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Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering
from acid reflux? Did you know actually 50% of America suffers from this? Billions of
dollars are spent every single year on things to suppress that acid reflux right? Those
burps that you get up acid coming in your mouth. I don’t want you to be spending you’re
money on this stuff and I know the companies that produce it are gonna hate me from making
this video but you have to really understand what the root cause of the issue is. It’s
not the fact that you’re making too much acid, acid reflux right? Some people think
that. They’re burping it up, they feel like they’re making too much it’s actually
the opposite of that. Acid reflux is actually your body’s inability to produce as much
HCl or which the hydrochloric acid in your stomach is it needs to digest the food and
to maintain that homeostasis of the gut. Often acid reflux is the sign of age pylori. So
I’m gonna show you some easy in natural ways that you can start implementing right
away to hopefully make us inside feel better, have more energy and not to worry about acid
reflux. It can be embarrassing, you know you get the burps, the hiccups, stomach the heartburn,
you have to take up your medication and have it before you eat a meal can be pretty inconvenient
and if we do anything at FitLife TV it’s to bring more inconvenience to you. What can
we do? In a second I’m gonna show you juice recipe that will really help with it but first
let’s talk about tangible tips, tools and strategies that you can implement in your
life. So number one, I want you to start eating unprocessed foods, foods from the farm, food
from the land not from some plant that they put in boxes that sits on shelves for years
with the stability life this to the roof. Got to start eating healthy foods from the
farmers market, from whole foods preferably organic if you can get your hands on it. Number
two, probiotics. Your gut bacteria changes every 20 minutes. 80% of your immune system
comes from your gut, 90% of the serotonin which is that happy chemicals produced in
the gut so you wanna make sure that you’re feeding yourself good probiotics as well as
prebiotics, restricted starches. Things that like the celery, of this, feeds that good
bacteria coz you are not what you eat, you are what you are what your bacteria eats in
your body which produces that healthy colony. Number three is fermented foods. Fermented
foods are absolutely amazing and they help feed that good bacteria in your gut. Number
four is high quality sea salt. Celtic sea salt has over 88 trace minerals in it or you
could get pink Himalayan Sea salt and it’s absolutely amazing for you. I want you to
start eliminating food triggers. Food triggers are things that we talked about with our coaching
students that can trigger allergies such as sugar, dairy, wheat, alcohol, caffeine are
more common food triggers so I want you to start eliminating those as well. Number six
is one of my favorite things, we made a blog post it was 99 things apple cider vinegar
is good for. Yeah 99 things apple cider vinegar is good for. This stuff is absolutely amazing!
I try to get one or two tablespoons a day, mixed up a little bit of water. It’s gonna
give you more energy, it’s going to help balance out that internal digestive system.
One thing I’d recommend is if you do have acid reflux maybe try putting a teaspoon or
a half a teaspoon of this in water and drinking it 10 minutes before meal. It’s gonna help
build more HCl in your stomach so that you can digest the food. Alright so those are
the six things, we’re now gonna make a juice recipe. Come on over here, what do we got?
We got one cucumber, three stalks of celery, some collard greens and you know I love this
things, we have a half of a Granny Smith apple, green apple has a little bit less sugar than
red apple. It’s not quite as sweet either. We’re also going to add one tablespoon of
apple cider vinegar and this is the acid reflux juice recipe. It’s gonna help you out! Here
we go, hmm, that apple actually has a nice kick to it. Apple cider vinegar I probably
put about two tablespoons in here, you could back off a little bit if you want to. It’s
really, really good. Love this juice recipe. Alright so at that time who won the juicer?
Remember next week if you wanna win the juicer scroll down to the bottom of this blog post,
leave a comment below about how your life is changed by implementing some of the strategies
and tips that we talked about on FitLife TV. Today’s juicer winner is Timothy Bermudez!
Timothy started watching along in making our smoothie recipes about six months ago. He’s
noticed great improvements with his eczema. His wife and him also started making natural
homemade baby food for their daughter. Talk about super parents! Use this Kuving’s juicer
to boost your family’s health and keep us posted on how you feel. Congratulations Timothy!
So hopefully you enjoyed these tips my friend. Make this green juice, leave a comment below.
I’m gonna giveaway one of the Kuving’s juicers to somebody who tells me about juicing
and how it’s impacted their life specifically what I’m looking for this week is if juicing
has helped you deal with some sort of gut problem, you know maybe its acid reflux or
something? It’s help to us. Leave a comment below and will pick a winner for next week.
As always Drew Canole, give this video a big like, share this with somebody that you care
about. It’s all about the movement and I want you to do this with me as a FitLife coach,
I’m impacted by the stories that I hear from other people in our communities so remember
we’re in this together. I’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “9 Natural Remedies, Recipes and Tips To Treat Acid Reflux

  1. My main problem is being bloated and feeling full for 4 days and feeling nausea with certain foods i was able to eat low sodium canned chicken noodle and feel fine. So do i have to work around the nasuea and get myself to eat and drink this stuff? my mom had gerd to and she said drinking aloe vera cured her, which is true she could eat normal junk foods now. So im confused as to if gerd is permanent or not.

  2. ACV, it works. 2 shots per day with a cup of water and the acid reflux is gone. Through out the pills the doctor told me to take.

  3. Do I have acid reflux basically I eat then my food goes back into my mouth sometimes it BURNS sometimes it doesn’t somebody reply

  4. I have started feeling the heartburning for 2 days I'm worried that I have acid reflux any advices for me before it gets wrost

  5. My heartburn happen almost every morning after i woke up. I've already suffer this for a week and still can't find a solution. My doctor recommend to drink a lot of milk but it just getting even worse. 🙍

  6. how my life is going to change that i want to say be frank becoz earlier my skin and body was so dull after taking these type of juices my body started responding well and my all body working like running was improved so thank you to make these type of videos and please keep it on

  7. I just stopped taking 40 mg of prilosec, I took it for a month, just because my doc thought my globus sensation is caused by silent reflux/lpr. Now after stopping prilosec, I feel acidly in my tummy. What can I do for the rebound acid?

  8. I am still going on with your natural GERD treatment call it green juice so far so good have seen improvement and still looking forward to the day I will say good bye acid Reflux . Thank you Sir.

  9. I’ve found a juicing recipe that helped me to quit smoking by taking away the cravings, I found it out by accident as I was just juicing trying out different combinations to help me loose weight and what I found was that while that worked I found myself one day having no cravings for smoking so I wondered what was I doing differently? And the only thing was a juice recipe, so I stopped it the next day and the cravings came back, so the next day I went back on the juicing diet I made up, and found it took about 8 days to stay on this diet to quit smoking, I was killing two birds with one stone and while I was juicing other things for nutrition and weight loss I found the key ingredients for quitting nicotine were about 8 carrots and one large brown onion. The whiskey for juicers.

  10. Thank you for the blog
    New sub I went to the Dr , he gived me the test and everything I really did not understand , he mentioned to me I don't have acid reflux ….but since Ive been juicing it's really helping my gut thank you….

  11. It seems like I try sometime like this, and it works initially and then the issues come back. The frustration for me is that it stops me from sleeping. Since I have been having this issue I’ve gained weight also. It’s pretty much a self feeding cycle. Acid reflux causes weight gain, not sleeping contributes to acid reflux symptoms getting worse…and the symptoms goes on. The weight gain seems to be a constant battle and working out for the day is very difficult when I feel lethargic primarily due to not sleeping all night. Somehow I need to eliminate one of the three so I can begin to win this battle. Any suggestions

  12. Everyone! Get off the Prilosec and nexium ! It causes serious health problems. I had to combat w Apple cider vinegar. I take it in morning and it works good. Much better than I thought. The potential risks are not worth it.

  13. Thank u so so much for this awsome are now my favourite as because my 3 year baby is suffering from gerd.i will try all this things.may be he will too get okk

  14. Back in 2012 I had severe acid reflux.. I kept going to the dr cuz I felt like I was having a heart attack.. gas like burping I would get shortness of breath, and it felt like a 10 pound weight was at the top of my chest. Then it just stopped after like 8 months of torture.. fast forward to late 2018 and early 2019 it came back. Having the same symptoms

  15. organic plant diet and take Terramin clay that adds minerals and detox often. Epsom salt baths are good to do weekly!

  16. I start to have this reflux really bad before Christmas. I went out for all u can eat at casino all the times. Then i always eat late at night then go to sleep. The worst night is whenever, i ate beef. The loud snooze the gas push through my throat and man! I must quit eating beef period.

  17. A very nice paid advertising strategy,I will not take anything acidic even if my body can’t produce the acid that breaks down foods,I change my eating n change my life without vinegars,if our bodies are alkaline why do we all need acid intake ,plantbase is the best way to start ,juicing is great but acid hell no cider vinegars no thanks

  18. My sons are suffering acid reflux for quite sometime now,thats why im so eager to try this recipe of yours…hope this will work on them…thank you!!

  19. Acid reflux has ruled over me for years. I go through waves. I'll think I have it knocked out and healed and then it comes back so powerfully that I can't sleep. I typically get about 1-2 hours of sleep at a time and then wake up burping bile. I can't sleep propped up because I have degenerative disk disease in my lower back and neck. This affects everything from being productive at work to my relationship with my wife. My Harley sits in my garage and I don't meet up with groups to ride because I can't guarantee I'll feel up to going when the group wants to go.

  20. Avoid Food/Beverages That Cause Acid Reflux, Change Your Lifestyle

  21. thanx for sharing this video with us. These remedies are very helpful. Along with these remedies, Digestion Support Capsules of Planet Ayurveda are very helpful.

  22. SPINE ALIGNMENT,digestion vertebrate out so is your digestion cycle,a daily occurance? have someone run their finger down your spine,should be obvious if it's not aligned,between lower shoulder blades is the digestion area.will be sore when pushed on if out.years of misery before I figured this out.night acid reflux mainy.check your spine alignment.

  23. Saw an ad I wanted to forward to someone on your products which covered Chlorella and many other products.

    Can't find an email for your co. Can't find a specific YouTube (of yours) that covers the many things in the YouTube commercial.

    Can't be sure if I forward the YouTube I saw your ad on your ad will still be there when my message to another tries to access it.

    Your ad spoke of Chlorella, Spirulina, Tumerick, etc. It also spoke of you being at Whole Foods.

    Hope you expand your communications by allowing emails other than what goes to your sales (desk). I did review your YouTubes list, but could not find it and don't have time to search for the info thru your many Tubes. (My friend is sick right now.)

    Btw, from what I saw on that commercial you probably have the best, most comprehensive, and most up to date info on health products.

  24. These home remedies are very useful. In addition to these home remedies, Herbal Remedies such as Amalaki Rasayan and Digestion Support Capsules are very effective.

  25. That's not quite accurate information here, and I learned the hard way: doing damage to my esophagus by using apple cider vinegar, which is acid on your already (open wound) damaged esophagus lining, due to stomach pepsin that travels and lodges itself everywhere when your burp, regurgitate or had some sort of reflux (low acid or not) while on sleep, heavy exercises or even hiatal hernias. Be careful recommending acidic (under PH 5.2 ); these foods will trigger that stomach pepsin lodged in the esophagus lining, and that pepsin will start eating your esophagus lining in no time. I have done a Transnasal Endoscopy (TNE) of my esophagus (thinnest camera inserted through the nose, live view of the esophageal and stomach lining condition) and I am glad I didn't come to Barret's, but it was enough inflamed and gave me a (mysterious) chronic dry cough for "years" . Check with an otorhinolaryngologist who is trained and experienced with the TNE procedure (ambulatory – in office – less costly – no risks/way less riskier than an oral endoscopy). Not turning a statistic in esophageal cancer. Consistent diet shift, that is all it takes to heal, but you have to understand the problem in order to resolve it.

  26. I right away started applying this heartburn treatment and for the first time in more than a decade I felt a significant enhancement and in such a short time too. As we speak I really feel wonderful and at the peak of my health. I feel so alive and invigorated. My symptoms of acid reflux are a thing of the past.

  27. Thank You, i think it will work for me. I added 1/2 TSP of fennel seeds and TSP of raw honey. I didn't add the apple cider!

  28. Am from africa kenya and here we eat food from garden but i always develop acid even when I haven't eat anything this acid even when I drink water …can you imagine I started drinking natural acid juice cabbage and carrot and still am having acid it's now one week in don't take alcohol please help

  29. My mom is having me look up vids on how to control her acid reflux because she's been suffering from it. This was a very helpful vid and thanks a bunch!

  30. Thank you so much. I have dealt with ibs. And stomach issues. I was in severe pain. When I came across your video. Wow. I feel so much better after doing this juice

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  32. How often do you drink the juice is not stated in the video. So we need a regiment to how when where to implement the juice and other foods that was listed. I have the slightest idea how to begin with the program

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  41. Thank u sir !!!! U have really really help me. Have a great week end !!!!! I love Apple cider vinegar.

  42. I love your show and I really need a juicer. I have a guy problems for way to long and the doctors are not helping me. I want to really get into juicing. I need to get my gut healthy. Thank you so much.. bless you

  43. This acid reflux solution “gοwοzο raka” (Gοοgle it) has brought me incredible results immediately after only Ten days of constantly adhering to the plan. Stomach acid as well as acid reflux disorder symptoms that have driven me in pain for a while are now little by little leaving me forever. .

  44. Hello Drew really enjoyed your video juicing has really helped me with my mood l have leaky gut but have noticed a big change in my mood with a diffrence in my food

  45. There’s absolutely nothing bad I have dealt with compared to this serious acid reflux disorder. But this acid reflux treatment method “gοwοzο raka” (Gοοgle it) has relieved me from chest discomfort and serious acid reflux disorder within 20 days. It’s all gone, the chest problems, the experience of burning, as well as endless burping. . .

  46. I`d badly suffered serious acid reflux. I used to be a victim of a severe acid reflux problems and also chest aches and 20 days since I have began making use of this heartburn treatment method “gοwοzο raka” (Gοοgle it), my acid reflux was absolutely alleviated! It’s all disappeared, stomach pain, the feeling of burning up, and also consistent burping. . .

  47. Thank u sir for trying to help me with my acid reflux. I am going to start juicing soon as I get me a blender I have reflux so bad it wakes me up at night please have a Great weekend. Thanks again.

  48. My medical professional learned that I`ve got a major inflammation in my esophagus and also serious acid reflux disorder. Luckily, I was treated by this acid reflux disorder medication “gοwοzο raka” (Gοοgle it). Immediately after 14 days of applying this procedure, the heartburn and also the acid I always felt within my mouth are eliminated. .

  49. My first-time watching you i would love one of your juicer mine is not working and cant afford a new one. I have acid reflux about 10 Years now. And it's bothered me everyday.l would love to start juicing but can't do it without a juicer.

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  51. How can apple cider vinegar can be good for acid reflux? Isn’t acidic for stomach which is make your Acid Reflux worst?

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