if we don’t have those appointments? I would encourage you each to set aside 30 minutes a day where it’s journalling time, or workbook time. Or whatever you’re working on your recovery, because it is really difficult; it’s a struggle. It’s a process, it’s bumpy; it’s not a smooth sailing, smooth road situation and we need to make sure we’re setting aside time to work on it. It takes a lot of work and make sure that you’re doing it at least 30 minutes a day. And the fifth and final tip to recovery on your own without professional help is investing in journals and workbooks, things to help you support your recovery process. I have heard from a lot of you that there are books that saved your life. that journalling saved your life. I know that from a professional standpoint, that books, and workbooks really help me understand what my clients are going through and gives me more opportunities to offer up helpful things to work on when we’re not together, and meeting in session. And I’ve heard from many of you I think it’s “Brain Over Binge” has been really helpful; I really like “Eating In The Light Of The Moon” it’s a great book! “My Free Eating Disorder Workbook” is a great place to start aswell but I would encourage all of you If you’re new to to my channel click here to subscribe and make sure your “like” this video and join the conversation. Let us know what helped you. What’s helped loved ones in your life? What books and workbooks have been beneficial to your recovery? because together we learn more, right? There’s so many books out there that I can’t possibly read and use them all. So I need their opinions on what worked for them. Because together we are stronger! And I encourage you to share this video, and the more we share the more people are talking about it and the less stigma comes along with saying I have an eating disorder. So, lets work together, as we keep working toward a health mind and a healthy body.

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  1. OOOhh we're detectives! what a perfect description of the process of figuring out what helps us, triggers us, and who we are! Thanks Kati!!

  2. I love you Kati! I've been watching your videos every night for a month and for some reason they always make me cry. But I usually feel better afterwards! I've been struggling with depression, self harm and bulimia (all self diagnosed) and I don't want to ask for help because I'm not 100%
    sure whether I'm just making my problems up or not… Plus I really don't want my parents finding out – this isn't really a question but just seeing if anyone can relate I guess?

  3. Go to und read all the blogposts. Seriously, this has given me sooo much insight and always leads me back on the path of recovery. The articles are sometimes very long and wih a lot of like "scientific" words, so it's not an easy read (especially if you have concentration problems because of your ED or english is not you first language) but it's totally worth it!

  4. Kati awesome video yet again. Your videos inspire me to keep trying to recover even though I had a bad relapse lately. I will keep pushing 🙂

  5. Im 14 and I'm recovering from Anorexia, and it's going very good so far!! 😊 I never had a severe eating disorder but it did made me lose about 10 pounds in about 8 months. Only a teacher, my princeable, and a social worker, and some people online knows about it. I write in a journal and I'll let my teacher read it:) I already don't count calories and it's been 2 weeks. I feel more happier but my depression is still here and I also have extremely bad social anxiety that I had ever since I was around 4 years old. Life is much better with a eating disorder and I hope anyone who's struggling with this gets help soon, you'll feel much better

  6. #KatiFAQ Hello Kati, I've been seeing my therapist for a little more than a month, but I don't… Is it normal for therapist to stay in silence for almost a minute (I've count it) or have to re-say the question many times because he is not sure how to say it?. I also feel kind of restricted because when I tell him something about my childhood that I think was a background for my mental illness, he just push it aside and I feel like it is not as important as I thought. What should I do, should I change for another therapist (he is a therepist in my college, he is an MA, LPC) or should I stay?

  7. Loving what is by Byron Katie. It's helped me address a lot of painful stories that I had hidden away and question them to in order to find peace.. When I was able to find that peace I felt more in control of my binging.

  8. I can recommend "Brain over Binge". I haven't finished it yet, but as of now, I have completed an entire week without binging, which is a huge accomplishment for me. The last time I was able to do that, was two years ago.

  9. 'the bulimia help method' by richard kerr is brilliant. they have a website and you can subscribe to them for personal support too. or you can buy the book and work through their best found recovery methods. its simple and logical and works inline with the UK NHS eating disorder service methods.

  10. Kati, thank you so much for what you are doing for us! That is so important to receive support when no one else takes you seriously, when nobody considers BED as a real problem.Thank you for your advice and help.

  11. Tips for EDNOS with BULIMIC tendencies recorvery:
    1. Everthing Kati said in this video! of course!
    2.Eat like a healthy person every day, that willl help with that craving and also helps your metabolism! Be prepared for bloating at the beginning :/
    3. All that binge food – don't have it at home! If you're lving alone only buy f.e. choclate in either small proportians or not at all – for people who don't live alone: Ask your parent/whoever to not buy much of it or store it out of your sight
    4.Try to think: Stop! and actualy try to stop while binging – at the beginning, you will think this probably very late or afterwards but the more you train this the better you will get at stopping earlier in your binging or at some point you'll be able to stop yourself before and never ever think "oh well i already startet…" bc even if you purge afterwards, it'll be less

    These things are helping me (but I'm also in therapy bc of PTBS) maybe they are helpful for you too
    …sorry for my bad english its not my native language)

  12. #KatiFAQ can you please do a video on Social Anxiety Disorder? I know you did one a while ago but can you please do another one. I have just been diagnosed with it and would love to know more. Thanks! X

  13. I wish I had seen this video years ago! I somehow managed to recover from ed by myself but this would have helped me a lot! Especially the workbook part. By the way, I wanted to ask you (or anybody who would like to answer!) a thing… do you think it would be useful to see a therapist even after years of having "recovered"? I feel like I have never really fully recovered from my ed or self-harm, and I feel like it would maybe be useful? I don't know…

  14. How to Disappear Completely by Kelsey Osgood and Gaining: Life after ED by Amy Lei were both really amazing for me. I love how they talk about EDs from a different perspective. Not a book I would recommend for someone first starting out (they're not workbooks) but I just found them really helpful in learning why I acted the way I did and ways to move on from that.

  15. Thank you kati! I left a comment on your last (?)video about my friend who has an eating disorder and doesnt want professional help. Im now able to hopefully help them. I just send them a link to this video. Thank you so, so much. Please never stop doing what you're doing.
    I hope you have a lovely day ♡

  16. #KATIFAQ can you do a video on getting over the fear of asking for help? I know you have a video on talking with your parents (which ive done) but i cant seem to bring myself to talk to a doctor about my anxiety and depression. It's honestly really terrifying and i feel like im never going to get over it. thanks xxx ps love the videos by the way!

  17. Katie, if I wanna get blood work done for an ED but I was never diagnosed with an ED, what do I say to the doctor? It's kinda hard to put it in words #katiefaq

  18. Hey @Kati Morton ! Thank you so much for this! I'd like to add some resources and information and a bit of my experience. I do see a treatment team, but I am on a break from therapy right now due to transportation issues. So I am in a similar situation. I check in with my therapist weekly as well as with my skills coordinator via phone. I go to EDA. DailyStrength is a support group website that has been very helpful.
    Books that have been helpful
    Wintergirls TW ED this is a novel about 2 girls with eating disorders and their friendship. This book saved me.
    Speak TW trauma this is a novel about a girl who refuses to speak after a traumatic experience over the summer. This book also helped save me.
    The Impossible Knife of Memory is a novel that deals with PTSD.
    Life Without Ed
    Battlefield of the Mind
    Beauty for Ashes
    The Real Me: Being the Girl God Sees by Natalie Grant Christian singer Natalie Grant had bulimia for 5 years. This is about her experience. It also asks questions of the reader in the book.
    The PTSD Sourcebook is a PTSD workbook.
    Courage To Heal is a workbook I would recommend to anyone who has been abused.
    Approval Addiction

  19. The intuitive eating book helped me to start processing my eating problems with my therapist. It talked about things that I've never thought had anything to do with my eating disorder

  20. #katiFAQ. Hey kati, first of all i want to say that i really like your videos, They inspire me and make me feel a little bit better. I suffer from depression, social anxiety and panick attacks and i recently started with seeing a therapist. She told me that she would help me with feeling better by 'talking about how i feel and give me 'homework' . This homework will be about activities and a journal, that will make me feel better. But i cant help wondering: the reason i stopped doing activities is BECAUSE i feel depressed so.. how will i overcome my depression by getting back to that? i guess it will only make me feel worse because it will make me see even more that i don't like the activities that i used to like. My therapist also told me that she will help me get rid of my negative thoughts but.. It's not just the negative thought and the fact that i'm not doing the activities that i used to like..i can also Feel the depression in my body , even when i don't have negative thoughts.. I can just feel it ,sometimes it's jus so much that it hurts . so even though i will do al those things my therapist told me to do, i'll still be left alone with the pain i feel in my body.. Do you think my therapist will help with that and is it a common to have when you're depressed? How do you think i can make it go away :cI 'm sorry for this long writing but i really hope you answer <3

  21. #KatiFAQ Hi Kati, I love watching your videos. Here's a couple of questions for you from a different angle… As a trainee I am wondering what your top tip is for trainees & what is your favourite way to do reflective practice? Thank you xx

  22. Could you make a video on Hypochondria??! I haven't seen too many videos about that on youtube and the way you explain things is so helpful! Thanks xx

  23. Thank you sooo much for this video!!! I know i requested something like it awhile ago, and this is soo helpful! ThAnks again!

  24. Hey Kati I have a question. I guess I have some problems with food and a month ago my mom found a bag of chewed and spit up food. She asked me what it was and I told her I didn't know, she threw it away and didn't ask me any more questions. A week later she accused me of not actually eating food (so I know that she knows what the bag really was). Since that time she hasn't talked to me about it at all and I don't understand what this means, does she just not care?

  25. Thank you! Unfortunately I don't feel really have anyone like in my family who would participate in this but I don't really feel like my online support group could really do things with diet either :/

  26. Hi Kati! Awesome video! Lately I have been having a lot of panic attacks at school and I was wondering if anyone had any advice? Thank you!

  27. The Overcoming Bulimia Workbook is fantastic. My therapist gives me pages from it and it helps so much I want the full version

  28. Thank you Katie, your eating disorder videos always help me! I'm still to scared to tell my parents about my ed, so these tips should really help a lot!

  29. Kati, are you feeling okay? Lately you've seemed kind of frustrated and stressed. I love your videos, and I just hope you are able to find balance with all you have going on.

  30. Correction: More than half of people who die from eating disorders, die from suicide. These numbers might be higher since many people might go undiagnosed if they're not visibly symptomatic.

  31. i have been curious about this for some time, what happens when someone who have an eating disorder end up in hospital, maybe he/she broke her leg and need a cast, the doctor found out he/she have an eating disorder and have been under-nutrition for sometime , what will happen? do the get send to see the therapist first or do they get send to see the dietitian first? Me and my friends are discussing this during lunchtime and they think that force feeding is the best immediate action and after being nutritionally stable then send the patient to the therapist, i think that that will just cause more harm than good

  32. #KatiFAQ hi Kati I know you have done a lot of videos on depression but could you maybe do a video on how to deal with depression when your a teen as I try and be happy but my depression won't go away and I am happy sometimes when I'm having fun and I don't want it to go away you say get away from your tigger for a while then maybe face it but my trigger is school so I how do I cope ?

  33. Two questions is it normal to have lost of energy ( includes: not wanting to work or go to school)and getting headaches. I have had headaches for about 2 wks and feeling dizzy? Also I really regret telling my mom and my friends now they don't leave me alone and have some privacy. Is it ok to feel like that and why don't they leave me alone.

  34. If you can read Swedish, "Mattillåtet" by Gisela Van Der Ster is a really really good book to read. It has been really useful and when in doubt I just go back and reread the chapters I need and am unsure about.

  35. Can you do a video talking about Binge Eating Disorder? I have it and it makes me feel terrible every day, but the only time anyone mentions bingeing is in relation to bulimia or purging, which I have been able to keep myself from doing. It is hard to find information on this disorder, can you help?

  36. Sky KWhat's recovery like for someone who's overweight and bulimic? I want to get help but I'm afraid they won't let me lose weight and that's my biggest wear ever. Or even wrose make me gain weight 🙁 #KatiFAQ

  37. This is so helpful! I make videos on recovery from eating disorders also, I find your channel is so so inspiring!

  38. I really do want to get better but I'll be 18 in a few months and I will have free range of whatever I do and eat. I've already lost 10 pounds in 5 months and nobody has noticed(thank god) Thank you for the video it is helpful and great as always! Gives me hope for the future! Love you Kati! 💜

  39. Please could you make a video (if you haven't already) about how to help a friend who has just lost a parent?

  40. #KatiFAQ Hi, Kati! I wanted to know how to change your username on the site (the one that's "@insert name here")? I've tried several times to change it from "@celia" to "@cece", but it hasn't worked. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you! 😊 XOXO

  41. hi kati could
    you do a video on having a disability and a metal illness I struggle with cp and it's very difficult thankyou

  42. #KatiFAQ where do you get the courage and motivation to get help. It's easy to say if your having problems go see someone but every time I've come close I've always put it off and said that I can deal with it on my own.

  43. #KatiFAQ I don't know if you've covered this before but I finally was able to get a therapy appointment scheduled but it's in a few months from now! How do I "hold on" until then and still be able to manage things like school? Being depressed I feel like I can barely do anything, so I was wondering if you knew some basic tips on how to not completely lose myself while I wait?

  44. Kati, I want to thank you so much for all of your videos. I had a pretty rough childhood that only got worse with time. Long story short, I recently went to a therapy intensive for two weeks that completely changed my life. Like you, they were so understanding, soft spoken, and willing to strongly nudge me in the right direction. It was very difficult to discuss certain things, but they were just so empathetic. I love to help other and that's a large part of why I'm heading into the medical field. After the intensive I almost want to become a therapist.
    Midway through my second week I became terrified that I wouldn't end up maintaining everything I had learned and improved about my emotional health. They helped me develop a plan to ensure I would continue in the right direction as well as what to do if I started slipping. I chanced upon your videos, and am now hooked. I've added your videos to my list of things to keep me in the right frame of mind. I plan to watch several videos a day until I have watched them all, yeah that will take a while. I hope (know) that your videos will keep me positive and planted in good emotional health until it becomes second nature to me. Thank you again, Seth

  45. Dear Kati,
    I'm feeling like I want to cry or have a knot in my stomach quiet often recently. But I have nothing excapt things to be happy about and I'm doing great. So is this feeling a feeling of happiness? How do you recognise when that overwhelming feeling is just happiness and not something else? Please help.

  46. I would HIGHLY recommend anything by brene brown but I did just finish her book The Gifts of Imperfection and it was honestly groundbreaking for my recovery! It is an incredible read for anyone, but especially those who struggle with mental health! Thanks again for all you do Kati 🙂

  47. More stuff
    The PTSD Sourcebook
    Courage to Heal Workbook
    The Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Workbook
    Purge; The Rehan Diaries This book was so important for me because it's the only book I've read that discusses unspecified ED'd. It's a memoir about the author's time in a rehab facility. TW This book is very honest. The author struggles with her illness until well after treatment.
    The DBT Workbook (green)
    Eating Disorders for Dummies was a big help to my family.

  48. #KatiFAQ Hi Kati, how can CBT help with anxiety if you can't link the anxious feelings with a negative thought pattern. A lot of times I just feel anxious for no reason.

  49. thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid and for me its my depression but i think i have a hold on it right now i cant afford meds so i have to do it without pills or anything like that its election time so i am supposed to be worse then ever but i am not i am certain we will get sanders so i am feeling pretty fine

  50. Hi, I was wondering if you could do a video
    directed towards teens trying to seek help and how to get help on their own. You videos have saved my life in a literal way. Thank you so much!!

  51. I found your channel a few months ago when I started attending counselling sessions and it has really helped me. I have always suffered from anxiety but a few years ago it started affecting my relationship with food. I still don't fully know why it happened but I started to feel like I had a lump in my throat and became fearful of choking on my food. This eventually meant that I started restricting my food intake and lost a lot of weight. When I first started going to counselling sessions I genuinely thought I didn't have an eating disorder, however, since watching your ED videos I have started to realise that I actually do. This realisation has enabled me to start getting better and deal with the irrational fear that has controlled my life for far too long. Thank you for your informative and supportive videos 🙂 x

  52. #KatiFAQ Hey Kati, here's my question.I used to confide in my teacher about my abuse and self harm urges. She doesn't teach my class anymore and we never ever meet because I'm in a higher school now and whenever I try to contact her she does not talk to me. She says I should get out of these things and stop talking to her now. It's been almost a year and I cannot let go. I feel like giving up on life because I cannot live without her. I cannot study, I cannot write. She was the only person I trusted and now I have nobody. What should I do to show her that I really love and need her? I can't go on like this. 🙁

  53. How long does it take to gain weight in recovery? And on how many calories? Please help. Thank you, Sophie. X

  54. thank you for sharing this…!

    for anyone who sees this comment, i sincerely hope this may be of some help as well:

  55. i did it , its been 1 month i gained weight . i ate too much ( no binging ) ! i never knew its easy . you just have to fight hard and WANT to recover .

  56. I was in the hospital last year today and all this and next week. nice to remember for some reason I am very sentimental of this ordeal

  57. I think i have an ED but my doctor isnt taking me seriously so hes just referring me to more depression treatments

  58. If I told my family I feel like they would not understand and Judge me… I'm so terrified but I know if I don't get help now then it will be worse

  59. Hello it's been 15 years since I have had an eating disorder but my body isn't recovering due to my thyroid. As a a teenager I was very obese but went on a diet when I was 21 and got obsessed with losing too much weight which led to anorexia and bulimia. Fast forward 15 years later I don't have any eating disorders now but the body feels like it's starving even though I eat plenty of food. I take medication for my underactive thyroid but it's not helping. It's been really frustrating for 15 years. I have recovered mentally from my eating disorder but the body keeps going backwards and now my metabolism is out of whack and I'm always hungry. I live in Australia and no doctors understand why I feel like I’m starving all the time.

  60. I’m 103 pounds i don’t know how people eat so much. I’ve always been small and eat whenever I feel hungry but never full.

  61. Yes yes yes I loved this video I am to scared to tell anyone about my eating problem. I dont call it an disorder Because I am not diagnosed. I starve myself and just forget to eat I also binge from time to time I lost weight lately I hate it

  62. Katie,please talk about the deeper food issues,such as food being all the source of pleasure in our lives,the only food we look forward to(in case of Bed),using as a crutch,source of novelty and a way to relax and zone out.these r my serious issues and I would benefit from digging deeper into these vulnerable subjects,thanks dear,u r super helpful,God bless u

  63. My old friend in my bakeshop at collage heights has anorexia. My old freinds name was Cora. Cora never eats lunch. Cora is not my friend any more because I talked about her weight around her. Cora weighed 92 pounds. I used to have an eating disorder.

  64. I want to recover but I dont wanna gain weight it scares me that I might not have a healthy relationship with food ever again

  65. I went through all that and recovered about two years ago without my parents or doctor ever knowing. Sadly, I got really good at lying. Please, if you can, do what Kati said and see your doctor. I had to make my willpower work in the opposite direction and force myself to eat a reasonable amount. I also watched YouTube documentaries to scare myself into recovering. It was scary, but I got really lucky because it worked, even though I relapsed once. I was too scared to tell anyone until just last year, and then I told someone I trust for safety in case I relapsed again. I haven’t. I am so glad that more people have resources like this channel so they don’t have to be completely alone. Thanks, Kati, for all you do.

  66. can you talk about how eating disorders are competitive? and how watching the wrong videos and following the wrong people can be dangerous? i’m happy to have found your channel.

  67. Every time I try recovery and start to eat I get sooooo uncomfortably bloated I look 5 months pregnant and in pain. I always end up not eating again because of the painfully bloated stomach. Not to mention my digestive tract goes haywire and I feel like nothing will move through me. It doesn’t seem to matter what I eat just as soon as I eat more I’m painfully bloated and I hate this feeling. I’m in bed all day. How to help the bloating is my question.

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