Taking Charge of Your Health

Good evening. This is Maria again with you and this video is going to be full dedicated to your relaxation. In this video, I’m going to use my 3D microphone for a full effect of my presence with you in this video. I’m going be to create different things around the viewer or yourself to hopefully um fall asleep faster or make you feel more relaxed, at peace and ready for your night’s sleep. I guess we’ll start with the loudest part of the video and that is um tapping and it’s gonna have my wonder brush in it. I truly enjoy the sound of it when you run your fingers over it over the bristles. Actually feels nice as well as sounds nice and if you can tap right on the edge Just slightly, it sounds Quite relaxing so could do that from here On one side for you And then to the same on the other side Run my fingers through the bristles And let gentle tapping That might feel really good The tapping sounds remind me of the sound of the rain Or something gentle I like it I also like the sounds of brushing So now, if you’re completely relaxed, I would like to Blow smoke into you Just a moment Now I have this wonderful Oil warmer And lilac fragrance oil, warming oil And sometimes when you wanna relax You can just put a few drops in the This holder, candle holder. It’s made out of real stone and it’s not heavy, it’s not very hot but the top part is hot because the candle is positioned right under The top part that actually warms up the oil This creates this fragrance and a little bit of smoke So right now I’m going to blow it into you to hopefully create an aura and atmosphere of magic and tranquility I’m going to blow it to you from ear to ear Starting from here Now the other ear Blowing gently, all around you Covering you in the smoke Now I’m gonna go around you to hopefully get your mind cloud I’m going to blow smoke all around you on your head on top… to the back of your neck… to your spine… Now to the other side… and now again to the front Sometimes it’s very nice to get relaxed by breathing in the aroma of the Warming oils, especially when the smoke is not so bad It’s not so hard The smell is very mild barely noticeable really so.. I’m gonna put it down for now. and now… I want you to Look into my eyes as I’m going to be massaging your temples on each side Helping you relax further away Help you drift away as long as you trust me As I rub your temples from side to side in clockwise direction. I want you to imagine that happy place of yours where nothing matters… It’s your happy place. Doesn’t have to be a real place. You can fantasize And create your own place. Can be in heaven, can be… under the tree next to your house Can be in your little personal garden. I’m going to scratch your sculp a little bit just like so Massaging.. your skin “touching” on the hair a little bit if you let me.. Sometimes we all come from work tired or from school or after we finished with the housework and we’ll come home We want to find someone to pat us on the head and say how good we are. Who wants someone to comfort us To tell us that we’re so great That we are appreciated You are appreciated I would like to be that place for you right now I would like to protect you to comfort you To help you relax and forget about your trouble, whatever it is I could scratch right behind your ear right here and on the top of that, I could scratch way around your head Mm-mm.. That should feel good. release I’m tension from your body and from your soul from your mind help you relax foolishly feel protected I know you again that you Did you feel like nothing matters anymore? This is your mama to relax? you I’m going to gently massage the back of your neck and the back visually I’m going to squeeze the muscle, and I’m gonna let it go Releasing he needs into their good [being] your shoulders in you and your upper back It is really good so if you let me start from the side I’m going to squeeze And let it crawl and then gently rub it fits me my hand back That should be quite pleasant and she help you relax further Hopefully get rid [of] in you eggs Again squeezing it and [letting] [you] go I’m going to do the same thing with the other side of your mind same thing Squeezing your shoulder muscle It’s so tight I’m going to work squeezing it with both for my Rapping it hard, but gentle and then writing it all this likes [legendary] and oh my I’ll be happy. [I] hope you feel like you had to sleep I’m going to tickly up. I’m hoping that my sometimes when somebody to go see with the feather, [but] that Give me so ticklish but in a good way if it’s with good intentions. I could actually come down I would like to run this better how long your face you might running along the side And on your cheek and to you too Same thing with ants Before oh [and] from talking you know Do I so you know? we’re – Were you lips your chin? I’m hoping you in doing this Hoping that this might help you relax Help [you] boss. I can think to come you’re here Just like the other year It might So now I want Forget I do feel heavy try to feel Imagine happy place Don’t everything three Sweet dreams, oh

100 thoughts on “*_* Oh such a good 3D-sound ASMR video *_*

  1. First ASMR video ever in 2013 and that brush is literally what sucked me in. I love you brush. Thank you for this community.❤️

  2. This is still my all time favorite ASMR video & Maria video. It feels so completley genuine and that comes across in the voice. I love Marias work so excuse this hopefully constructive critisism but the newer videos are alot of lip pursing and posing. They feel more about apearance and aesthetic and missing that heart and soul if you know what I mean. They dont feel as personal and somehow I get way more tingles from the old ones. Im sorry !

  3. This was the first asmr video i have ever seen because a friend showed me what asmr was (i’m so happy she did), i was About 12 years old and it was so overwhelming that i still watch it sometimes and i’m 18 now. 😂

  4. This came out almost 7 years ago and I probably have watched it 100's of times since then. The candle blowing and the walking around in shoes are what do it for me the most.

  5. People would usually say Maria or any of the other OGs got them into asmr.

    Personally, dunkey got me into asmr when i saw he liked this video and made his gragas video soon after

  6. It was the first asmr video I experienced. How I'm supposed to know that after this I'd be addicted to Asmr forever…

  7. This was my first ever asmr video i ever watched i never knew what it was years later i watched asmr almost everyday of my life and helps me sleep very well this video gave me the same tingles all over again

  8. Does anyone pulse energy waves through their body at will? I start mine from the back of my head and it moves to the top of my head and toward my cheek bones. Then it pulses down my back and through my hands and finger tips and also runs down to my toes.

  9. あふれる母性…なんだろうこの心地よさは…。

  10. 6:25 onward, I've fallen so hard into a trance I forget where I am. Even my computer shut down by the end. (Could be because I forgot to charge it but still)

  11. Ууу писос спалила свой рашан акцент/массаж и 3 микрофон/0:13 – 0:14

  12. I believe this was the first asmr video where I actually understood what asmr caused….thank you for that
    2019 gang wya?

  13. Yes. July 2019. This video has had over 21million views and I remember back when this channel was under one million subscribers…now 1.7 million. Why?
    Maria is The Maestro. What an artist!

  14. This is probably weird but your background reminds me of my Aunt and Nana's house, RIP Nana. 😭❤️ Anyway this video was amazing

  15. 2012: Normal, I Mean NORMAL Asmr.
    2019: Spit Noise, Girlfriend Experience, Lonely People ( Thirsty Boys That Are Scared to Talk To Real Women!!! ) And The Usual Cleavage Vid.
    Yeah, E – Thots Ruin Everything.
    Alot things in asmr now are associated with sexual fantasies.

  16. merhaba çalışmanız çok başarılı olmuş.hemen komşu oldum.yapmış olduğum bir eğitim çalışmam var.değerli yorumlarınızı beklıyorum komşum

  17. the first ASMR video i ever watched. i remember i fell asleep to this and my brother thought i was crazy😂

  18. All these years later this is still one of my favorite videos you've made. I would love a re-make or similar style with your new awesome cameras and mics.

  19. It’s amazing I’m still watching this after 5 years (when I discovered it) and even more amazing so many others are as well. There is a comment from this month with 3k plus likes! That is awesome.

  20. this was my first asmr video. it is still my favorite 5 years later.
    i remember feeling so comforted and cared for for the first time.

    thank you for opening the doors for me to the asmr community. i will forever owe you. <3 🥰

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