Taking Charge of Your Health

My name is Larry Cook, and I am here to share
with you that we can all be healthy. Now I understand that you might have a disease or
you may have cancer, or you may be overweight, or you may have any other kind of health condition,
but in reality, we can all be healthy, and the reason why we can all be healthy is because
the body actually knows how to heal itself when given the right conditions. That’s the
most important thing of this entire video that I want you to know about. The body, when
given the right conditions, can heal itself. Let’s talk about conventional medicine. Conventional
medicine is really a process of symptom management. That means if you have some sort of a symptom,
whatever that symptom might be, the western medicine medical model says OK, we’ve identified
that symptom, now let’s use a drug to manage that symptom. It’s really a symptom management
model. This is the most important thing of all. Western medicine is all about managing
symptoms, but it doesn’t actually get to the root cause of the problem or help the body
heal. In fact, as you probably have seen on a gazillion TV ads now and every ad that’s
in a magazine, there are a million side effects associated with lots and lots of drugs and
those side effects are not good for the body. Then you might ask yourself, well why are
there side effects? The side effects are there because what you’re being given is a synthetic
drug that’s been patented so a company can make a lot of money from it, but it doesn’t
actually help your body heal, it just manages the symptom. If it helped your body heal,
you wouldn’t need that drug anymore. Hmm. This is the key. It’s not healing. In fact,
when you hear the phrase, “There’s no cure,” or, “We’re searching for a cure,” or whatever,
that’s because drugs are never going to cure the problem. Drugs are designed to manage
symptoms. Always. Let’s go back to what I originally said. When given the right conditions,
the body knows how to heal itself. This is the key. Let’s jump over to alternative or
natural medicine. Natural medicine says oh, you’re exhibiting these symptoms, well let’s
figure out what the body is doing or not doing or not doing correctly that’s causing these
symptoms to manifest. Then once we’ve figured out what these different root causes of those
symptoms are, we’re going to give the body what it needs so it can get better. This happens
all the time. You just don’t hear about it. You don’t hear about it because the pharmaceutical
industry pretty much advertises in the entire mainstream media, and so mainstream media
makes a lot of money from the pharmaceutical industry, and no one wants to upset that apple
cart, so you’re not going to hear about it unless you do some research and you dig a
little deeper and you ask a few questions and you visit a few natural doctors, and you
start reading some books and you start reading some alternative websites, and pretty soon
you’re like, wait a second, you mean I have diabetes and I don’t have to have diabetes?
You mean I have fibromyalgia and I don’t have to have fibromyalgia? You mean I have some
other, you name the disease, and I don’t actually have to have that disease, I can actually
get better? You should get outraged, and a lot of people are outraged. When they finally
figure out that the body can heal when given the right conditions and that the western
medical model is actually based on treating symptoms and not treating the root cause,
it’s a game changer. It’s a complete game changer, so what have you learned in this
video? You’ve learned that the western medical model treats symptoms with drugs because they’re
patented, which means the pharmaceutical industry will make a lot of money, and that when given
the right conditions, the body can heal itself. Those conditions might include changing your
diet, taking some supplements, doing exercise, maybe doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, maybe
getting a Vitamin C nutritional IV, maybe doing something called hydrotherapy – hot/cold
therapy – maybe doing a detoxification protocol. When you put together all of these different
things that you can do to give your body what it needs, including nutrition, nutritional
supplements, all of a sudden the body goes hey, I have what I need, I’m going to heal.
You know what that’s called? That’s called a cure. That is a cure. The body knows how
to heal itself. What you want to do is live in a way where you are giving your body what
it needs to do it’s very best, and you want to make sure you don’t give your body … You
don’t add to your body things that diminish health. When you consciously do that, that
is called the Healthy Living Lifestyle, or also known as the Natural Living Lifestyle.
It includes dietary change most often, it usually includes taking some supplements,
it definitely includes exercise and exercising on a regular basis, it most likely includes
seeing a natural doctor or a naturopathic doctor, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor,
those specialists who actually get to the root cause of the problem. It may include
doing a chi-building exercises like yoga, and it definitely will include detoxification,
colon cleansing, getting rid of the toxins, because you know what? Our society is extremely
toxic, and when you start putting all of these toxins into your body, inadvertently, like
you’re not necessarily trying to do it but the body starts accumulating and accumulating
and accumulating these toxins, if you don’t get rid of them, you will have a degenerative
disease sooner or later. Your body will start going downhill. You may need to do a detoxification
program, but when you start doing all of these different things: you start deliberately eating
food consciously, organic, whole, fresh food on a regular basis, you start taking some
supplements that help support your body’s function, you start exercising, you go see
a natural doctor who can really figure out what’s going on, and then from there, prescribe
a protocol that will help your body heal even more. Wow, all of a sudden you don’t have
your disease any more. You’ve lost weight. You have more energy. You’re in vibrant health.
That is why you want to adopt a healthy living lifestyle. Now there’s a lot more I could
say. What I’ll say right now is that I have a lot of resources on my website. My new website, you can go over there and take a look, I have a book, I have a DVD,
I have healthy recipes, I offer coaching services, I have all kinds of resources for you that
you can use to start adopting a healthy lifestyle. Some of them are free, some of them cost a
little bit of money, but at the end of the day, if you start moving towards a healthy
lifestyle, you will get better, I guarantee it. That’s all for now. If you liked the video,
please hit the “like” button, and if you want to see more videos like this, please subscribe
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me an email, my email address, my contact information is on my new website,

7 thoughts on “A Healthy Lifestyle Leads To Disease Reversal, Weight Loss, More Energy and Vibrant Health

  1. BTW, those aren't side effects they are effects. The truth is many of these good supplements and vitamins are expensive and these people don't want any thing that's not mostly covered by their insurance. 50 million people right now can't even feed themselves. 

  2. hi Larry, I just watched your video, and I totally agree!! I have muscular dystrophy, and doctor's say there is nothing they can do but give me steroids. Do you believe there is anything I can do on my part to help my body heal?
    Thank you in advance

  3. You piece of shit implied that you know how to cure cancer and that every form of cancer can be prevented. I want you to show your ugly face to people with a terminal disease and tell them that they didn't let their bodies heal themselves.

  4. I'm sorry I can't stand for this if it wasn't for medicine I would be dead. I have had the flu and migraines and asthma and what helped? medicine from doctors. I heard you were the anti-vax king that is not something to be proud of. lately these people you "educate" have been harassing parents that lost their children. I know lots of doctors and both my parents work at a hospital and clinics. I don't think if I'm sick or have a disease i'm not going to think of acupuncture or yoga. how about those supplements? they were made by doctors and patented.

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