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Hi, ladies and gentlemen, I am Doctor Zyrowski
and were back for another video and in this video we are going to talk about a not so
pleasant thing called Sibo. It is spelled Sibo. What it stands for is small intestinal bacterial
overgrowth and essentially what it is, is a bacterial infection in the small intestines. So, what is happening to make it very simple
is that here is two bacteria and possibly the wrong types of bacteria that have found
its way to the wrong place within the gastrointestinal tract. What commonly occurs is the bacteria from
the large intestines finds its way to the small intestines. The symptoms of Sibo are belching, bloating,
cramps, diarrhea, and constipation. None of those symptoms are very pleasant so
if you are having them there is a good chance that you may be suffering from Sibo. The body has many mechanisms in order to help
keep the bacterial count very low within the small intestines. What happens due to things such as a weaken
immune system, chronic stress, low acidity within the gut, poor peristalsis due to a
very poor quality diet and eating habits. All these things can drive more bacteria and
increase the bacteria within the small intestines ten fold. Then what happens from there is everytime
you eat things such as starchy foods, sugars. What happens is you get a bunch of cramps
and bloating. All these types of symptoms we already talked
about and it causes a lot of pain and discomfort. Having a healthy gut goes far beyond just
not having pain and discomfort and bloating and cramps. It goes far beyond that in the way that it
affects thyroid functioning, it affects whether you have brain fog, or whether you are focused
or not. It affects whether or not your able to sleep
well at night. It affects hormone balance, your gut literally
plays a role in keeping your entire body healthy. When these things are occurring in your gut
we don’t want to just focus only the gut itself. We want to really have the understanding that
it is going to affect your whole body at high level. So there for having a healthy gut is very
important for whole body health. Now for the million dollar question can Sibo
be reverse? The answer is positively yes. Now there is a couple ways you don’t want
to go about reversing Sibo and a couple ways that work really well. One of the ways that I see people go is the
route that they take rounds and rounds of antibiotics and I don’t really see that work
to well for them. A matter of fact I see the Sibo actually progress
and get worse. The other route is going the natural route
where people take rounds and rounds of probiotics in things such as enzymes and the problem
is that I don’t see that work either. I actually had a patient who did that for
almost five years and though it helped manage some of the symptoms it did not ever fix the
problem. See with Sibo you need to be taking more of
a specific probiotic. You need to be taking something that helps
clear that bacteria out of the gut. Also, some good quality emzymes but with Sibo
it is very sensitive and you have to take a very specific approach to it, in order to
help get it well. Now, last but not least with Sibo you have
to also follow a very specific Sibo diet. So go ahead and look in the description below
and I will post further information on how you can reverse Sibo. No body likes living with Sibo, it causes
a lot of pain and discomfort so I hope this video gives you some insight as to why you
are having that pain and discomfort that bloating and all that stuff going on with gastroinstestinal
tract and gives you the insight in order to help you move towards better health. Until next time folks, make it a great day!

3 thoughts on “A Holisitc Approach to Sibo

  1. Hi Dr. how can I know if I have SIBO and not IBS? The symptoms are the same. Blotting, cramps , abdominal pain etc, also can you make a video about LOW FODMAP diet? ( my currently diet) thank you so much! 😊

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