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HLT61012 Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine. Nutritional Medicine is all about using food,
diet and nutritional supplements to help the body to support itself, and to be as fit and
healthy as it possibly can be. Graduates from the Advanced Diploma of Nutritional
Medicine have the opportunity to start their own practice, or to work as a nutritional
therapist within a lot of different community settings. They can work in pharmacy, work
in healthcare shops, and can also provide private consultations. At Australis, we also have clinical practical
days, and they’re a great chance for us all to get together, meet face to face, and to
actually discuss and practice what you have been learning about nutritional medicine in
theory. There are so many reasons why you should study
with Australis College, such as a team of really dedicated and passionate staff, and
the college comes to you, so that we travel around the country facilitating workshops.
We offer a blended flexible delivery style of learning, and we are here every step of
the way, to help you be successful in your studies. At Australis, you’ve got passionate trainers,
who are here to support you, so the next step is yours. Study your passion, study nutritional medicine. Australis natural Health College – A fresh
perspective in Natural Health.
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