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Lie on your back with feet together. Using
your arms for support inhale and raise both legs slowly roll the buttocks and spine on
the floor raising the trunk to a vertical position The elbows should be about shoulders
width apart. gently push the chest forward so that it presses firmly against the chin.
Release your hands and place your arms on the floor beside the body with the palms down.
Slowly lower the torso, the buttocks, and the legs. Relax in Shavasana.
Lie on your back with feet together. place your arms beside your body with your palms
facing down. Using your arms for support inhale and raise both legs keeping them straight
and together. Slip your legs in an arch over your head till your toes touch the floor.
Relax and hold the final pose for as long as its comfortable. Exhaling lower your legs
and go back to the starting position. Lie on your stomach palms to the side of your
shoulder. Slowly raise your head and straighten the elbows. The arms may or may not be straight.
Hold the position for few seconds. Slowly release the upper back by bringing the arms,
lower the navel, chest, shoulders and finally the forehead to the floor.
Lie flat on your stomach, bend your leg upwards and hold both the ankles with your hands.
Inhale while raising your thighs and chest simultaneously arching your spine as much
as possible.Hold the position for as long as its comfortable. Exhaling return t the
original position. Lie flat on your stomach with boh hands under
your thighs and chin on the floor. While inhaling only lift your left leg as high as possible
keeping the other leg straight. Keep the position for as long as possible without strain. Bring
it back to the original position. Repeat with the other leg.
Sit with the legs all stretched. Slowly bend forward and try to grasp your big toes with
your fingers. Try to touch your knees with the forehead. Hold the position for as long
as its comfortable. You can ask your instructor to help you with this asana,

100 thoughts on “6 Effective Yoga Asanas For PCOD & Hormonal Imbalance

  1. i am also going through pcos, and i started yoga excercises from video, which also resulted pain in my uterus lining after doing this for four days…its started
    deliberately. my question ia whether this pain is normal or not,?

  2. I have PCOD because of imbalances in hormons.. and because of this my monthly circle are not regular. I believe in auyrveda & yoga hope so these yog ashans will help me..

  3. kya sirf surya namaskar krne se pcos….problm.. solve hoskti..hai without deit my height 5'1 nd weight is 75

  4. 2 years ago I began your plan after I have been clinically determined to have a corpus luteum cyst and this ovarian cyst treatment method “fetching homhom site” (Google it) had done wonders for me. In under 10 weeks, I managed to get rid of my ovarian cyst, lose some weight of ten pounds, and be devoid of the PCOS symptoms.

  5. Hi….am 24yrs old….. Kia overi me cyst honese pregnant nahi hosakthe hai…. Pregnant hone ke liye kuch problem hisakthi hai kia…..

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  7. Omg! Thank u so much sister,
    No one believe this incredible!!!!
    For pcod i did this yoga just 1 week now i got periods. All this is bcoz of u thank u so muchh…..thanks alot!!!🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ and can i do this during periods??pls reply me sis

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  10. You can also try some Exercises to cure PCOS. All the details of the same is given in this article:

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  12. Some home remedies to cure PCOS :

  13. Very effective yogasanas ! But if you do it consistently youll get the perfect results! ! Diet is also another thing that you have to take care of ! I got the result for me within 5 days of my hardwork by doing this yoga and especially by my diet!

  14. Good video! PCOD is a common condition today and we need to be aware of the symptoms. There are effective treatment options available but Life style modification is still the most important aspect of dealing with this condition.

  15. Wao nice video. I am 25 years old and I have been suffering from PCOS since 4 years. it's a hormonal disorder which brings several changes in my body. due to this, I didn't get my periods on time. I was really worried about my period problem when last year I didn't get my periods for 4 months. Then I bought Planet Ayurveda Anti-ovarian cyst pack. It's an herbal product and now I get my periods on time.

  16. Most pcod patients are overweight due to hormonal it ok if we are not able to the first two exercises perfectly as sarvangasam is quite difficult for a overweight person.

  17. I have hormonal imbalance and I am doing 2000times skipping for that , but no results, so I will try this one also!!!!

  18. Pcos k leye serf kapal bhati kr lo daily 1 hour or anulom vilom..Kuch or krne ki jrurt nhi pdegi…2 se 6 month me thik ho jaaega..Harmon balance ho jaenge serf 2 yoga se …Or cycle 1 month krne pr he regular ho jaega….Daily kre….Nhi thik ho to btana fer mujhe bhe pcos tha 4 saal dva li kuch nhi hua 3 month yhi do yoga keye koi cyst nhi hai abhi mujhe…

  19. I didn't have pcod but last two months i have irregular periods
    Is it ok to do these expertise for me

  20. These poses r really very effective ,one should try but continue aleast for a month for better results…..

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  22. I had PCOD & I Practiced this yoga sequence for 1 year regularly…My problem of irregular period has solved…though I took ayurvedic medicine side by side… bt I feel these postures has also helped me to get rid of PCOD

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