Taking Charge of Your Health

what makes me different from other
practitioners as I’m not looking at your symptoms as your problem yes you might
come in with cancer or autoimmunity or cardiovascular disease. I even have people coming in my clinic just to lose a little weight or maybe some athlete who really wants
to get the best from their their body. Do your symptoms arise from toxicity
in your body? Do they arise from an inflammatory state?
Do they arise from a gut brain immune connection imbalance? Do they arise from
adrenaline imbalance? You know and if we want to look at that even
deeper what’s going on in our lifestyle? How do we breathe, how do we drink, how do we eat, how do we sleep? How do we move? Do we get out in the Sun every day and and really where are we from a mental / emotional perspective? Are you walking around like this big
stress ball every day so we need to get into those simple
basic areas first then we look at some of the underlying
functions in the body and you know what, when you get to that,
the symptom issues can generally take care of themselves.

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