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this video will discuss five natural
ways to help you overcome your OCD but just now that obsessive compulsive
disorder is more common than you think did you know that two to three percent
of the u.s. adult population struggles with OCD that’s one in 40 it’s more
common than you think and you’re not alone yet only 10% of those who have OCD
seek treatment if you know how the debilitating OCD is why would you see help
I can’t speak for you but for well over a decade I didn’t get help because I
thought getting help us for the week if you’re strong you do it on your own plus
I was ashamed of it there’s a couple of times people saw me performing rentals
out in public and they called me weird call me crazy call me strange and all I
wanted to do is just hide from the world and be alone the rest of my life I also
thought that it was just something I was stuck with it’s genetics it’s just who
you are what’s the point of getting help because you can’t do anything about it
I started to feel real depressed and I looked around myself people enjoying
their lives and I thought that is something I want to have and I’ll do
whatever it takes I’ll get all the help I need and I hope you’re at that point
too don’t lose hope because you can overcome your OCD if you’re willing to
get the help and you’re willing to get all the necessary information to make
the necessary changes but let’s first discuss what obsessive compulsive
disorder is there’s two parts obsessions compulsions obsessions are the unwanted
thoughts feeling desires that cause a lot of anxiety this high anxiety causes
you to do compulsive behaviors the rituals and routine to reduce the stress
but it often doesn’t leave the happiness but obsession OCD is thrown around a lot
what exactly is OCD how can we distinguish it between what you have is
OCD and just a normal thought or habit the international OCD foundation
distinguishes four criteria the first one being that these obsessions that you
have are unwanted and out of your control
number two you believe that these obsessions are irrational but you
perform them anyway number three these compulsive behaviors that you perform to
reduce your obsessions take an hour or more out of your day and this is a
distinguishing criteria to determine if you have OCD how much time you’re
spending performing these rituals and number four although having a
tene is great and it could be very beneficial for most people these
routines that you do the rituals are not causing happiness at the very most
they’re just reducing anxiety for a limited period of time for the longest
time it’s believed that it’s been low serotonin a chemical imbalance that’s
causing this OCD and that’s how you treat it and that’s why if you get help
for OCD you might be put on a medication like an antidepressant like prozac or
zoloft but recently researchers at Yale have done MRI stands on patients with
OCD and those that did not have it and they found that there are differences
their findings were this our brain is circuited for non OCD brain they get an
unwanted thought fear desire like an OCD person but they have a filter that
filters out the irrational thoughts and the rational ones but with someone with
OCD their filter seems to be malfunctioning
so something that’s unrealistic impractical is now causing anxiety and
when you have anxiety your brain tells you do something and that’s when you go
back to your habits of whatever you’ve done in the past to relieve your anxiety
your rituals and your routines now it’s believed that if you start
changing your thought patterns you can change the circuitry and findings have
shown that when you change your thoughts you can change the structure of your
brain and that’s why we’re discussing these five ways now number one get help
stop looking at your condition like a weakness getting help does not make you
weak motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said the strong and the wise admit they
have weaknesses and if you believe you need help to overcome this that does not
make you weak get the help you need so that you can have the happy life you
know you deserve number two believe that you could overcome your OCD I want to
point out if you go into a doctor’s office they ask you questions they might
diagnose you with OCD but it’s not definitive it’s not like testing your
blood pressure you have high blood pressure and they could indicate it
through a test we’re testing your blood sugar and determining if you’re diabetic
so all I’m saying is that it could be difficult to determine whether you have
a chemical imbalance its genetics or your thoughts why not choose to believe
that this is something that you can overcome by changing your thought
patterns that’s what I’ve done and it gives you so much power and so much hope
for changing and having better tomorrow number three confront
your fears gradually if you go to the doctor and they give you medication
that’s fine do whatever you need to reduce your symptoms and start living
the life you want but just now that studies show that about 90% of patients
on medication when they use medication alone and not cognitive behavior therapy
not confronting their fears when they come off it
they revert to their old OCD habits so medication might not be enough and
that’s where cognitive behavioral therapy comes in where you’re
confronting your fears let’s discuss my OCD a little bit and how I was able to
use exposure therapy to overcome it I had a ritual of 10 I don’t know where it
came from but it was the way it was for well over a decade I had to fix my
eyebrows 10 times I’d wipe my arms 10 times I’d have to tap a doorknob 10
times I’d have to check my wallet to make sure my credit cards were in my wallet
ten times had to check my alarm 10 times and make sure I wasn’t late for school
when reading notes I’d have to read a page ten times and without question it
was taking hours out of my day and was ruining my life then I started to
believe that you change your thought patterns you start focusing on what you
need to do to confront these irrational fears you can get over it and you may
find that if you have OCD you have multiple irrational thoughts
I was also superstitious too I believed that I had to take all my tests with
this green mechanical pencil I was a straight-A student I have a Doctorate
degree now and I’ve never come close to failing anything but I believe that in
order to make an A on any test I had to use this pencil if I didn’t have my
pencil I would freak out I had so much anxiety and I’d actually performed much
worse strengthening this belief but one example of exposure therapy was with a
quiz I decided that I was going to take one quiz without this pencil and see
what happens yes I had a lot of anxiety but then I aced the quiz and I did it
for a test and another test and even for my licensing exam I took it without this
pencil and all of a sudden this belief that I needed a pencil to do a little
shattered same with your rituals once you start facing them gradually you
start to realize that they are irrational and if you don’t do them
something bad is not going to happen to you here’s another tip start facing your
fears and gradual time increments one example being with
washing your hands let’s say you feel compelled to wash your hands maybe set a
timer on your phone for five minutes you’re just going to sit there although
you want to wash your hands so badly that you won’t wash your hands for five
minutes yes you’ll have some anxiety and you’ll feel uneasy but you’ll realize
after five minutes is up that nothing happened and as time goes on maybe make
it ten minutes and thirty minutes an hour then before you know it you might
completely get over your compulsion to wash your hands or whatever ritual
you’re doing so exposure therapy gradually start exposing yourself now so
that you can get over it someday number four exercise it’s been proven
that exercise can raise your serotonin levels and reduce your anxiety and I can
leave a card to the video on seven ways to raise your serotonin naturally now
I’ve come to realize that it’s your attention on what you’re doing that
causes you not to think about your obsessions here’s an example here let’s
say I’m at the gym and I’m doing a bench press I may have OCD and I might want to
perform rituals but at this current moment my focus is fully on lifting this
weight and making sure it doesn’t collapse my chest moments where your
focus to stay in the present take you off the anxiety that you feel from
performing your rituals the more time you spend in the present the less
anxiety you have and the less anxiety you have the less stress you feel and
you won’t feel compelled to act on these compulsions number five meditation I’ve
mentioned this in several videos and I believe it’s been one of the key
components to help me live a better life I think one of the most beneficial
moments is that it helps you stay present in the now maybe spending fifteen
or thirty minutes a day with your eyes closed just focusing on your breathing
not thinking about your compulsions or your obsessions but just being present
even if you have an itch on your nose just let it be you’ll start to realize
that you just sit there and be that these obsessions and these compulsions
although they’re causing anxiety if you just let them be and don’t act on them
they start to lose the power they have over you I believe meditation is a key
component that helping you overcome your OCD naturally we’ve discussed five
natural ways to help you overcome your OCD and if you have OCD don’t worry
about it it’s more common than you think don’t feel weak for getting help also
don’t be ashamed of it and don’t believe that you’re stuck with it
you can overcome it I’ve been ashamed for a long time with my OCD and I
normally don’t share it but I had a friend asked me if I can make a video
without question I’ll make it for them and I hope you got something from this
if you have any questions for me please leave a comment below and I’m going to
help you out in any way I can if you want more videos like this to improve
your mental health and start believing that you can do anything you set your
mind to subscribe to my channel today and hit
the bell notification so you don’t miss anything this is your friend Michael
Unks inspiring you to learn laugh and love I hope this helps you with your OCD
and I will see you in the next video

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  1. Sir, I have been struggling with MDD for last four years.Recently ,excessive , unwanted and negetive thought have increased.Altime negetive side of everything come to my brain.If my room,bed,cloth,washroom become quite dirty,i become anxious.My everyday life is becoming horrible. Now my MDD is controlled. Please,suggest me,how can i control my ocd .


  3. I am suffering from becoming obsessions is tgat i'll get hep C nd the compulsion is that i wash hands alot like alot..
    i want help in this regard

  4. Its worsening my social life .i often dont go to college nd wards due to this fear..Dont meet my friends thinking that they have germs on their hands nd clothes and i can get them..
    i really want help..

  5. Iv been dealing with ocd for the last 5 years. Sometimes I can control it and other times it’s really bad. It’s so hard to re focus my thoughts and to ignore the bad ones that pop in my head an to not believe them. Having to redo things over an over takes so much time out of my day and away from my kids it sucks. Iknow that these thoughts aren’t real but it’s so hard to just ignore them. I always feel like I’m stupid for doing all of the things.

  6. I saw this video the moment you talk that about reading the page time I certainly connect that point with myself , I am actually having this problem I am unable to focus on current situation whenever I study on coaching classes or read a book personally after reading a paragraph I tends to feel that I have not understand it because of this feeling I start it reading deeply but that also doesn't helps me this take my interest gone over the subject , also one more thing whenever I study in classes what teacher is teaching I do not have complete focus on that thing but I am trying 110% to focus but negative thoughts of past came and divert my mind , I have several other symptoms too which matches with OCD and I want to overcome this OCD without medication , sir I want to talk to you personally I think it will help me a lot , it's my humble request if I can have your mail id , I am giving my mail id if you think you can talk to me then please help , I really seek your kind . Thanks a lot .

    Saurabh Roy
    [email protected]

  7. I have pure O OCD but it’s getting much better… my advice is to KILL THE FEAR. Focus on your passions. Get out of the house and be social. Enjoy life… despite of what’s in your mind. You are the author of your thoughts. Now create positive ones the same way you created the (what if) negative ones. ❤️

  8. I've been dealing with OCD ever since I can remember. Lately I was dealing with one and I realised I was depressed and didn't like the feeling so I developed another fear. Fear of being depressed. What if just by fearing it I stay depressed for ever. And it causes so much anxiety. I just feel hopless that my older OCD thoughts always come up and just make me depressed. I have sought help but didn't think they even knew what I had . So just gave up?. What would be the best way to face my fear or to fight it.. please respond. Thank you

  9. I have SO many of this unwanted thoughts, images, and ideas pop into my head, and I can't get rid of them. I try to ignore them, but they just bash into my head like a hammer hammering down a nail. Everytime I want to think about something completely unrelated to the unwanted thoughts, images, or ideas, they still appear, I just can't get rid of them. They have triggers too. Is there any way I can remove these things that pop into my head constantly? And maybe the triggers that trigger them too?

  10. No AD, they will not help you, but bunch of Bstress vitamins, Omega 3 and magnezium will do a trick, plus workout reguraly and keep active lifestyle. AD won"t do shit, they keep shifting people with various types and there will be sideeffect and no progress, if some of AD will do trick, trust me, we would know it, we are born with OCD, and there is so many that we can to live with it, treat them like any anxious disorder, active lifestyle, workout, good sups, no cigs, little caffeine and you are on good route to live with it without fear, there is no magic pill, but a fight, the ocd is only active where there is small amount of fear, you confront fear, and ocd is gone. You will confront fear when you will have selfesteem and bravery, those will rise up and kill that annnoying anx disorder. Good luck

  11. It's great to hear that atleast someone has overcome this problem. I've been suffering with ocd from past 8-9 years. I spend hours washing my hands and I do this awful unnecessary ritual like crazy. I really need help…please.

  12. I just want to say I really enjoyed your video you've given me a lot to think about and things I want to try. I stumbled upon this video because I have been having trouble the past few days I was able to control my OCD until just recently it hit me with a vengeance probably because I was stressed out. My OCD is more in my head than anyting I find myself thinking the same thought a certain amount of times it's like my brain says I didn't think it right actually saying that in a text helps a little it helps me to see how and logical it is even though I already know that I can't seem to stop myself from doing it I plan to take your advice and try to change my thinking patterns

  13. Dude everything I do takes a long time. I count to twelve for washing in the shower, for example washing the the top of my arm to twelve seconds and then under it for twelve seconds, making my showers really long. It probably takes ten seconds each for 11 and 12 because I repeat both over and over. It’s also really hard to finish tests in school because each dot that you have to darken nice and neat on scantrons/ answer documents for tests, take about 30 seconds. I REALLY need help.

  14. It's crazy because I always thought that I was one of a kind in a bad way and hearing someone describe the EXACT symptoms is crazy. Man I hate ocd.

  15. Hi guys can anyone help me I don't know its OCD or what.. I daily clean my room for 1hrs. I clean each and every thing in my room and then I take shower for 2hrs I wash my private parts many times it feels like…urine drops are coming from my private part. When I go to toilet it takes around 10 to 12mins… I continuously wash my private part. I was not like this before…I am facing this problem from 5 months I feel so low and I m so worried about my future. I live in a joint family and I feel so shy about this problem… Guys I need your help I dont have a habit to clean and repeat each and every thing I just have a cleaning problem. I repeat and repeat and it takes 1 to 2 hrs to just clean a room..and same in bathroom and toilet also..NEED HELP.

  16. I have a problem of if I don't do the OCD compulsions then my brain wants to punish me. My brain knows how much sleep means to me and to lose sleep scares the shit out of me so now my OCD has me under its wing. I am so scared

  17. Actually nice hearing from someone who has suffered in the past. Usually speak to the doctors and other people who have never experienced ocd try tell you how to get rid of it and they have no clue this video helped a lot

  18. Hello! I have a question and I'm hoping you might have an answer to it. So for the past month or so I've been having compulsive thoughts. Or I've been having this same thought occurring in my head and it won't go away, I know I won't do the thing I've been thinking of but I'm scared I might even though I know I won't if that makes any sense. I think they are called intrusive thoughts? But I just really want these thoughts to go away and I'm thinking of it for hours and hours and it's just really disruptive. I'm really scared and I can't talk to anyone about them because they're scary so I'm hoping you have some information about them that can help me get rid of these thoughts or if anyone here in the comment section has dealt with them and knows anything to help stop them please let me know! Thank you!!

  19. Sir I have OCD from 1year,I took treatment from last 3monts by consultant neuro-pscychiatrist.sir what is best treatment to over come OCD quikly or within a week

  20. Thanks for this. Very helpful.

    It has been proven in recent years that meditation and CBT can physically change the brain structure by creating new pathways between neurons. It is all related to brain plasticity. Humans don't have fixed brains. Just the same way stress restructures our brains and create depression, mindfulness and CBT can restructure the brain and create peace of mind.

    Here is a link to the key findings on OCD and brain plasticity:

  21. I can't do anything,if I used to brought change in my life that if I think I will remain positive then also I used to get stuck

  22. Hey micheal i have to take medical help to confront my thoughts it has been six years since i have OCD when it would be a rigth time to leave medicine

  23. Hey, I have some kind of ocd where I'm conscious of my breathing and it's getting uncomfortable and i want to overcome it. any suggestions?

  24. Trust me, we can solve your OCD problem; just read. In fact, we can solve all the OCD patterns 100% properly if we really know the dynamics behind it, and we know what we should do first with it. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) consists of three stages:

    Obsessions: the ideas that you are obsessed with that come to your mind.

    Anxiety: the level of anxiety you feel when these ideas come to your mind.

    Compulsions: the behaviors you are compelled to do to release this anxiety.

    OCD patients think that they are abnormal. Yet, they should know that all these ideas (obsessions) come to normal people's minds (but for a little bit) and these actions are done by normal people as well (but for a little bit). Thus, in terms of obsessions and compulsions, OCD patients shared many properties with normal people. The only difference between OCD patients and normal people is the link between obsessions and compulsions which is anxiety. Normal people are sometimes anxious but they do not have a high level of anxiety about their ideas/obsessions. OCD patients have a high level of anxiety about the ideas which make them do the actions. Simple as that, if we stop this anxiety, we break the link between obsessions and compulsions, and we stop the patterns. You will still have these obsessions, but you will not have anxiety that translate them into actions. This is an important part of the solution. Thus, if we want to solve the OCD problem, do not try to avoid the obsessions or the compulsions, because they are totally nothing and done by normal people. You should shed more light on the anxiety part.

    Presence of anxiety means presence of OCD, and the reverse is true. So, what we need to start with is to reduce this anxiety. Some people might think it is very hard to stop the anxiety, but there is no way to overcome OCD without combating anxiety first. At least, we know now the important part of the secret behind OCD that we should not combat obsessions or compulsions. We should not try so hard to resist obsessions or resist compulsions. We do not have to and this is not going to help us, and even if we were successful one time, OCD will prevail the next day. You can resist one state of obsessions or compulsions, but it will come back and you will feel defeated and frustrated. You will announce that this problem cannot be solved, and you will allow your anxiety (the one you should have fought first) to get tense and higher and higher because OCD cannot be solved. Now, you develop a new level of anxiety which arises from your failures. You were anxious about the obsessions/compulsions, but when you failed to resist them, you develop new anxiety that OCD cannot be solved at all.

    The first step you should do to solve the OCD is to ask yourself: why are you anxious about your obsessions? What special about your ideas that make you feel anxious about? Why is this OCD behavior and idea so terrible and bad? Why cannot you do it happily for example? Every OCD patient has an answer, and these answers are linked to their attitudes towards these obsessions/compulsions. They have negative attitudes to these ideas: they might say: "I hate it because I am abnormal and so bad, because my OCD behavior is so shameful, terrible, disgusting, and I feel guilty because people will judge us according to this shame, evil, disgust, etc". You have to watch yourself carefully when you are saying this. This whispering self is the one behind the whole problem. If you can take off a little bit of the shame, guilt, disgust, badness etc off your ideas/actions, you will feel so much relieved from OCD. Try it once.

    The more you feel guilty, shameful, bad about them, the more chances your OCD will prevail because you are feeding OCD, giving it more power by these negative beliefs. Look at the normal people. They have the same ideas/actions coming to their minds, but they never say: oh these ideas/actions are shameful, disgusting, bad etc. Once a normal person says this for a little bit, he gets OCD right away. You can try it with normal people and associate their ideas with shame, badness etc. In a few seconds, they will fall victims of OCD. Now, think about yourself? how much time, energy you took to reinforce these negative attitudes about your ideas/actions. Of course, you will become the blatant victim of OCD.

    Do you mean that we should not resist our obsessions/compulsions? I do not care, resist them or let them go is not the big concern. But I prefer to let them go and I have a reason. First, my concern is what you think about them. You should start to say yourself: my obsessions /compulsions are not bad, shameful, disgusting, they are ok and fine. They are totally normal, and no problems whatsoever with them. Repeat these ideas to yourself until you reduce and finally break this anxiety.

    Someday, you will feel that these repetitive positive supports is not helpful, but keep another way of fighting anxiety by reassuring yourself that these ideas are not shameful, bad, negative. They are totally fine. Allow yourself to do repetitive actions, but do not be hard on yourself that these actions are bad, shameful, disgusting etc. I am not advising you to do OCD actions purposely, but I am saying "allow yourself to do them if you want to". Do not resist them, because if you resist them, this means that you are really anxious about your ideas. Resistance means you are truly feeling shameful and bad about these obsessions/compulsions, or why are you resisting them? Are they worth resisting? if yes, then these ideas are still very shameful to you. You are back to the same court.

    I am sure that nothing can help as much as dissociating your obsessions/compulsions from shame, guilt, disgust, badness etc. The first week you might have few defeats. If you feel defeated, do not surrender and say I will try another way to tackle to this OCD. This strategy does not help me and I did not stop my actions. But why are you concerned about stopping them? In fact, because you still believe that they are shameful. Welcome back to the problem again. The worst thing to do is to have a plan to stop and resist your obsessions/actions because of the shame/guilt/disgust associated with them. Yes, our ultimate goal is to stop them but not because they are shameful, but because we do not think we need them. They are totally fine ideas, but we do not need them for now, we might need them later on (in fact, you will need your OCD problem in actual situations that requires cleanliness etc, so do not worry when you say they are fine, because they are really fine ideas).

    Thus, resistance feeds the anxiety. Do not try to resist unless you want more anxiety and more OCD and frustration. But what will people say about me? this question is part of the anxiety, do not care about them! Keep your positive attitudes about what you are doing.

    In a few weeks, you will find that you have no OCD at all. Is this possible? Of course, because you are not anxious about your ideas/actions, and they will come many times to your mind and they will pass off you as a normal person. However, once you stop at this idea again and question them anxiously, then you will fall a victim to OCD back again, but now as any normal person. Because normal persons have many OCD instances in their lives. Imagine that you are a normal person, and I am saying to you, there is a spider above your head now; look at it, it is really coming. If I keep feeding your anxiety about this idea, you will end up looking up to an instance of OCD. But does this mean that you are an OCD patient, and you failed and no hope for you at all? no, it means that you are still a normal person, but you are simply responding to your anxiety which is normal. But if this idea comes back and forth to your mind, it will keep coming and you end up being an OCD patient. So, after a month, if you have the same OCD problem, please do not say to yourself. OH, I AM AN OCD PATIENT. YOU ARE NOT. YOU ARE SIMPLY A NORMAL PERSON, and this is an single instance, so do not fall for it.

    Hope you understand. Trust me, if you failed to consider your anxiety and you keep resisting (which means there are things you believe they are wrong, i.e. you are feeding your anxiety), then your OCD will get bigger and bigger simply because anxiety is still persistent. Remember that any normal person can fall a victim of OCD easily, and in the future you will fail again for sure (so do not worry), remember this advice: it is an instance of OCD, but I am totally recovered and I am a normal person.

  25. Im ocd about my health and im afraid that im gonna end up with bills to pay im told im looking for something to be wrong and im not trying to but everything is making me anxious and in tears because idk what to do . My body rejects depressants and psychotics make me hallucinate too and iv acted irrationally and am told my decisions were irresponsible and im immature because i did this or that even tho i had no ill intentions i fucked up . I either make no effert to understand it and treat it or i work myself up and go to the extremes theirs no inbetween

  26. I used to think about irrational things when I was a child. And I really felt anxious when I cant solve those things. (who can ever solve irrational ideas anyways). Then, it's a consistent pattern, i never really internalized and see as a problem. I guess i have great stimulus for random ideas.

    I'm 17 right now And i only remember that pattern in the past 3 years, starting at the age of 14, I had this irrational fear that I can't explain that I really feel strongly about. They say at this age of teenage years, you started to value people and stuff more, from the music I hear, to the arts and reading. You're just going to have a bias preferences about things your genetic likes. Then, I surely have them. And that's when the problem arise. One day I'm just doing my best leisures and then suddenly, there is these strange fear that comes in my mind. These fear arise from the people I don't like. I mean i just saw a very ugly (human, thing, person, no I just can't make my mind to even write its name, my body repels, my mind dwells, it swells, to this day, I'm still scared. Can't even pronounce it, you must have thought oh. This is irrational. I perfectly knew that, but but. I just can't seem to control my own mind) and I'm scared.

    I never really knew ocd until 6 months of agonizing over it. I just thought it would get over past, somehow, but it didn't, it continued to be pervasive. Everyday I'm scared, everyday I'm worried, I've become paralyzed and a debilitated person and can't do anything he wishes to do. Especially all the preferences and enjoyment I talked about. Why?? Because I'm scared and this is my ocd (fear of association, everytime I do my chores, my lessons, my music, into everything I do. In those past six months, this damn unwanted thought penetrated my mind. I would try to erase them, i would try to fix my focus and attention, but no matter what I do, these bullshit thoughts are always in my head. This then resulted to me to do the compulsions, and this is what I always do, whenever I do them, I just seem to be relaxed. Yeah. I repeat my previews actions. Whenever these hateful thoughts pass by, I'll flee. My mind shifts to my compulsions, I will have imaginary situations and good positive ideas reinforcing in my head everytime these intrusive thoughts arise. I'll do that and I'll be okay, at least for the moment, it has come to the point where this compulsions consumed almost all of the hours of my day. And what else can I do, if I didnt do them, my mind just seems to explode, my anxiety impedes my breathing. And I would felt really bad. Until Im exhausted and just wanted to just stop. What did I stop? I just stopped doing the things I really like, you know those passions. Cause I just seem to notice that whenever I do those things, these intrusive thought will arise with greater magnitude, and I can't really control them, I'm so helpless that all I wanted was to just stray in the corner and wonder what happened to normal self. Now this phase might be the (after 6 months) where Im in pain, depressed and agony, can't tell others, cause it's very shameful, and in fact, still scary, they would laugh at me. I search all over of the possible condition with the strain in my mind and also the fear of not being okay. Come did in mind that im also afraid of searching what was happening to myself, because I knew that if I just did, Ill not be ever the same again, it just means I'm really abnormal when I'm not. So it really take gradual time before I actually research on my current state. All awhile with the preservation of my self and my mind can't brought to myself that I can accept that I'm preetty problematic in that situation, I'm still scared but I'm tired.
    Past too much exhaustion, leading to me just string blankly at the corner, ruminating, on why of all people on earth, this kind of bullshit happened to me. I hated myself from then on after and tried my best to acknowledge that I'm still alive and still fairly breathing, though I'm young, just happened to have a special case in which I hate because Its going to define my life and I can't condone that. With that in mind I learned everything about this disease. Yes. Read a lot of self-help

    Yo this. Day. I'm still wondering. My pure ocd is always on even after I wake up, intrusive thought arise the moment I open my eyes, then have a habitual anxiety over it, succeeded by a compulsion in which I think about delete, brainwashing thoughts and idea, going back to my last position, aligning myself from my sense of patterns. And I have to do that physical compulsions along with my mental compulsions simultaneously. And yes. I didn't even think about it now. Atleast it was just a habit I cant erased. But often times though the course of the day. I would think and relive. Why? And I'm sad everyday. And this isn't exaggeration.
    I'm in between hopeful and in despair between this. And at an age of 17. I'm already a cynical person. And yes. Fuck. Because I knew how ocd operates now, the mechanisms, the brain functions along with it. And even delve with philosophy on how these things happened. But can't figure out how to outdone the three years of habitual compulsions I just cant seem to erase from the hard drive of my brain. It's like not ever knowing 1+1=2. That's how it feels and I wonder can people unlearn when they're neurons are thick in that kind of matters.
    Apparently. Still hopeful. Thanks. For reading. And yes my intrusive thoughts is in my mind even if I type, I often really repeat typing the words. I believe backspace is pressed like infinite time..

  27. I’ve had OCD for so long. I have gone through a lot of treatment, but it keeps relapsing. At this point it probably takes up most of my whole day. I was beginning to lose hope but I’m keeping on trying with treatment and we’ll see how it goes. It’s nice to see that it is possible to overcome and like you said, I’m not “stuck with it”. I’m just trying to get through day by day. Videos like these help so thank you.

  28. I am impressed. I am Rph and my ocd has cost me a lot in my professional career. If I would have overcome ocd, I would have been at different level in this profession. It mainly kicks in when I check scripts. I feel like I just looked at it and I can not trust my self or I fill like I did not focus enough and that might harm patient. I am fighting it daily and hopefully I will get out of it and live my normal life. It seems like all started when I was 7 with checking doors at night. It sometime gets depressing when you were dropped down form Rph manager job not because you were not a good manager but your performance as Rph was not enough on metrics. Any advise will be helpful. Thanks.

  29. Hlw mam,a frnd of mine is suffering from OCD,she is so disturbing these days.she is struggling with her continuous weird thoughts.due to these thoughts she gets starting doing compulsions through doing rituals or through confirming her thoughts.i'm totally feeling helpless in this situation. I want to she her happy again. Pls help her out..pls
    She is my one of the best friends.

  30. Thank you for this video. Your positivity was very refreshing!

    I have a couple of problems:

    1. I keep developing more and more rituals, ones that I've never had before, is there a way I can stop from developing new rituals before they get out of hand?

    2. One of my biggest compulsions is excessive reassurance. I will seek reassurance via YouTube, Google, books, and even people. I'm not sure how to stop, it's extremely frustrating because the people around me always reassure me because they think it will help me. I live with my parents who also suffer from OCD so they can't help me and we just reassure each other, kinda feels like an echo chamber

    Off topic: I really like your suggestion of slowly weening off rituals by 5 minute marks, I would do this myself but I feel I need reassurance on it ?

    Anyway if you have managed to read this all thank you very much!

  31. Hey, thanks for the great video! Maybe you could help me out a bit. I have suffered from OCD for a while now, maybe since I was a teenager. Now I'm a college graduate with a full time job, but my OCD has gotten significantly worse in the last year. I obsess over fears such as death, illness, and going to jail, despite the fact that I am fully healthy and know that I have not done anything illegal. However, the "what ifs" always drive me insane. I think the anxiety is what is getting to me the most. Prior maybe this past Summer, my OCD was manageable and I was able to handle it just fine. But now the thoughts make me go crazy, it freaks me out and I constantly fear them. One fear I have is that when I'm driving, I'm going to hurt someone and somehow not notice that I did, even though I've been driving for years and all of my senses are fine. I also struggle with thinking I have multiple different diseases and illnesses. and I'm constantly late for everything because of doing the rituals. At this point I don't even mind if I have a bit of OCD, but the absolute anxiety that I feel from these thoughts is…crippling I'd say at this point. I'm currently trying to meditate every once in a while and I also try to work out a few times per week. I'm also seeing a therapist, which helps sometimes but I might need to seek a different doctor. My primary doctor prescribed Zoloft but I'm reluctant to take it given all of the symptoms, and I live alone so I'm not sure if I would be able to. You are right in that distracting myself helps a lot with it too. Would you have any tips for me?

  32. My son has OCD and I really hope this video can help him to control and relieve the symptoms, he says he don't want to take medications and I agree with him. Thanks so much for your help. God blessed you.

  33. what am I supposed to do when I get impulsive thoughts , what you mean by not act on them? It is so hard. I feel helpless now..

  34. Being wise does not help matters much. It does not stop the flood of devilish thoughts from coming in. I have been struggling with sensorimotor OCD for atleast 30 years of my life with severely frequent suicidal tendencies. I have tried all methods but none worked.

    But for the last one and a half years, I am absolutely fine and I believe I have been able to solve the problem almost altogether.
    The root cause, as most doctors will argue, is inflammation not only in the brain but throughout the whole body -all at the cellular level ( which is caused by spikes of insulin which again occur due to frequent eating habits ). For the last one plus year, I have decided to take only two meals a day ( with absolutely no intermediate snacking ). I eat at 7 pm and then I eat after 16 hours ie, at 11:00 a.m.The gap of 16 hours is intentional.

    When the body is in hunger mode for some long hours every day, there is significant drop in insulin level and subsequently in the inflammation level. In fact, I studied on the internet that intermittent fasting this way every day is the best strategy one can adopt to reduce inflammation at one's cellular level.

    I drink water throughout the day. Also, I  do strong detoxification programs, take sunlight, etc, etc. For some months I did not take any cereals. I take no sugar or wheat. But I have started eating a small amount of rice again but only at 7:00 p.m.: that is only once a day.

    But I believe that eating not more than two times a day is the only thing that really helped me in overcoming the disturbing OCD thoughts. The disturbing thought is so significantly minimal now that may better be called absent.
    Sometimes the thought does come back but then I eat seafish and seacod oil and the problem vanishes again.
    But I believe anybody adopting intermittent fasting and eating in this pattern will have to wait for atleast three months before he or she can notice significant results.

    Another crucially important thing to mention here is that I had been struggling for reducing my heavy weight for decades. A few months after starting the program of two meals a day, the weight went down from 79 kg to 69 kg and it stayed at there upto today without any effort. Eating six times a day as generally proclaimed as a healthy thing never helped me in reducing weight or inflammation.

  35. ocd is just like passing through a fuckin BLACK HOLE, which is easily to be drawn in, but extremely hard to escape. that obsession is NOT motived by your mind but the black fuckin hole… the more you wanna escape, the more gravity you would get from doing it. im super upset facing with ocd, my mom has been suffering for 10 yrs, it made her quit her job and she's quite giving it up. i told her to look it up, obsessive and compulsive thoughts are acceptable, but she keeps thinking more and become more anxious about everything. i hope this severe genetic mental disorder would be eventually healed one day. it's fuckin ruining people's lives!!

  36. Thank you so much for this. I didnt know that I possibly have OCD. I just recently discovered because of youtube videos now I found myself here at 2 AM researching more about OCD. But not everyone can afford professional help I will try some of the tips first. I thougt im just anxious person. Not only these repetitive habits/rituals, turning lights on with just my pinky, fixing my eyebrows alot, getting irritated when its not done, saying these random words, mentally scanning peoples faces, IDK WHATS WRONG WITH ME I almost think im going crazy, everything i do isnt normal now even blinking, sitting down on the right spot, etc. Some of these consume so much of my time.

  37. Love this video so much! My partner suffers from severe OCD where it disrupts not only his life but others around him. I want so much to help him get to a place of peace and calm with his thoughts. Thank you for such an informative and insightful video.

  38. Thank you so much for this. I forgot that excercise and meditation has helped me in the past and now I'm going to retry this.

  39. I want to tell about my ocd something…….in my case of ocd doesnot envolve any closing of doors again or washing hands but a fearfull thought which is triggering again and again after some time

  40. M OCD patient..m dangerously phobic to dirt means only periods blood.. whenever I see any kind of stain in someone's clothes.ocd starts telling me that it's mensuration blood stain..for that m scared of going outside.plz help

  41. Yes..may be sometimes it's blood stain or sometimes it's something else..I really don't know.. actually my eyes are always busy in search of stain on others clothes

  42. A lot of times, I dont notice my rituals until someone points them out. When I notice, i work on the issue. The power of prayer helps me too. There is a lot of wisdom in the bible. This video helps a lot and knowing I'm not the only one.

  43. You seem like a genuinely nice guy, thanks for answering all the questions in the comments. I hope to get better too. I'm 15 years old and I'm kinda sick of ocd. I got rid of the religious kind already which was the hard one. Now I'm just trying to get rid of all the extra worry and thoughts of random things about life. Definetly gonna follow the suggestions your video

  44. Hi bro, my name is Rajesh khanna, I'm suffering with this disorder from my childhood onwards when I'm at the age 5 years and after a few years it will become more dangerous and from last 11 years I'm fighting with this OCD fear, so please help me to overcome the fear of OCD and I'm even unable to trust everyone like psychiatrist doctor's I'm in treatment from last 8 months but my doubting on others couldn't went plz help me to lead a normal life like others..

  45. I want sooo sooo badly to be able to help my son, for the first time today he admitted he had ocd…. however I think there is more to it as he expresses paranoid ideology, and I feel so helpless because it's hard to treat or understand such things if you can't even identify them, then the other cog in this wheel is other than saying for the first he has OCD, he will tell you there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about him… do you have any advise as to how I might be able to help him? Oh and can OCD create auditory, sensory and or physical hallucination.?

  46. My son who has o.c.d. by the way hes 30 yrs. Is scraching his new car than afterwards hes sorry and every time we take it tp be spray again last few days he done it again .I taught that I will go to a psagharist or whom you say .Hes on medication on prosac for these last 11 yrs pls. Help

  47. I’m STUCK& I’m so tired of the mental exhaustion, pain& struggle that comes with OCD!!! I’ve suffered many years& I had a Dr. that changed my life after intense cognitive behavioral therapy like you explained Michael, I’ll Never forgot though him saying to me, you have come so far& are doing so well& I’m soo proud of your work , but, don’t be surprised if you have something traumatic or a difficult life change come up, that your symptoms return, it’s not uncommon & I’m ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU IF THEY DO, Well He was right on, after being I thought basically cured for many years or much better, I went through a very difficult traumatic life event& boom here I am struggling again& just literally physically & mentally tired of the fight, so many things you said Michael made me actually cry ? I’m back to that place I’m on medicine, the same for 12 yrs but I know I need cbt again! Thank you soo much Michael& I appreciate you telling your story& if you ever can chat ab things I’d surely appreciate it!!! Thank you& God Bless All of you ICers that are fighting the fight, it’s so difficult & lonely cuz no one gets it, it seems,

  48. I have found inspiration from your video..I have been suffering ocd since high school…I am taking medicine…what I want to know is can I overcome ocd without taking medicine…?

  49. I think or ocd voices how to cure it? I dont actually here it …I think of voices its unwanted and repeatedly? Answers if only if u have solution plz

  50. Michael going crazy, I'm having thought like "go kill that thing" immediately anxiety walks in and blood pressure started rising help

  51. Im suffering from ocd since 2015… I don't perform anything but negative thoughts come to my mind about my family and I feel guilt….. Pls say how to overcome this? My mind is controlled by someone…. Pls tell how to overcome this

  52. My problem is i keep looking at the traffic green signal light ..and i dont feel satisfied that i have passed in a green, even though i am sure i have passed when its green, and this problem is only when am driving, if some one els is driving am normal. So how do i over come this please help me realy exhausted with this problem of mine and coz of this i dont drive.

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