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Moles are also known as Melanocytic Naevi
in the medical field which appears on any part of the body. They are mostly of dark brown or black in
color and may occur alone or in a small bunch. Their textures are different in different
people. For some people they are coarse, while for
others they may be soft to the touch. In few cases they are just visible on the
skin, while in other cases they may be little raised. It is also seen that some moles have hair
growth within it. Need Not To Worry! Moles Are Risk Free. Most moles are risk-free. If a mole on your body has the below mentioned
traits, then you need not to worry One colour – commonly brown, but a mole can be blue
, black ,tan, red, pink, skin-toned or colourless ,Their shape is Round , Slightly raised or
Flat. Apple Cider Vinegar
Rubbing raw organic apple cider vinegar can remove the mole. Tap a cotton ball soaked with apple cider
vinegar, apply it on the mole and leave it for whole night. Repeat for 2-3 weeks for results
Garlic The easiest one! Apply a garlic paste on your moles and cover
it with a bandage. Keep it to dry overnight and for best results
repeat it for five days. Alove Vera Gel
One solution to many skin problems, it won’t work fast but applying it daily can fight
with sensitive skin and help to remove moles. Pineapple & Sea Salt
The natural citric acid in pineapple is best to remove moles, as the sea salt helps to
get rid of the dried layer of skin, clearer skin from inside. Honey
Apply honey on all over face and without any side -effects see the results by yourself. Flaxseed Oil. Add half tablespoon of honey with one tablespoon
of caster oil. Make a mixture and apply it for half an hour,
it works so fast as you will get rid of moles in few days. * Castor Oil and Baking Soda. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda and 1/2
tablespoon of castor oil, apply the mixture and leave it for night. It helps to remove moles and dead skin as
well. * Sour Apple Juice
Moles can be rid of with acids, our apple juice juices can be applied over moles for 1-2 weeks.

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  1. You put together a stupendous video. My skin troubles were finally handled when I very simply put onto my skin, with a spectacular solution from

  2. i have small rounded moles on whole of my face from last 5years does these remedies work on my face plz tell me

  3. Apple cider vinegar so amazing In just 1 week yesterday my mole was fell off already..Thanks be to god so safe to used..but i have one question? if mole already fell off what do i do? i need to stop applying AcV?

  4. I really just wanna get rid if the moles that are really noticeable on my leg also does it work on flat moles?

  5. @Naseema I bought the moles, warts guide and started the program. It solved my problem permanently.
    See this => 📌

  6. I been applying Aloe vera from my garden, for over a month and I don't see any changes at all the only difference is they are itchy ,so I don't know what is going on 😊

  7. I have did the garlic remedie and my moles have gone but now I have spots omg! thx anyway for getting rid of the moles😊

  8. Does flaxseed, honey, and castor oil actually work. If it does how long did you have to do it until the mole was gone?

  9. Moles and skin tags have a fungal composition, so black walnut/ wormwood is ideal. Apply 6-8 weeks. The natural iodine of black walnut makes it a painless venture vs everything else.

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