Taking Charge of Your Health

Alarm Music Ambient Music Hey Doctor Eagan. Lower abdominal pain. I was wondering if you come take a look at him? Yeah, lets go! Knock. Knock. Knock. Mr. Smith Hello, Mrs Blue Hi, I’m Doctor Hammond. How are you? Hi, Doctor Hammond. I’m feeling a little bit of stomach pain. Music Alarm Music Bilateral breath sounds; they’re weak though. Music Ok, restarting Music Many of our residents actually start their FAST projects in their second year. Global and health administration together. They do austere and ultrasound together. Any body do Derm recently? Music Hey! What’s going on? Door opening Car horn beep Music

100 thoughts on “A Day in the Life in the Johns Hopkins Emergency Medicine Residency Program

  1. Doctors are just the same as lawyers; the only difference is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you too .. subscribe me if u agree ?

  2. im 11 but already want to be a surgeon or get a phd in applied maths. I got all C for every report card i did until p4 (2nd grade) and then i started getting all As. I also got top of my school in the 11+. which is an exam to pass into different schools.
    would i be able to achieve my dream?
    I dont want an answer from some "expert" either i want someone who actually is a surgeon or mathmatician.

  3. Everyone keeps saying "dream" no it's not your dream. It's your destiny and you'll definitely make it, think of it as just a glimpse into your future. I know its definitely a glimpse into mines, as I'm going to be an Emergency Medicine Physician, one day. I have to get pass Highschool, College then go to Medical School.

    The journey is definitely going to be tough but don't let that stop you. Use it as fuel, so when you look back at the tough moments, you say "wow, I did that."

  4. Tôi bị lệch trục cột sống, xin cho biết chi phí mổ ở nơi bạn?
    Xin cám ơn rất nhiều ạ!

  5. This is the dream of many people who wants to enter in emergency medicine residency program at Johns Hopkins. visit

  6. this is my life dream
    i worked so hard to make it true .. but i faild twice in getting to med school ?
    i'm trying for the third time this year because i can't see my self anywhere else .. i tried everything. architecture .. mining.. elglish.. but i feel like med field is where i belong
    i'm taking the final test after 15 day !
    and i will inshallah ?
    pls pray for me and wish me luck if you saw this comment ?

  7. This is my dream to become a doctor but I am sad because being a doctor is all about having a very good memory power while my memory is so weak ??so plzzz one should assist me out of this problem so that I can continue my this dream .

  8. I dream that i study medecine like that , in my country medecine has the same degree of biologie in Europe countries , why i stay i wanna leave this retardation country by any pathway

  9. My dream since i was little was to be able to say i am a johns hopkins student. The smartest of the smarts go here. I hope to live my dream one of these days.

  10. Doctor my name is areeba and I. From. India plz help me I m suffering for skin problems plzz help me its my no 8864833672 plzz help mee

  11. After been working as ER doctor for 15 years impression is that skills is gone now a days and all technology depend new doctor generation …patient centered is on books real life doctors are more self oriented ….how not to be blamed for missed cases ….

  12. Midical works are diseased scrum, I hope everyone of you beastialtists midical workers die today, and take the disease dog with you.

  13. ER physicians are “ referrologist “
    Even they don’t know how to open simple abscess ?
    Only,, cbc,cxr,ecg,ct>>> then refer

    And sometimes they do ct before Xray ?

  14. se despiertan a las 10 am? eso no es una residencia, son vacaciones… Deberían ir a África a rotar en vez de estar en el Hopkins… (You should have a medical rotation in Africa instead)

  15. All the comments are about Grey’s and Anatomy I was wondering why and when I saw them walk into the bar I was like “Ooohhh”

  16. shut up about greys anatomy- if you want to go into medicine after watching 15 seasons of a tv show i think youre in the wrong field

  17. Hlo….. I am doing my md 2nd yr in belize, central america. I had a doubt that after completing my 2.6 years of basic sciences I am having a desire to do my clinical rotations in US…. Is USMLE step 1 is compulsary to do just clinical rotations (next 2 years after basic sciences) in US? (Not for pg its just clinical rotations)

  18. I have a dream to be a neurologist there as an IMG. Keep fingers crossed for me please ??

    Is there anyone who may share some suggestions by the way, especially for me who got a low score on Step 1 like 223? :((

  19. @G3L0
    Hello YouTube, my name is Dr. Karen Francois, and I am a mother of three beautiful and smart little girls, as well as wife and Attending Anesthesiologist for 5 years. I make this channel in hopes to inspire all girls that they can do the same, at least, if not greater. I want to share my journey to becoming a doctor and also part some wisdom that I gained from others and my own experiences along the way.

  20. I’m only in 8th grade but I want an emergency medince I’ve been watching tips and tricks and things you need to know how to do things on this like I’m so inspired

  21. this made me tear up…i really want to become a doctor, i can’t imagine myself doing anything else ?? just working on a few things for my application, hopefully all goes well

  22. I’m in Junior High, but honestly New Amsterdam and friends have made me maybe want to be a doctor? I’m in all AP classes, but I’m not sure which schools to choose for this path and/or if it would be right for me.

  23. This NOT a child game.REAL LIFE IS CRUEL REALITY NOT Gray anatomy sex party and frustrations .If YOU DONT LIKE PEOPLE,IF YOU CANT GIVE YOURSELF 1000%,better GIVE UP instead to LET SOMEBODY DIE because you DONT KNOW HOW AND WHAT TO DO??????????????????

  24. I'm in medical school .. but i dont want to be a doctor… i love doctors …. but i like to be an architect…. my family forced me to go to medical school … it is too boring for me!

  25. I wanna be a doctor when I grow up, but I don’t know what doctor I wanna be. It must be hard work. Respect all doctors and the people around you. I’m trying my hardest in school just because I wanna be a doctor not a failure. It’s my biggest dream I ever had. And I don’t want it too flop. I’m in fourth grade. I don’t know what it takes to be a doctor. My teacher said that I needed too remember the element table witch have 117 elements ???

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