Taking Charge of Your Health

Dr : I will ask you in detail. What was your health issue? Mrs AD : I was suffering from JOINT PAIN (osteoarthritis), problems in digestion…. ….and BACK PAIN Dr : How was the Joint pain problem? Mrs AD : I had KNEE PAIN. It was difficult for me to walk. Dr : Now with these Homeopathic treatment since 6-7 months, how was your experience? Mrs AD : There is 80% improvement. There is no pain while walking now… I can walk with ease…for 15-20 minutes Dr : Knee pain has reduced…? Mrs AD : Yes, definitely Dr : What about swelling on knee joints? Mrs AD : Very less. It has reduced. Dr : Do you experience morning stiffness in knee joints? Mrs AD : NO Dr : What about your BACK PAIN? Mrs AD : It has also reduced by 80-85%. Even digestion is normal now.

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