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Welcome to the vitalife show I’m
Naturopathic Doctor Janine bowring and thanks for coming in and joining us
today. I’m talking about six simple ways how to detox your body in this episode.
So how do we detox? how do we do it naturally? how do we do it simply? I’m
gonna share with you my six top foods and tips on how to do that today.
So number six on the list is beets, now beets contain betalens. Betalains are
really important for detoxification for phase two in the liver, they also help
with detoxification in the kidneys which is fantastic. So beets when they’re raw
that’s the best form to maximize that antioxidant effect as well is the best
way to take them you don’t need a lot so just a small beet every day is a great
way to do it. Next on the list number five is parsley now parsley is fantastic
for the kidneys isn’t a great way to get those toxins out of the kidneys
especially for the prevention and treatment of kidney stones as well, so
parsley you can add to your salads you can add it to your smoothies and to your
shakes really fantastic for detoxifying your kidneys make sure you’re drinking
enough water when you’re using these detox methods as well. Number four on the
list is ginger now ginger helps because it provides fiber, helps with liver and
gallbladder detoxification which is fantastic for the absorption the
digestion of our fats but also for that big detox mechanism that happens in the
liver and gallbladder which is really important.
Ginger also helps to speed up the stomach and dean of your food so it
actually helps with digestion as well and as a lot of people know ginger
really helps with nausea and digestion, so ginger was number four on the list.
Number three on the list lemon, so lemon is fantastic in the fact that it helps
to detoxify very gently again the liver and the liver one of our biggest detox
organs internally and that’s why I love lemon so a great tip is to have a little
bit of fresh lemon juice early in the morning and a bit of warm water house to
stimulate your digestive enzymes before you eat, help
to detox the liver as well, helps to actually start the the startings of a
good bowel movement yeah I’m gonna say it a good bowel movement first thing in
the morning. So if you tend to be slow and constipated having that lemon juice
fresh first thing in the morning is a great way to go quite literally. So
number two on the list is turmeric now turmeric fantastic there’s so much talk
about turmeric these days helps with digestion it’s a natural antioxidant,
natural anti-inflammatory it is a powerhouse superfood that really does
help to detoxify your blood as well and all your internal organs. So work some
turmeric into your daily routine you can get the fresh fruit yes absolutely but
the capsules are fantastic as well. Number one on the list apple cider
vinegar so 1 tablespoon before each meal really helps with that acidity in the
stomach so that you break down your food more efficiently you want to get an
apple cider that has the mother in it and that’s the cloudiness that you see
at the bottom that is telling you that it’s actually a good apple cider vinegar
that has all of that nutrient density that you’re looking for. So those are all
of my tips on how to do a natural detox for your body how to detox naturally and
some hopefully simple ways for you to be able to do it. Thanks for joining me
today I’m a Naturopathic Doctor and if you’re new to our channel welcome I hope
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Thanks for joining me today.

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  1. Dr. Bowring . . . is it ok to drink lemon water first thing in the morning with my thyroid medicine? I take Amour brand thyroid meds.
    thank you,

  2. Month after month caffeine protein fats supplements gnc my blood test creatine in liver high blood pressure was 197/125 stopped supplements caffeine after 5 days 177/87 on the way to better blood pressure your supplements are awsome

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