Taking Charge of Your Health

depression anxiety and past trauma as humans every single one of us faces this now you can choose your own disorder or you can choose your own adventure and plot a way out this is very depression we’re gonna discuss how to do that without drugs and without therapists all you’re going to do you’re gonna get a shovel and dig your way out I’m Kafka welcome welcome to berry depression I’m Kafka this is my show taking place in lovely Las Vegas where nobody ever gets depressed ever this show is about battling depression without drugs and without therapists those options are always valid you know you can take them anytime you want there are things I’ve used in the past but this show is an alternative this shows different ways of doing it depression is a taboo thing everybody has to show they’re strong they want to show they’re a baller and that their life is great but a lot of us suffer with this in silence and it sends a lot of people to their grave and I know because I was almost one of those people I dealt with depression from age six until I was 40 I only got better about two years ago and once I dealt that decisive blow it was done I knew it was over with I knew I had conquered it and like the Madonna lyric lived to tell I believe in telling what I went through and helping others in those years that I was struggling I went through some surreal Kafka esque events I had to become a blindfolded ninja I lived two decades like a leper I went on a business trip to fight a ghost I got dressed up and everything and you know I battled a ghost I’m gonna detail all of this it’s embarrassing ugly but I don’t care you know when I was going through my hard times you can find a million self-help books you can find a million inspirational quotes but when you’re in the darkness those things do not pull you out that did not work for me this show is different it’s different than anything you’re going to see anywhere else on YouTube different than the other stuff you’ve read so I provide a different path I’m going to talk about the dark scorpions of life you’re going to hear about suicide suicide attempts I’m going to tell you about the five friends I buried before they were even thirty I’m gonna go into the darkness you know and I’m not ashamed and I’m not afraid because YouTube is a perfect outlet for something like this you’re a professional or you’re a young kid you’re confused my show is a place to retreat in the privacy of your own study of this and you can just watch videos and see what I’ve dealt with and I’m also going to interview other people to see how they’ve battled it I interview veterans wherever I find them because veterans have been through some of the craziest stuff crazier than the stuff I’ve been through by far so if you’re a veteran get in contact with me if I have the means to do it I will travel I will come to you so you’re gonna see interviews you’re going to see fun stuff on here it’s a great Channel I’m gonna have a hundred episodes and then I’m gonna do a hundred more I’ve got a website Instagram it’s all below I look forward to having you you know we all have this in common that we all battle depression it’s not impossible the ways to get through it there’s a hundred thousands of different ways is put simply you have to diversify your portfolio and how you battle depression and I use that term on purpose because I will teach you about investing financially emotionally to stop losing capital because that stuff is crucial to you getting better so you will learn about investing too if you don’t already know about it I’m Kafka this is my channel I am thrilled to have you check me out on the web everything’s down below and I’ll see in the next episode [Music] you

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