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7 Home Remedies for Bacterial Gastroenteritis The dreaded stomach flu can strike at any
time — summer, spring, winter or fall. Unlike its less nasty cousin, the head cold,
the stomach flu is virtually impossible to ignore or push through, as it often leaves
people in a position where they simply can’t stray too far from the bed or bathroom. Generally speaking, most bacterial gastroenteritis
afflictions will pass in time. But there are a number of home remedies and
general behavioral changes that can help speed up recovery time and get you out of bed and
back to doing the things you love (like enjoying weekends withe the family) or need to do (like
going to work). Let’s take a look at some of these simple
remedies here. 1. Drink lots of (the right) fluids Should you come down with the stomach flu
— or something similar, like a bad head cold — chances are your doctor will tell
you to take time off work, rest, and drink lots and lots of fluids. Of course, not all fluids are capable of helping
you overcome a nasty stomach flu. First and foremost, drink as much water as
you can. Other drinks, such as green tea, low-calorie
fruit juice, and sports drinks, may also help you start to recover. But you’ll want to avoid fluids that won’t
do you any good (such as coffee, tea, and sugary beverages like soda) and especially
those that could actually hurt your recovery (like alcoholic drinks). 2. Ice bits One of the major problems with the stomach
flu is that, as it drags on, your body desperately needs more fluids but often can’t seem to
keep them down. In other words, if your stomach flu is so
bad that you seem to be throwing up constantly, it can be extremely difficult to drink water
or other fluids and keep them from coming right back up. The solution for some people are bits of ice,
or pieces of ice small enough that they won’t disturb your stomach and cause you to throw
up. By consuming little bits of ice, you can not
only help rehydrate your body — which will have lost much of its fluid through vomiting
— but you can help cool yourself down, which is especially helpful in cases where there’s
a high fever. 3. Bananas So long as you’re not a huge hater of bananas,
they can make for excellent snacks for those suffering through a stomach flu. That’s because they’re relatively easy
to ingest, as they can be broken down to a thick fluid that can be slowly eaten. At the same time, bananas contain lots of
potassium, a key nutrient that can be lost when someone begins vomiting on a regular
basis. If bananas won’t work, worthy alternatives
include rice, toast, and applesauce. The first two contain fiber, which can help
firm up your stool and improve digestion. Applesauce, meanwhile, contains valuable vitamins
and nutrients that can help your body begin to claw back from the miserable depths of
the stomach flu. 4. Peppermint tea Peppermint tea has been used for centuries
to help calm the stomach and lower the chance that someone will need to vomit while recovering
from the stomach flu. Of course, if you can’t find peppermint
tea, there are alternatives, including ginger tea, which has also been shown to help with
nausea. If that’s tough to find — or you simply
don’t want to leave your home to get some — try warming up some water and adding lemon. The warm lemon water can help calm your stomach
and provide you a little boost of vitamin C. 5. Cinnamon Most of us have cinnamon in the house, as
it makes an excellent addition to just about any time of sweet dish, from pancakes and
French toast to ice cream and even cocktails. Surprisingly, however, cinnamon may actually
be able to help settle the stomach and relieve flu-like symptoms. So, don’t be afraid to add cinnamon to your
favorite non-diuretic beverage, including caffeine-free tea or ice water. If you’re having trouble keeping food down,
try mashing up some bananas and adding a couple dashes of cinnamon to the mixture. 6. Lots of rest Getting lots of rest: it’s one of the most
important parts of starting to overcome an illness like the stomach flu, and yet so many
people completely ignore it. That’s somewhat understandable in a society
that pushes us to do more and work harder, but in the end not getting enough rest can
seriously prolong the stomach flu and make it more difficult to overcome. If you’ve contracted the stomach flu, you
should not be going to work, hitting the gym, or going out for drinks with friends. Instead, you should be at home in bed, trying
to get as much sleep as possible. Failing to do so could see your condition
worsen significantly. 7. Yogurt Some yogurts contain particularly high levels
of probiotics, which some health experts believe can help in the digestive process. If you’re struggling with the stomach flu,
and you can handle eating something creamy without immediately throwing it back up, then
yogurt may be the right choice for you. Look for a brand of yogurt that specializes
in probiotics, which could be particularly helpful if your case of stomach flu is accompanied
by watery diarrhea. Just try to find yogurt that isn’t packed
with saturated fat and has only a small amount of added sugar.

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  1. Is there a point where sleeping too much is bad? I gave only had the stomach flu for about 20 hours now. Have slept like 14 bours outta the 20 and I am feeling better, only threw up once, but man….I AM TIRED!But am I just tired because I've slept so much? Should I try doing something for longer to challenge myself?

  2. I don't eat nothing when I'm sick I can't trust my stomach once I puke that's it I don't want to put anything in my stomach until I'm better

  3. My aunt has this and its been going on for about 3years. Some of this stuff is b.s. it has to be more than a stomach bug i swear yge pain shes in has me googling everything. 2

  4. Old Jamaican trick. Drink one cap of apple cider vinegar a hour later eat a bit of charcoal (a tiny bit smaller then a dime) and the next day one more cap of apple cider vinegar and your fine. (Some people call the charcoal activated charcoal it’s the same thing as regular charcoal)

  5. No offence but when your sick Australia is the best place to be because you can actually have this thing called vegemite which you can put on toast with butter and it makes you eat without getting sick

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