Taking Charge of Your Health

♪♪ gentle music ♪♪
»There are things only a mother knows – The first time your
baby does anything, when a shower feels
like an extreme make-over, what it’s like to
become a kinder, stronger, scarier version of yourself.
»Mama? »Then there are those other
things that a mother knows – How to fight the urge to childproof
the world with your very being, that you don’t
always like your child, that it was ever
possible to feel so large and so
small at the same time. That you share
a bond with mothers through the ages
so deep that you will cry when they cry.
[sounds of sobbing] And rejoice when they rejoice. Because we
alone know that everything that
matters in the world sleeps down the
hall, and there is no greater power on
earth than a mother. ♪♪ gentle music ♪♪ Hyland’s. It’s what
mothers have always shared. Pure and
proven care for over 100 years. ♪♪ music fades ♪♪

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