Taking Charge of Your Health

where the rubber meets the road is what
therapies work with real people on a day-to-day basis and so that’s what our thirty two-year
journey has been about is identifying those therapies that are
cost-effective and that produce real results for
the patients that we prescribe them for. In naturopathic medicine one of the first things we learned in philosophy is Herring’s law–that the highest form of
healing is from the inside out, from the top down, that addresses the most vital organ to
the least vital organs. So, the fact that the sound matches the brain waves both in balance and imbalance and that the brain self-modulates really resonated with how we see healing.
And that is how I see Brainwave Optimization working. I see it
working in symphony with the very sophisticated neurotransmitter testing that we do,
the botanical medicines that have a long tradition of effectiveness, the acupuncture and the pain control
methods that we use here. It just fits right in and we’re
very pleased to have it on in our therapeutic arsenal. There are times that I’ll have something
that will come up on a scan or a graph and I’ll be able to go and talk to either Doctor Mike or Doctor Kyle and get more
information and so with our expertise going around
with three of us, we’re able to really help the patient and so, just everything gets enhanced. Our
clients are fairly sophisticated in terms of their health investments, on how they
spend both their time and their financial resources, and they’ve really understood that this is something special. We have
been, I would estimate, about eighty-five percent
full in these, you know, last nine weeks. We’re
blessed to have a good technologist who got excellent training and we’re seeing good, strong results and so, from the business standpoint, it’s
been very successful for us.

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