Taking Charge of Your Health

We looked at it and we said well, let’s take this out. We need something front of stage, and we
want to go big. So we get with our architect, and we came up with Hap & Harry’s Taproom. People that wanted premium groups with connectivity,
where they could own a space, we just didn’t have it. We didn’t have it front of stage. We didn’t have it back of stage. So this being front of stage really helps
us connect with those customers. We’ve got 33 fixed seats. We’ve got 12 barstools behind. And this thing can easily do 50 when
we shift furniture and things around. Hap & Harry’s was really a result of a
need that we couldn’t fulfill previously. We never had a product that really could cater to a large corporate event of 40, 50, 60 people
in a comfortable premium environment. It’s an event-night property. It’s an event-
night rental, and it’s an all-inclusive product. So we’ve had a lot of success in all-inclusive products. We feel like when the customer pays one fee,
there’s no plus-plus, there’s no added charges, there’s no tax, there’s no hidden fees,
it really works for us. It gives us a complete turnkey product with
full buffet, full bar, beer, wine, spirits included, and a personal and private
bartender throughout the event, so we really see this catering towards the
corporate community for holiday parties, for large networking events, really the
sky’s the limit on how it can be used, how companies can use it throughout the year,
and we’re excited to see what comes from it. Our fans drive how we renovate and what we renovate. It’s a million-dollar renovation
to an old concession stand. Why we built it was Fortune 100, Fortune 50
companies that we just couldn’t service us here.

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