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Hi Hey everyone how’s everyone doing I
hope you having an amazing day I’m a little bit excited today because
my worm farm has arrived I’m at work and I’m just I want to go home and set it up
I’m really looking forward to setting that up like that cannot why it’s so
excited you would have seen that posted a few things about that if you haven’t
already done so I highly recommend you get onto your local council website and
just check out what deals I’ve got going on in your area whether it’s composting
whether it’s worm farming highly recommend you get on and check that out
because it’s I’m really excited that my food won’t be going to waste you know
that cut up some vegetables and that kind of thing so highly recommend you
check it out as well so today I’m gonna be talking about body signs body signs
that indicate we could be a bit estrogen dominant and buy body signs I’m not
talking about symptoms so I’ve talked about symptoms before and I will go
through them a little bit right now so when I talk about symptoms I’m talking
about heavy painful periods it’s a telltale sign of East region dominance
we’ve got menstrual cycle when the medical cycle is shorter
instead of being longer so if the menstrual cycle is 20 days or less than
26 days that’s an indication that you could issue with estrogen dominance
remember if the cycle is longer 28 days and longer goes to 3035 days that can
actually indicate that you’re a bit more testosterone dominant so that’s that’s a
symptom another symptom is moodiness you know moodiness and depression
particularly with elevated estrogen we get we get those moods particularly in
that later half of our cycle after ovulation we might also get a lot of
water retention and bloating bloating as a symptom and constant constipation
around ovulation and then also we might get low thyroid symptoms so a body
temperature can go down with estrogen dominance we might even get some hair
loss with ichigen dominance that kind of thing so you know all symptoms
especially the moodiness those are kind of the same
the fogginess as well that can be a symptom as well that fogginess in the
morning not being able to think not being able to concentrate so those are
all symptoms but today what I want to talk about is I want to talk about body
signs and I talk about body signs a lot because this is something but I use in
practice and it’s just the way I can correlate things and it is the way my
mind works when you see particular body signs and things that are going on in
people’s bodies I try and trace back to what’s going on what could be causing
that and why is that being caused and so body signs is such a big part of what I
do and a big part of what I research in my work and I just love looking at this
and looking at what they can mean and ultimately is a great way to help
yourself and it’s a great way that you can look at things in terms of your
overall our you know what’s going on it can put you back in the driver’s seat in
your back in control about looking at these things before they become an issue
you know one one thing is skin tag skin tags is a huge indicator of you know in
East insulin dominance and blood sugar dysregulation so if you’ve got a skin
tag that’s your body’s feedback mechanism telling you okay you might
have an issue with blood sugar you might have an issue with insulin let’s get it
under control and these are things that you can do yourself all of these things
are things that you can do yourself because it all comes back to diet and
lifestyle first and then if you need that extra help from practitioners like
me you can but these are things that you can do you can be empowered to do them
so that’s why looking at body signs is a really cool thing that you can do hi
Jacqueline haven’t heard from you in a while are you up to up to any um off to
any music festival soon okay so one body sign and this is a body sign that’s an
indicator of East region dominance and it’s a it’s an indicator that you do
need to have a think about what your hormones are doing and it’s not just
about going out in the sunshine but its moles
I’ve actually got a couple of moles I don’t know if you can see I’ve got a
couple of big moles actually I’ve got a big mole just here and I’ve got one I
can’t know which side it’s because we’re I’ve got one just here that you can’t
see but this one has actually got darker and this one I think is actually due to
Eastern dominance because I used to be quite Eastern dominant years ago when I
was going through a lot of stress going through a lot of pot low low thyroid
things so this is an indication for me about my East region some of my moles
have gone lighter and that’s an indication that maybe my hormones are
actually actually balancing out so think about when women are pregnant in
pregnancy things like moles and melasma they get darker you know that darkening
of the skin this is that hormone distribution but larger moles especially
with a red wine coloring is a red flag a red flag that your East region isn’t
doing what it needs to do in your body so not only you dominant your estrogen
is actually filtering down into a metabolite so it’s actually a huge
indicator that you need to start looking at your estrogen you need to start
looking at what is your estrogen doing work on your diet adding in lots of more
green vegetables working on liver and cleansing your liver out because this is
an indicator of high estrogen and we know that estrogen excess cause
inflammatory diseases you know from autoimmune and from cancer all this kind
of inflammation so it’s not to scare you but it’s for you to actually be in
control of what’s going on and notice these things come up do they get worse
do they get better they slowly coming up coming up quickly and really to get it
under control so moles aren’t just an indicator of you going up in the Sun
moles particularly larger moles particularly if they’re a red wine color
that’s an indicator and what I call it body sign of estrogen excess and that
the east region isn’t clearing as it should be through your urine and through
your bowel motions so working in your liver lots of green vegetables work on
your gallbladder is key particularly if you’ve got those so that’s a huge sign
and it’s one that I look out for when I see clients when I scan their body I
just see you know how many moles have they got are they at risk of the eastern
excess is it something that’s happening now or is it something that’s happened
in the past and they’re getting better okay second is darkening of skin
darkening of skin and liver spots so liver spots which I’m gonna call
gallbladder spots from now on because it’s more the gallbladder sign so this
is really interesting and this is this was a this was an aha moment I had a
week ago when I was sitting at dinner and I was thinking about liver spots
liver spots is a sign of the liver and a sign of the gallbladder
but really what underlying what it really means is that your gallbladder is
essentially struggling to get rid of the bile and get rid of the toxins and get
rid of the East regions and get rid of the hormones it’s struggling either
those gallbladder stuck Scott stones gallbladder sludge and it can’t get rid
of it so what essentially happens is this Eastridge urn goes and it it
pinpoints various receptors in the body it might be melasma up here it might be
a mole on the side and then it might be liver spots so women notice they get
more liver spots if they have got that estrogen excess and particularly
postmenopausal when the gallbladder is really starting to struggle if we
haven’t looked afterward if you haven’t done the right things for our
gallbladder we notice as we get old we start to get what’s called liver spots
estrogen spots gallbladder spots and it’s where that change can occur so
again that is a sign that darkening of the skin is a sign that we need to look
after our liver and gallbladder those are the two key things here to get rid
of that estrogen excess to start cleansing it out of the body you know so
if you have any darkening of the skin melasma moles coming up liver spots then
that again is a body sign that your body is not doing what it needs to do with
the east region you know it’s putting it into the wrong
spots it’s doing the wrong things and your liver and gallbladder is struggling
to actually get it out of the system so that is my second body sign my third
body sign is keratosis pilaris and do you know what I was Jacqueline I was
thinking of you just them because um I was thinking I was thinking I know I
know that that I knew you’d ask that question and again you know the
if you don’t have something so if you haven’t gotten appendix you know what
you need to do if I’m got an appendix you need to be loved up your body so
much with good bacteria the appendix is there for a reason the appendix holds
good bacteria so you know you need to go more than anybody with lactobacilli
bifida all those good bacterias the same with gall bladder the gall bladders
function is so what our liver does is our liver does all its detoxification
which we can call methylation as well so methylation and detoxification kind of a
part of the same process and what essentially happens is your liver pumps
the bile into the gall bladder in that bile that’s come from the liver our
things our body wants to get rid of toxins heavy metals hormones that gets
pumped into the gall bladder then the gall bladder empties into the small
intestine nice lovely bile out through our faeces it goes if you don’t have a
gall bladder then you need to be making sure your liver can is doing what it
needs to do and you need to be working more on your liver and assisting your
body body in methylation so assisting in detoxification so giving your body more
bitters giving your body like dandelion root you need to be making sure you’re
having the right B vitamins n-acetylcysteine glutathione you need to
be making sure you’re giving your body the sulfur it needs either ms/ms n I was
gonna say msg but that’s the problem when you talk on Facebook live you you
sometimes say the wrong thing and I said that a couple of times
MSM or Sammy these sulfur e-type things that help your body on a regular basis
and support your liver to be excreting so you want your liver needs to be
working a little bit harder because instead of it pumping it into the
gallbladder for storage it’s just gonna be pumping it through so it needs to so
you just need to work you just need to support your liver a little bit more
jackeline keratosis pilaris is what’s called chicken skin and it’s
on the backs of the arms now this is like eczema this is like any body sign
acne eczema some of us are prone to getting that others aren’t
and it’s not one thing that can cause this so it’s not just estrogen dominance
that causes keratosis pilaris it’s also celiac disease
it’s leaky gut it’s gluten intolerance dairy intolerant tolerance insulin
dominance so for you it could be something different so but for but what
you may notice is that during certain parts of your cycle when your East
region goes up say ovulation you might find that it triggers this to get worse
so watch through your cycle what happens to skin conditions like that but what
you’ll notice is there will be a causative factor normally it’s from the
gut or it’s from your hormones okay so you can just need to figure out where
does mine come from is mine a gut issue or is mine essentially a hormone
dominance issue so if it is Eastridge in dominance like I say you might know
click notice a flare up through your cycle so that’s another body sign I look
out for an another body sign that indicates that you could be estrogen
dominant in student excess another thing I have noticed and this is in a client
of mine they have the keratosis pilaris but they actually have it on the backs
of their arms but what they have it with um a little bit of discoloration to the
darkening discoloration in the spots and that again is at East region dominance
coming up on the skin so not only we’ve got the keratosis pilaris we’ve actually
got pigmentation as well those two signs to go that’s a telltale sign of that
estrogen excess that metabolites excess actually going onto the skin and I did
test this client for metabolites 1608 which is actually a metabolite we want
to make keep nice and low and I tested this client and her metabolites were
high so that was giving me a little bit of an indication at those Eastern
metabolites was called it causing the keratosis pilaris and the pigmentation
on her skin so question was well question from my client is can we
resolve this and answer for me is if we really try and get to the root cause and
work on it over time we can either improve it stop it from getting worse or
maybe we can really backtrack it but only time will tell with conditions like
that you know if they’ve been with you for a long time it can take a while but
my advice is once you figure out the root cause and be working on that and
with with things like keratosis paris not everybody is the same it’s just like
eczema I could have eczema because I’m allergic to a cat
you could have eczema because you’re allergic to dairy someone else could
have eczema because of stress and someone else could have eczema because
of low vitamin D so that’s where it starts to get complicated it’s not
exactly that one thing but it’s a combination of a few different things
and for different people it could mean different things just figuring it what
it is for you is the important part so number one we’ve got moles particularly
red wine moles and particularly larger moles and if you have six or more like
larger moles then that’s something I would I would actually advise getting
your hormones testing and doing your metabolite test as well
we’ve got darkening of skin we’ve got the melasma we’ve got the liver spots
anything that starts darkening on your on your body or face we’ve also got
keratosis pilaris and the fourth body sign is thrush and dandruff and any kind
of fungal infections so the lovely thing about estrogen is it feeds yeast it
feeds yeast infections so some women might find through their cycle say mid
cycle around ovulation when your estrogen is higher you might find you
get thrush sure you get thrush once a month or you might find that dandruff
flares up really really bad or you might find that that tinea comes back and then
it goes it comes back then it goes and that’s normally the cycle you just
notice that some people get a fungal infection and then it then it goes away
for a few weeks and it comes back so that can be the Eastridge and estrogen
will feed yeast infections Eastern food Candida the annoying thing about it it’s
a really annoying thing about estrogen feeding the candida is that Candida
produces Eastridge ern which is really annoying so one with the other and they
just go along and they’re a happy couple and they keep precipitating each other
so that’s the annoying my advice is if you think your Eastridge
in dominant to work on that but if you have a really severe yeast infection or
a really severe Candida or anything going on like that then I would advise
looking at not only your gut health but looking at your methylation and your
detox pathways because your body probably needs a little bit of extra
help help just omitting sugars and and and doing
say the candida diet doesn’t always work because there’s more going on within the
body you know you may need some glutathione you may need some bees you
may need some help methylating so there might be a few other things going on
there so don’t always start with diet and then just see where that takes you
and how that goes but if east region is the factor with your candida then you
need to get that east region under control which means you also then need
to get the candidio under control at the same time so they don’t cause one and
the other that’s number four number five is what I used to get a lot and not so
much since I’m less East region dominant I went through actually heard a lot of
these signs I went through an Eastern dominant phase I suppose through my
teens and early 20s when I wasn’t is when I didn’t look after myself as much
now when my diet wasn’t so good when I was stressed there was a lot going on
and facial flushing facial redness was a huge one and it’s actually an
interesting one because I look at some people especially guys and even young
young young young people and I look at them and I see that really really I’m
thinking of Prince Who am I thinking of the moment Prince Harry he has those
really red firt that kind of like the redness and I always had that redness
and I don’t notice a hundred percent but what I suspect is that’s an issue and
dominant trait even at that age so I think there is a bit of estrogen
dominance going on and even as young kids and even guys can have that issue
and dominance because we can produce Easter oh nice tone is produced by
stress so if we’re in the womb and we’re stressed out there’ll be more Easter own
if we’re stressed as children or if there’s something going on east east
region in the environment we get that East region dominance what happened with
my red cheeks is um the more I got my hormones under control the better that
that kind of like even out it did even out but it used to be very
pronounced um hey Claire I hope you’re well nice to see you here so that and
that so that’s something they’re also the flushing so if you get that flushing
as well that can be that’s more adrenaline but that can that can happen
as well another thing is when you’ve got that Eastern dominance your veins dilate
as well so you might have more veins over your body and also so the veins are
dilating here Bloods rushing and that’s causing a bit of inflammation so that’s
just something to consider if there’s any if you know it with East region
dominance and I’ve had I’ve had some clients actually some young clients who
I have tested some girls around 13 14 who do have the the redness in the
cheeks and they have tested for elevated estrogen as well so it’s just something
I’ve noticed and I will have a look at that a little bit more 20 that’s my
fifth one 6-1 is cellulite and this is a really interesting one because again
cellulite can be caused by a lot of different things sometimes we just
genetically got it sometimes it’s just the way our fat appears some of us have
kind of like more bubbly fat lumpy of fat but with cellulite it’s very
interesting when it comes to Eastridge and so there’s a few different things
that can be going on here when we have elevated estrogen we get that water
retention willow progesterone elevated Eastview
and we get that water retention we hold on to fluid into our body and we might
get puffy hands we might get puffy in the face we might get that belly
you know how I’m you feel like you’ve put on weight overnight like one one day
your way X amount the next day you feel like I just feel oh I just feel heavier
and you might weigh yourself and you have actually put on like 2 kilos and
that can be that water retention that’s that’s very much that Eastridge n’ kind
of water retention you know holding on to that fluid so that’s that fluid
retention so what essentially the fluid retention does is it pushes out pushes
out the fat pockets and so on your buns and thighs it can look more prevalent
another thing is that elevated estrogen can cause and can cause an issue with
hormone called relaxin a hormone called relaxin is actually produced women
pregnant and what that does is actually can help to relax and break down the
ligaments okay but this can actually affect your connective tissue so if you
find you’ve got thinner skin you’ve got thinner skin maybe you’ve got
white stretch marks that are getting a little bit but and that they’re very
thin you’ve got the stretch marks and it feels very very thin coupled with any
cellulite that can actually be a sign that you’ve got high E sturgeon and
that’s is causing an issue with the relaxin hormone as well so that’s
causing that’s causing a little bit of a breakdown with a connective tissue
so definitely upping things like bone broth and pink things like collagen
protein making sure getting a good vitamin C making sure your you’ve got a
good amount of day as well maybe go for something like a green pastures cod
liver oil just to make sure you’re helping with your connective tissue the
same goes when you’re pregnant so if you’re pregnant and as a relaxing gets
higher towards the end of your third trimester then there will be a little
bit of breakdown of connective tissue so really make sure you keep up things like
collagen protein make sure you keep up things like good fats make sure you
having a good amount of protein because the more you have this into your diet to
kind of feed your connective tissue and everything the better that will be and
the less your suffer from you know cellulite stretch marks or anything of
the skin and this goes without saying postmenopausal thinning of the skin is
an issue so you need to be doubly sure that you’re getting all your good things
for connective tissue in your diet you know you’re really getting that and
you’re not withholding these beautiful foods you know the more good fats you
have the more butter the more collagen the more oils those kind of things
anything to build the skin build the connective tissue is going to really
really help if you suffer from cellulite or that thinning of skin or excessive
stretch marks as well so there we go those are the six signs we’ve got moles
larger moles that are wine colored we’ve got darkening the skin like liver spots
melasma we’ve got keratosis pilaris which is
called the chicken skin on the backs of the arms fungal infections like Candida
throughout and dandruff that flare-up we’ve got the
facial redness you know the reddening of the cheeks or the flushing or excess
veins you know when you see all the spider veins lots more spider veins
coming and then we’ve got cellulite coupled with sort of thinning skin like
like thinning white – stretch marks all of those can indicate an issue with
estrogen excess so focusing on your liver focusing on your gallbladder
focusing on you getting your six cups of vegetables a day and your fiber and just
making sure that your body is doing what it needs to do to get rid of the
hormones that you don’t need in the hormones that aren’t doing positive
things for your body essentially that’s the best thing you can do so I hope you
enjoyed that thanks Claire thanks Jacqueline for your comments really
great to have you here hope you found that helpful if you’ve got any comments
on below pop them below or any questions pop them below and if if you have got
any other signs you think you know are connected to this I would love to hear
about it because I always love hearing of new things it’s exciting alpha Venus
supplements all alpha Venus no but as soon as I get off Claire I’m gonna have
a google yay Christine that’s awesome I can tell you since I since I’ve been
really diligently working on my hormones and certain certain thing they’re not
perfect but I know the tone of my skin has changed a little bit and I’ve
stopped having moles pop up and this mole one of my moles has started like
tightening his smaller things always gonna be there my niece said to me when
she was about a year ago she goes what’s that it’s interesting that it’s just
there what’s interesting as well me and my brother have got a mole like exactly
exactly the same spot I have no idea what what that is if anyone knows
genetically there’s something it’s like exactly the same spot my brother and I
have so I’m wondering to something to have my mum’s genes or my mum’s Eastern
while she was pregnant I don’t know it’s really interesting but I’m gonna figure
that one out and find out about that one but yeah definitely most of my signs
have gone as well Christy since I’ve been kind of
working on my hormones and getting them balanced okay thank you everybody
Claire I’m gonna look at the Alpha Venus supplements and see what they are I
haven’t heard of those there might be a good one
um take care everybody have a fabulous day and I’ll talk to you all soon
oh I’m gonna share my show you my worms later as well
worm farm not my worms

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  11. MACA is an adaptagen which both men/women can use later in life. It helps nourishes the glands. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/food with a label…taking vitamins/good oils/minerals…probiotic…LDN..detoxing may help the glands/thyroid/nutrients absorbed/help the immune system and more. Taurine may help make bile and dissolve kidney stones. Lecithin may defat the liver. Milk thistle may help regenerate the liver. Now brand- Detox Support at night with lots of water may help detox. Chicken skin maybe due to low Vit A. Fat makes estrogen. Meat/dairy/soy/BPA/The Pill/baby formula/chemicals may make people estrogen dominance. Genova tests for hormones/vitamins/allergies may help. Hair test for good minerals/heavy metals may help. Gluten may not let the liver detox well. GMO/gluten may hurt the gut lining. Eczema maybe due to gluten. People who can't have gluten usually can't have dairy. Dandruff/athletes food can be due to yeast. Sugar feeds yeast/lowers the immune system. Red cheeks maybe due to leaky gut allergies etc.. Cellulite/moles/liver spots/puffy/water weight/period comes later.

  12. Naomi, this is the second video I watch and you are amazing. My story is this: 42 years old, heavy painful periods all my life, 25, 26 days. Endometriosis discovered 7 years ago, surgery, one ovary removed, also uterine fibroids removed. Melasma and skin spots appeared at the same time. After the surgery, periods are not as painful as before, they come every 25 days. Endo and fibroids grow back slowly. Two years ago I discovered I also suffer from adrenal fatigue. I had acne all my life but it got worse and worse in the last years. I have been taking Roaccutane for 7 months when I was 30, 6 months after finishing the treatment, acne came back. Also, it cleared after the surgery, for around a year. This year I have been taking lots of vitamins for more than 6 months. Vitamin C,D, E, A, Mg, Zn, B5. After starting taking Vit A, my acne got worse. I heard that is normal at the beginning. It cleared up after 3 weeks, one month. Then less than 2 months later it got worse again. I stopped taking all vitamins.I started taking agnus castus and Estrohalt, my acne cleared. Two months and a half later my acne came back and has been worse than ever in 25 years. I am sure my estrogen is high because I have endo and fibroids but I can not understand why nothing works. I thought agnus castus and estrohalt would finally work. Of course I suffer from, insomnia, depression, fatigue, pains, inflamations, digesitve problems, etc, you know , AFS symptoms but all are milder now because I changed my job, less stress but acne is hell, is worse than ever. I really hope you have an answer. I tried fasting, vegetarian, reflexology, etc. I am lost. Thank you so much for your time.

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