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8 foods that you should avoid if your uric
acid levels are high. To maintain our stable uric acid levels we
must control the intake of foods rich in purines, as these can promote the elevation of levels
and cause gout. Uric acid is a chemical compound that is produced
when the body breaks down substances known as purines. The cells are responsible for dissolving this
substance, sending it to the bloodstream and the kidneys where, after a filtration process,
it is discarded through the urine. However, when it is produced in excessive
amounts, or there are difficulties for its elimination, its levels increase in the blood
and a condition known as hyperuricemia occurs. This leads to an imbalance in the inflammatory
processes of the body and, since it accumulates in small crystals, it can originate from painful
kidney stones to joint problems such as gout. Considering that a great part comes from some
foods of habitual consumption, it is necessary to identify them to limit their consumption
until the organism manages to get rid of the excesses. In this opportunity we will share in detail
the top 8 so you can try to avoid them if you suffer from this problem. 1. Fish. Although fish is a healthy source of proteins
and essential fatty acids, it is not advisable to include it in the diet when there are high
levels of uric acid. This is because they contain high concentrations
of purines, which, as we already mentioned, are broken down in the body with this waste
substance. If possible, avoid the consumption of: Sardines;
Herring; Cod;
Pout; Trout;
Salmon; 2. Coffee. Coffee and other drinks with caffeine content
are detrimental to patients with hyperuricemia, since they dehydrate the body and hinder the
processes that clean uric acid from the blood. Ingesting them in excessive amounts affects
the inflammation in the tissues and hinders the filtering process of the wastes that takes
place in the kidneys. 3. Viscera. The viscera are a food of animal origin that
usually contain large amounts of purines and acids that can cause kidney stones and joint
pain . The liver, heart and other organs of animals
generate an excessive accumulation of uric acid that, among other things, can worsen
gout. 4. Asparagus and spinach. Although animal products are the most contain
this waste substance, some vegetables, such as asparagus and spinach, increase their accumulation
in the blood. Although in these cases it is easier to dispose
of them through urine, their intake is not advised in the case of diseases related to
the accumulation of uric acid. 5. Mushrooms. The mushrooms are low in calories and are
a good choice to replace meats rich in fat and calories. However, in this case it is not advisable
to add them to the diet, since they can moderately increase the amount of uric acid in the blood. 6. Red meats. Red meats are one of the greatest sources
of protein for the body and, unfortunately, are also those that contain more purines. Its habitual intake is related to the increased
risk of suffering from chronic and inflammatory joint diseases , in addition to kidney problems. This food also contains too much fat and,
since it is difficult to digest, can cause metabolic disorders and difficulties to carry
out detoxification processes. 7. Industrial sauces. The industrial sauces have become one of the
best supplements hundreds of recipes we eat regularly. However, its consumption is discouraged, since
they are rich in fats and added compounds that can lead to metabolic difficulties. These substances alter the inflammation of
the body and hinder the filtration of blood and the elimination of harmful waste. Try to avoid sauces; Blanca;
Of tomato. Barbecue.
Bechamel. Dutch; 8. Seafood. Cases of gout and uric acid stones in the
kidneys are more common in populations whose diets are based on fish and shellfish. Although they are foods with many essential
nutrients , their high concentration of purines can derive an excessive accumulation of this
substance in the blood. Although it is not bad to consume them in
a moderate way, it is best to avoid them when you suffer from any condition related to the
increase of this substance. Reduces the intake of: Prawns.
Locust. Clams
Crab. Scallops; Avoiding the mentioned foods and replacing
them with fruits and vegetables with depurative qualities is key to the treatment of this
condition. Improve your eating habits and consult the
doctor to avoid complications.

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