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100 thoughts on “A Reiki Hair Treatment to Heal Your Soul | The SASS with Susan and Sharzad

  1. sorry but this is occult nonsense. “that’s what we call jumping off”? that’s what i call gravity. who wants to pick rocks at the hair salon?

  2. Ugh but it would be great if you guys could recommend these treatments in Miami or other cities for those of us that don’t live in LA

  3. Oooooo I would SO love this! Gosh I wish they had Reiki hair therapy here!! I gotta move to LA then! LOL 😂

  4. Interesting and awesome video. How would you find someone like that in my city? Great job you two.

  5. Looks amazing. But one thing would ruin it for me totally and that is the hair washing chair. This chair is simply hell. And what a lot people dont know is that the chair and the neck position it gives you can cause a stroke. And then the terapist is also putting more pressure on the neck while massaging and pushing on the face. It just gives me chills… brrrrrr

  6. Everytime I see your intro, with the dancing around, it so reminds me of Tina Fey's Liz Lemon in the episode where she's about to host a show. I thought you were being ironic, til I realised this was actually your serious intro. Don't mind the show otherwise, its just the intro that is cringetastic.

  7. The hairstylist described Reiki as ancient, it's not. It was created in the early 20th century by Usui Mikao. Not ancient, just felt like sharing this.

  8. I usually don’t believe in those kinds of things but this was so interesting and seemed very healing

  9. You girls ROCK! I love this video and all the ones I have seen so far! Can't wait to check out more!

  10. She picked a comb AFTER she seen it. Talking about she's attracted to girlie things! Honey you seen it. Then they're reading the words off of picked cards. People are really blind.

  11. Making them sniff oils that calms them. Lol… And oils and water will give your hair Great effects. Blacks been doing it for ages.

  12. Thank you so much. 💓 This might be hard to believe, but I've just seen that Sri Avinash in Australia is now transmitting the enlightened state publicly, called the Satori Transmission. 👐 People are experiencing a taste of enlightenment through him within minutes. It just seems so rare and amazingly precious that I felt the need to share about it. He's full on doing it. Go check it out! #satoritransmission 🙌💕

  13. Aah Sharzad’s reading seemed so spot on from a viewer’s perspective (or at least this viewer’s perspective)
    This channel and their positivity definitely inspire me to love and care for myself more

  14. For everyone saying that they don't believe in this or that it's occult, move on. Don't be so quick to be judgemental and critical. I don't believe in Christianity or organized religion so I don't go watch videos that will include such things. Don't just click on it to cluck.

  15. I always think these types of readings are just fun to do. It’s interesting and creative.
    You don’t have to believe, but keep an open mind and you’ll give yourself a good experience 💕🌸

  16. Both of you are gorgeous women! I really love to watch the sass because both of you are really respectful and elegant and humble/demure.
    You both present yourself in a way that is really nice to watch

  17. Awesome. I love the combination. I wished she would explain where and how she used the oils after choosing them and also what the tool she used meant!😍

  18. If reiki is from god, then why it never COMPLETELY heal the subject????? Why it never re-construct a cut-off limb? why it doesnt cure cancer? – what so called god does it draw the power from? buddha, wishnu, manitoo, holy-cow????? Goullible idiots, with golden wisdom, cristals, and all this medieval crap! chackras, metaphisical, stones, cristals, action, balancing! what is wrong with reality vs pure CRAZY! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

  19. Guys, heads up – Reiki and card reading is not a game. Opening those spiritual doors to whatever is a VERY BAD idea. Whether you think it's baloney or real, please don't engage.

  20. Rewatching this Reiki Treatment and at 11:10 Sharzad's reading hints a girl Susan's the future! So crazy!

  21. I often feel like Susan doesn't take things seriously. I get that she's bubbly, but she comes off as everything is just a joke. It's clear that this is this woman's passion and something she cares a lot about. Susan comes off as a child that can't settle down and learn.

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