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Approximately one in 10 adults
suffers from restless leg syndrome. A
neurological sleep related movement
disorder, which is associated with
unpleasant sensation in the legs and an
uncontrollable overwhelming urge to move
them. But now there is a
revolutionary drug-free therapy for the
treatment of RLS called Restiffic. Here to talk
about this innovative product is Sandie
Yeaman who suffers from RLS her husband
Paul and Dr. Daniel Olson who specializes
in podiatric medicine. Thank you
all so much for being here. And Sandie you must be
thinking finally a drug-free way,
something that is helping me but before you
talk about that, tell me about what
life was like before. Life with
restless legs is miserable. It absolutely controls every
aspect of your life, from your waking
moment in the morning, till you try to go to
sleep at night. It is, just exactly how
you explained it, it’s
uncontrollable, you absolutely have to move your
legs. We
couldn’t go to church, we couldn’t go to
visit our grandchildren, we couldn’t, I
couldn’t be in the car for any length of
time. I’d be, “stop the car I got to
get out, I got to stretch my legs” and
you know you could move them but it
starts all over again. When I was
pregnant, I had restless leg syndrome for just a
few months and for me it was really
tough at night and it was hard to
sleep. Was
it the same for you? Absolutely, I didn’t sleep, you
just can’t. I would be awake all hours of
the night or maybe I do a little catnap
and then I I’d wake up because my legs were
restless again. I had
difficulty sleeping in the same bed with my
husband. He had a he put a pillow down
between us because I’d moved my legs and
I’d be kicking him and I’d be all over
the bed. Paul in an effort to help your
wife you searched the internet and your
persistence really paid off. I found Restiffic foot wraps on
the Internet. There was a drug free
possible treatment for restless legs. She was very skeptical about it
but it doesn’t involve drugs and she
took so many different drugs, they
basically just didn’t really solve the problem. She couldn’t sleep at night. She catnap
during the daytime, she was always in a
lesser good mood. She just didn’t really have
energy to do things that she wanted to do. She’s great
outside gardening and stuff. Didn’t have
the energy to do it. These were Restiffic foot wraps,
changed her life and in doing so changed my
life as well. Sandie was a skeptic, Dr.
Olson, I’m sure you deal with a lot of
people who feel the same way that she did. Now tell me how it works. Restiffic is
an FDA cleared medical device that’s a
foot wrap, that applies pressure to the
foot when someone’s at rest. Like when
they’re reading a book, or watching TV, or
of course trying to go to sleep. That’s a
great point. You know I
couldn’t read a book before but you know when I
put these on, they’re very
comfortable, they’re easy to put on. You
know I can do it, Paul sometimes helps me put
them on and they actually feel good. And I
hear that from my patients who, you know
suffer for so long and the medicines
often don’t work or they have severe
side effects. So they’re just
looking for some alternative treatment. It
should be noted that, you don’t use them
while you’re walking around it is a
sedentary device. So it’s not just for
bedtime either, you could wear them
while reading a book, watching television you
know that nature. That’s a great point. I wore them on the airplane. I
had just a touch of restless leg and I
could feel it coming on and I pulled
him out of my purse, because I carry
them with me. And
aren’t you glad you had them? Absolutely! And I put him on the airplane
and they were gone I took them off before
we landed. That’s great, what a
quick fix and you said you need a
prescription. So you
can get these at any pharmacy? Any
traditional pharmacy of course but again
also online. Go to but again you need that
prescription, so it’s important for the physicians out
there to understand we finally have
something for a restless leg syndrome that
is drug free. It’s very safe and very
effective. And you two are doing so much
more now. Tell me how life has changed. Well we’re
able to travel. You know we go
to see our grandkids, we’ve traveled
a bit now, we actually went to a movie
for the first time. We’ve gone
to the movie before but I could never
sit still through it. I’d be up and I’d
be standing in the back of the theater
and so you know I just quit going but
now you know we went and actually sat
through the whole movie. That was great. It’s
life-changing for me as her caregiver and for anyone
out there that is it, whose mother,
whose wife, whose husband, whose son or
daughter that’s suffers from it, they go
through with them. I mean it’s agonizing to see
them in pain like that and when this
came along these Restiffics changed her
life and my life as well. Even our
dogs are happy (Laughter) because you
know of course they like to sit in our lay in my lap
and they couldn’t, they would be up
there for a moment and as soon as my legs
would take on a life of their own
they’d be gone. Yep under the couch. Well
thank you guys so much for coming and for
sharing your expertise and for sharing
your story. Oh thank you for having
us. Your Welcome. For more information about
Restiffic go to or visit
our website

19 thoughts on “A revolutionary drug-free therapy for Restless Legs Syndrome

  1. Once it’s a prescription it’s costly this is why they never mentioned it
    So usually when they don’t talk the price when u go to buy them never mind restless legs now you will have a fucken heart prob

  2. $200 dollars for these is extortionate.was $350, pure greed to get money from desperate sufferers, (including me)I would be sceptical to try this but the price puts me right off.only been tested in America on 30 people,you say signs look promising. no scientific evidence to prove this system works

  3. Bull shit!!!! There are different types of RL. Sometimes just getting you back adjusted helps sometimes it’s iron and sometimes is potassium and magnesium. So how does this help when it’s in your arms and body?
    Just a money grab and you need a prescription for something that puts pressure on your foot. Just wrap your feet in a tensor bandage.

  4. I had it for 3 months now. It only affects my left leg and dipping it in ice cold water has been helping but it was winter time so i hated it but the pain went away for about 2 hrs. Sometimes i woke up twice in the middle of the night. Hot water or shower made the pain worse for me. I finally went to CVS and bought something called long life pad. It's small battery operated item that has to small pads connected to it. It's as good as the ice cold water but at least it's not freezing cold. It was about $45. Nowadays i feel the pain but it's bearable and i sleep through it. No more ice cold water or massaging pad.

  5. I just slam my feet as hard as i can on the floor for about a hour every night tell it goes away

  6. I take quinine, one tablet a day ,for 2 years nearly , it practically worked right away , I still take , and I take magnesium honey and black pepper , not long started this but it is a great antibiotic, I have had 3 major opps , but I am beginning to get my life back , restless legs are the worst

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