Taking Charge of Your Health

I am Ricardo B Serrano, registered acupuncturist
and certified cannabis specialist, I’ll be talking about the endocannabinoid system. How can one herb – cannabis – treat so
many different illnesses? The answer lies in our body’s endocannabinoid
system (ECS). Most people have yet to hear about the ECS,
but as the world comes to better understand this crucial system, we continue to unlock
the secrets of cannabis as medicine while understanding more about human health
in general. It is both preventive herb and for treatment Here are 8 facts about the endocannabinoid
system which is the greatest medical discovery of the 21st Century based on scientific research. 1. The endocannabinoid system was discovered
in the late 1980s when researchers were studying how THC interacted with the body. For reasons we’ll get into, the ECS would
soon be considered more significant than all other neuroscience discoveries combined. 2. In the early 1990s another amazing discovery
was made when researchers found two endogenous compounds that bind just like THC with the
ECS. These THC-like cannabinoids, produced by our
own bodies, are respectively called anandamide and AG-2. 3. It eventually became clear that the receptors
which comprised the ECS were the most prevalent neurotransmitters throughout the brain and
also found in the organs, bones, and skin. 4. Scientists have learned that the ECS plays
a direct role in homeostasis, which means that it regulates every metabolic process
in the body to keep things running as they should. 5. When we don’t have enough endocannabinoids
in our body, we call this clinical endocannabinoid deficiency – which medical researchers are
connecting to a number of ailments including previously untreatable illnesses like irritable
bowel syndrome or fibromyalgia or migraines. When the ECS isn’t healthy, any number of
things can go wrong. The cannabinoids in cannabis can help us bolster
the ECS, which is why the herb is so effective for so many different ailments. 6. People have been using cannabis for over 10,000
years (without a single fatal overdose ever being recorded), and some estimates have the
ECS first developing at about 500 million years ago! 7. Recent research, shows that, like cannabis,
acupuncture actually works to regulate, heal and optimize the endocannabinoid system as
well as the other systems of the body. Acupuncture influences the opioid and cannabinoid
system by releasing endogenous receptor ligands. Emperor Shen Nung, a pharmacologist, wrote
a book The Great Herbal on TCM treatment methods and supposedly was the first to mention the
benefits of cannabis to the human body. 8. Almost every animal, with the exception of
insects, has an endocannabinoid system. Thank you for listening, Bye!

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