Taking Charge of Your Health

if you’re suffering from PCOS this could
be the most important video you’ll ever watch I’m going to give you seven helpful tips
so you can start eliminating your ovarian cysts and relieving your symptoms. So please
watch this entire video but first let me ask you this question… How do you feel when you have
ovarian cysts? I know you probably suffering from some
or all of these symptoms painful cramps irregular cycles heavy periods, nausea and fatique acne, skin rashes and maybe excess
facial hair you have a lack of energy, depression and you just can’t seem to lose weight. In addition… You’ve probably tried all the standard treatments like: aspirin heat pads and doctors–who usually
prescribe drugs and medications or surgery but the standard treatment isn’t always the best option. The reality
is you’re still suffering from the pain.
You’re probably worried or frustrated and you feel depressed or embarrassed
and overwhelmed by the symptoms and pain you may ask yourself: Why do I suffer
from ovarian cysts? The reason is because your body is out of balance and you may be wondering how do I get
relief from PCOS here’s the way to think about it: to
get relief you need to regain your natural inner
balance in a minute I’ll tell you how you can
but before we get into that here are the helpful tips I promised you
you can start using right now to regain your natural inner balance and
relieve the symptoms of PCOS I hope the information is valuable to
you so keep watching first drink lemon water lemon water helps restore a healthy
alkaline balance to your body lemon water reduces inflammation and
improves healing lemon water flushes toxins from your
system and lemon water keeps you hydrated and
helps clear your skin drink a cup of hot lemon water every morning when you wake up and
drink 8 ounces of hot or cold lemon water at least two to
three times a day next, cut down on carbs high-carb foods cause a rapid increase
in your blood sugar this increase in your blood sugar causes
your insulin levels to be at a balance eighty percent of women who have PCOS also have problems with their blood
sugar and insulin levels which causes an imbalance in their
hormones your blood sugar and insulin levels are probably out of balance and that means your hormones are at a
balance to cut down on high-carb foods especially foods like refined sugar white bread
white rice and pasta immediately… Next>eat whole grains. Whole grain foods are
complex carbohydrates these complex carbohydrates cause a
slower rise in your blood sugar this prevents your
pledge sugar from spiking a rising too fast and keep your insulin
and hormones in balance eat whole grain breads and cereals brown
rice beans, nuts and seeds. Next eat lots of veggies. We all know
vegetables contain healthy nutrients but some vegetables are high in carbs. Remember… high-carb foods cause your blood sugar
to spike avoid high carb vegetables such as potatoes and winter squash fill
your plate with low carb veggies like salads, broccoli, cabbage, bell
peppers, cucumbers spinach, mushrooms. Next…
eat lots of protein protein helps control the absorption of
carbohydrates and helps keep your blood sugar
in balance. Combine protein and carbohydrates in same meal. Eeat lean beef chicken turkey eggs tuna salmon beans
and soy and keeps in protein bars in your purse
for quick snack Next… Add probiotics. There is growing
evidence that PCOS is directly related to candida overgrowth everyone has candida and friendly
bacteria in the digestive system but the problem occurs when candida and
the friendly bacteria gets out a balance and the candida takes over this imbalance can happen when you take
artificial hormones such as the pill or other hormonal
medications or if you’ve ever taken any antibiotics
because antibiotics kill all bacteria even the goods strains, or when you eat a
high-carb high-sugar diet and probiotics to
counteract candida overgrowth and probiotics to restore the friendly
bacteria to your digestive system take a probiotic supplement get a high
quality probiotic intake daily and eat yogurt unsweetened yogurt its best for
sweetness mix it with fruit for breakfast desert
or in smoothies eat yogurt every day and finally, take B vitamins. It’s
essential you take your vitamins especially B vitamins
B vitamins are critical for relieving your PCOS symptoms the vitamins help balance your hormones
and B vitamins help relieve depression take a high-quality B-Complex vitamin
everyday starting now to regain your balance remember taking care of yourself by
eating right is a huge success if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed
now please don’t be keep watching I’ll give you a quick
summary of these seven tips Now, I’d like to introduce you to the
ovarian cyst miracle it’s a clinically proven holistic 3-step
system for eliminating ovarian cysts and PCOS
naturally the ovarian cyst miracle is a powerful
3-step system to permanently eliminate ovarian cysts
and reverse all PCOS symptoms. The program tells you
how to relieve painful cramps regulate your period and relieve nausea
and fatigue you can enjoy clear healthy skin,
easily lose weight improve the quality of your life and
look and feel wonderful it’s backed by clinical research and
proven results I’d like to show you the clinical
results from women who had success with the ovarian cyst miracle program in this ultrasound taken from an actual
patient you can see her ovarian cyst in the
before picture on the left in the right after three months you can
see her ovarian cyst is completely gone in this patient’s ultrasound you can see
multiple ovarian cysts but after following the 3-step system
you can clearly see her ovarian cysts are gone and in this patient’s ultrasound you see
the large ovarian cyst on the left is completely gone after following the
ovarian cyst miracle program Now, at this point I should tell you this
video is based on the book Ovarian Cyst Miracle by Carol Foster the results shown in this video as well
as the results of thousands of other women are well-documented and clinically
proven to be cured naturally and holistically
using the ovarian cyst miracle program and it will dramatically
improve the quality of your life the ovarian cyst miracle has changed
the life of thousands of women more importantly you can do it too with the ovarian cyst miracle program
you get the answers you need to relieve your pain stop worrying and
start feeling good again it is possible to gain freedom from PCOS and to get relief now. And remember… if anything is worth doing…
Do it with all your heart to start regaining your natural inner balance make sure to>drink lemon water>cut down on carbs eat whole grains>eat lots of veggies >eat lots of protein>add probiotics and>take B vitamins Remember… Wwhen you regain inner balance you’ll be able to eliminate ovarian cysts and reverse the symptoms of PCOS Now, take a moment to imagine and ask
yourself this question: How will my life change when the ovarian
cysts are gone? I hope you got some useful tips and
information from my video Now Cick the Link below for more

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  1. I'm very encouraged. I don't have insurance yet. I'm waiting for Obama Care and the ability to get insurance that is not based on pre-existing conditions. I can follow these simple steps. I plan to start immediately!


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  7. Great video. But I would not recommend soya in PCOS. Firstly, it is not good if you have a weak thyroid and many women with PCOS have as a result of hormonal inbalance. Secondly, practically all soya available nowadays is genetically modified.

  8. I have tried ALL of these approaches the last 31 years and NONE of them have stopped the ovarian cysts. In fact as I age, they get worse. Nice idea, but when you can't digest those low carb veggies and have been off grains and dairy for half a decade and still can't digest, well guess what, bell peppers, crucifer veggies such as broccoli and cabbage are just asking for 12-16 hours of GI pain and gas. These might help the more minor cases, but these tips have been useless to me and I have been working them since I was a teenager. I have had every test you can think of, nothing else is going on. Good luck but these are NOT a cure all. 

  9. Along with ovarian cysts if i suffer from URTI( Upper Respiratory Tract Infection) and can't take lemon , what's the substitute or what's to be done?

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  15. Eating beef, chicken, turkey, eggs, tuna, & salmon isn't going to help reverse pcos! These things are the carriers of a chemical that imitates testosterone. Among cancer. Animal cholesterol won't shed off fat as much as you like to think that fitness will do. It just isn't true. In reality, what you need to stay away from is refined, processed, & animal products. Plants carry more protein and essential nutrients that a body with endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome direly need. It's not an opinion, I'm very well informed. I recommend you do extensive research and place some public record links to support your claims. Do the body good!

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  18. dear sir
    i am 34 lady, have one 6 yr daughter. 2 yr back , i had miscarriage in one month. i was suffering thyride from 4 yr. now normal due to medicine. period is on time.
    now T3- 85ng/dl, T4- 8.6ug/dl, TSH- 3.07 uIU/ml. blood group- B negative. AMH serum @(EIA)- 0.35. HSG shows normal shape and size uterine cavity shadow. margins are normal. right tube is well visualized. normaal spillage of contrast seen on right side. left tube is blocked at the cornual end. i want to conceive but not found. so please suggest me what i Should to do.

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    in this video u mentioned that, do not eat high carb foods because sugar levels will increase.
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  26. you want women to eat protein bars? did you know they are high in sugar too. Also animal products are bad for your body. animals get injected hormones to grow and etc so why would you think is good for a woman with PCOS or any hormone issue. I control my PCOS with a plant base diet. Now the lemon tea is new to me. I gotta try it.

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  31. in my scanng right ovry sees 8-10nos size 6-8mm lrft 12nos size 6-8mm,am marrd no kids scaring these pcos problem,
    did am suffering high pcos prblem ?

  32. I have a ovarian cyst. this is 5.53cm3. please help me. I live in Bangladesh. Dr, said I can't never carry any child.. please help me.

  33. Eat anti-fungal foods. Try baking soda enemas. Avoid onions, split peas and Brussels sprouts. Avoid sugar and high sugar fruit. I also avoid grapefruit, peanuts, peanut butter, almonds, seeds and chocolate. Feel better

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  38. Good morning mam, I had a fibroid in the uterus.Then total abdominal hysterectomy did for me 9ys back.For me now left adnexae-tubo ovarian mass with clear cyst-4.11cmx2.89cm with? tubal mass of size 4.11x2cm.two smaller cysts 3cmx2cm found in the please give ur suggestion for me, about treatment. Thanks, mam.

  39. here's a few things for curing ovarian cysts
    dont eat processed foods such as flour, white rice, sugar.
    Cut down stress – try yoga or meditation.
    Consume fresh vegetables and whole grains.
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