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51 thoughts on “7 natural remedies for morning sickness

  1. You have a lot of great information. I’m not yet pregnant but I’m predicting all this information will be useful. Hoping you have an easy journey 🧡

  2. Hello mam, in renee I'm undergoing irregular cycles with pcos. I have undergone many medication and landed with homeopathy. Know the cycles are still irregular and they are scanty ..I have started to change my lifestyle eating habits..and doing exercise too. I m eager to conceive it's been 4years trying back dont want to go more delayed ..Im stressed and depressed out..cycles are very irregular and my abdomen has become a sack with any tips ,would be great for me and my family life.

  3. Disclaimer: there are lots of different opinions on what is safe and what isn’t in pregnancy. Mentioned tips are my opinions, please do your own research and make an informed decision before trying any of these tips. If in doubt, discuss with your health practitioner.

  4. Girl. You're awesome! I kinda "pffft" at you, when you said there was something in this video I'd never heard of (HG sufferer, and chronic researcher here) lol

    But there were SO many things I learned from this video (Coconut oil! What?! So cool)

    Something that wasn't mentioned though, was Vitamin Deficiency. Typically Magnesium (and Vitamin B6 like you mentioned).

    I wish I had your knowledge 5 years ago, when I had my first daughter. 7 months of bed-ridden vomitting isn't something I'd ever wish on ANYONE.

    Hope you're feeling good, Momma. 🙂

  5. Excellent content.
    Yeah… a guy just commented coz morning sickness is Crazyyy. 🙂

    Thanks for the remedies. 🙂

  6. I use peppermint tea/ or fresh mint and lemon in boiling water. Or root ginger and lemon in water helped me a lot in all 5 of my pregnancies. Burning lavender is a saviour. Do this all the time. With peppermint it helps too with headaches. Tried and tested.

  7. Pregnancy looks so good on you. I'm so glad that your pregnancy is going well, and despite the morning sickness you certainly look so happy. And thanks for the amazing content. I'm not pregnant yet but this will help when I am. My last experience with morning sickness lasted the whole first trimester!

  8. I’m not pregnant… yet🤞🏼but will use this for reference in the future. Love your videos always your voice is so soothing lol.

  9. Great videos! How do I take the homeopathic remedies? Is their a standard dosage for them in general or is it specific for each person? I think I need the same remedy as you even though I feel a little better lately (I am 15 weeks pregnant). Thanks. 😊

  10. I’ve been taking "No to Morning Sickness Tea" and it seemed to do the trick
    to battle with intense morning sickness1

  11. Thank you so much for this! I'm also suffering with that constant bad taste in my mouth! Will definitely be trying out the coconut oil and a few other suggestions!

  12. Thank you so much for this video! my homeopath warned me that strong scents like peppermint in toothpaste would make the homeopathic remedies not work. what do you think about that in regards to the essential oils and their interaction with your remedies?

  13. Are essential oils safe for pregnancy? I've been googling, but everything contradicts itself. I never use them on my skin, I only diffuse, but can that cause miscarriage?

  14. I just found your channel yesterday! I’ve been on my TTC journey for 10 months, I’ve already learned lots of tips from your channel. Thank you for what you do, your videos are already giving me a lot of joy after lots of sad and disappointing days seeing all those negative tests❤️

  15. I wanted to say Thank You for these videos ❤ we're expecting November 27th! Without your videos I wouldn't have had the knowledge I needed!

  16. On another note from my other comment. I had hypermethsis gravidarum with both my pregnancies and sometimes nothing works and the best I can say is to ride it out! And lots of hydration it's so important even if you need a iv! Thankfully this pregnancy for me has been good!

  17. Hi, please can you post some info on homeopathic remedies for hyperemesis gravidarum. Last pregnancy my trusted homeopath tried “everything” many of the tips you have sharedare familiar. in the end I had to go on the IV drip in hospital and take ondansetron to retain food and water (nausea never went away until I gave birth).

  18. Ingefleur when did you first start experiencing "morning sickness"? I'm wondering since I think I'm only 5 weeks along, but not experiencing that symptom yet. I would appreciate others sharing what week they started experiencing this as well. Thank you for the informative content!

  19. Thank you so much for this video! I found out this week that I’m pregnant ☺️ and, of course, morning sickness kicked in right away! 😝 This video was really interesting. Congratulations on your pregnancy 🎉 and greatings from Canada! 🇨🇦

  20. So is oats mixed with peanut butter, nuts and honey good for snacks and to eat first thing in the morning? Also, I have B6 in my cupboard but it says 250 mg and that It should be taken once a day. Is it safe to take if I take it as it is recommended on the bottle?

  21. Hey please I can you talk about hyperemesis gravidarum and some tips to survive of that
    Excuse my English i speak French

  22. Hi my LMP was on 17th March. Yesterday I had my hcg test done. It says 179. Doc said this is pregnancy but your hcg levels are too low. She will take another test in after two days. Should I be worried? Plz reply

  23. Could you make a video on why you shouldn’t use thc when pregnant? There are no real proven experiments on this that I could find on the internet. There are many mixed results whenever I look up this topic.

  24. Where can you get your Cell Salt kit? I use Hyland's. But there seems to be so many more options there! TIA

  25. Im having a really bad morning sickness during the night before i go to bed.. but i cant help to notice you look like avril lavigne 🙂

  26. I read disclaimer on back of bottle of DHEA, says not to take it if you’re pregnant. Is this valid in ttc? Do you still take Dhea since becoming pregnant? Also, It says it will put you in a bad mood…?

  27. Hey mama bear! Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll have great news for myself. Think I got my stuff back and dropped an egg in my basket!!!

  28. I’m so glad you mentioned cbd oil. I use cbd oil in my practice(LMT) and was wondering if it was safe to use. Thank youuuu🙏🏽🙏🏽

  29. Watched this when were were tc. Watching again at 9 weeks….. ugh lady this is baby 3- so sick these last 2 nights. Save me 😂😂😂 I wasn’t this sick with 1 and 2

  30. I’m so desperately praying to god that this vomiting and feeling sick all the time goes away but it’s now three months and I’m still vomiting a stupid salad and gagging while eating a dry toast! I’ve already told my husband that I don’t no more babies! I feel sick and tired all the time and look like shit on a daily basis! 😭😭😭

  31. Almost 8 weeks pregnant with baby number 5 and im sp ready to be in the second trimester and hopefully fully over the nausea. I cant hardly take it anymore as i am miserable!!

  32. Im 13 weeks pregnant (due April 2nd) and I’ve had horrible nausea and vomiting since I was 6 weeks. I’ve lost almost 20 pounds . I feel sick all day from the moment I get up until I can fall asleep (which is hard) I’ve taken unisom with b6 and it didn’t work i ended up in the hospital on an IV drip . They gave me reglans (the off brand) and it made me throw up and gave me diarrhea . Crackers won’t do it for me I’ve even thrown up water . Someone help 😭

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