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Hi, I’m Jordan Rubin. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today where we
share powerful information to transform your health, because we believe food is medicine. Today, we’re going to talk about a subject
that I believe touches virtually everyone, and it is acne. Acne and blemishes obviously affects those
in puberty, teenagers in particular, men more than women. But as you can see in this picture, females
are also prone to acne and it not only can destroy your self-esteem but it can lead to
the use of dangerous oral and topical medications in addition to meaning something more than
skin-deep. Bottom line, if you have acne, there’s internal
issues. And we’re going to share with you how to reduce
pimples and acne no matter what age you are, because I know plenty of people that are in
their 30s, 40s, and 50s that still get breakouts. You don’t need to necessarily turn to medicine
first because we believe food is medicine. Folks, one of the most popular acne medications
that was prescribed when I was a child, teenager rather, was Accutane. Accutane has now been shown to cause inflammatory
bowel disease. So we want to make sure that we fight acne
the natural way. And today on ancient medicine, I’m going to
share with you eight proven acne fighters. So if you know anyone who needs this information,
make sure to click that share button right now. Get this information to them because we are
here giving you natural alternatives to transform your health. Number one, eliminate gluten. Acne, folks, originates here. Your skin is a reflection of your internal
environment, particularly your gut. If you have severe acne, I recommend you eliminate
that sticky protein in wheat, rye and barley. Just do it for two weeks and see if you don’t
reap great results. I actually do believe grains can be healthy. I recommend sprouted or sourdough, and there
are some heirloom varieties of gluten-containing grains. But if you’re dealing with acne, your teenager’s
dealing with acne, cut out the gluten, no wheat rye or barley, and I believe that is
a good start to eliminating some of the inflammatory conditions internally that erupt on the skin. Number two, no dairy. Now I am a big fan of dairy, raw, pasture-raised,
fermented, A2, all those cool things. But I believe many people that have skin issues
are sensitive to a protein that is in almost all dairy called “beta-casein A1.” Without getting into too many details, milk
can be deleterious to your skin. If you’ve got breakouts, try to eliminate
both gluten and dairy, you will be amazed at the results, and it’ll start to show up
or rather not show up in as little as a week, but give it three weeks and you’ll see improvements
in my opinion. Now, if you were wanting to consume some dairy,
fermented is always better. So a true yogurt, kefir, amasi, or a raw cheese
is going to be better than a milk or an ice cream. We know there’s lots of alternatives but the
heart of improving your skin, in my opinion, involves reducing or eliminating gluten and
dairy, so your gut can be free and your skin can be beautiful. Number three, consume fermented foods. Pictured there, are fermented veggies. Fermented foods contain organic acids and
probiotics. Again, it’s all about the gut. I’m telling you, you get your gut straight,
your skin will be beautiful. And if you have skin issues, sure some people
have oily skin, sure it is genetic. In my case, I suffered with some acne, my
dad had acne, his dad had acne, but you know what, my son is not going to have acne because
we are doing great things for his health to allow him to cleanse and keep his gut in good
order. So consume fermented foods, there are some
really wonderful brands. I’m here at the Dr. Axe studio in Tennessee. And last night when I arrived, I had a delicious
sauerkraut and raw pickle treat, and that is so good for the gut, lactobacillus plantarum,
a probiotic in sauerkraut, great for the gut and for the skin. Number four, tea tree essential oil. This is amazing for acne. Tea tree oil can be applied either directly
to blemishes or you may want to dilute it in a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, or
olive oil, or almond oil, or rosehip seed, whichever oil, you have avocado, because it
is pretty strong. I often use tea tree oil directly, but you
want to be careful around the eyes, and you want to make sure just to use a little bit. If you already have oily skin, adding more
carrier oil might not be ideal. But tea tree oil, melaleuca oil is absolutely
amazing. It is clinically studied to help destroy the
bacteria that feast on the imbalance of oils in your skin because acne is about the gut. But it’s also about an imbalance in hormones
and oils which is why people say acne is prone to happen for women around their monthly cycle,
and certainly for teenagers in the throes of puberty. Bacteria are involved, they’re not the only
cause. Inflammation’s there, it’s not the cause. I really believe it’s the gut. I believe its hormone imbalance. I believe we can improve all of it. But folks, here’s the deal, with acne, you
just feel like you want to do something topical, I think tea tree oil, as well as many other
essential oils is a great way to go because it is antimicrobial to the Nth degree. We’re here on Ancient Medicine Today discussing
eight proven acne fighters. So if you’ve got breakouts, you’ve got blemishes,
nothing has worked. Stay tuned, but also share this message with
others. There are so many people who need this information. If you’re liking this, click your “like button.” Certainly, share this information with others
that need it. The fifth acne fighter, another essential
oil called frankincense. Tea tree oil is great to destroy bacteria. Frankincense oil is great as an anti-inflammatory. That is an amazing one-two punch for acne. In fact, why not mix them both? Take a little bit of tea tree oil, a little
bit of frankincense, you can mix it again in olive oil or coconut oil, that is an amazing
dab for blemishes at night. Again, essential oils are strong, so you want
to avoid the eye area. Frankincense essential oil can be used internally,
as long as it’s labeled as a dietary supplement, and certified organic. I recommend two or more drops of frankincense
oil three or more times a day, internally, to reduce inflammation, and help build a healthy
environment in your gut which will lead to healthy skin. Speaking of anti-inflammatories, none are
better than turmeric. Consuming turmeric as a spice in a supplement
or in an infusion or a tea is absolutely amazing. It’s great for the gut, and it’s a powerful
anti-inflammatory in its own right. I recommend consuming turmeric every day to
support that inflammation balance in your body. I think turmeric is a great secret weapon
to fight acne, and with its anti-oxidants, to promote beautiful skin. Number seven, the seventh acne fighter is
probiotics. Now, we talked about fermented foods, but
you can also consume probiotics and supplements. When it comes to acne, I believe the probiotics
you want to look for are called “soil-based organisms.” I’ve used these for nearly 20 years, and I’ve
seen amazing results in people that had skin conditions. So taking a probiotic daily along with consuming
fermented foods are a great way to get probiotics into your diet. And number eight, could be my favorite food
for your skin, bone broth. Consuming bone broth with its collagen, chondroitin
and glucosamine, can be anti-inflammatory. Consuming hyaluronic acid can be great, not
only for your joints but also for your skin. It is a beauty product supreme. Those are absolutely amazing, and can make
a big, big difference in the health of your skin. I recommend consuming one to three cups of
bone broth a day. You can make it. We have recipes on the website. You can buy it at your local health food store,
grocery store, or you can consume a protein powder made from bone broth, which is what
myself and Dr. Axe do each and every day. Make sure to get it in. It is the ultimate food to boost your internal
and external health. I’m here, Jordan Rubin for Dr. Josh Axe, Ancient
Medicine Today, eight proven acne fighters. Millions of people are struggling with acne. You know that because you see the infomercials. You see the commercials for pharmaceuticals. Acne is an issue, it destroys your self-confidence. It’s really, really hard for people to deal
with this. But it means more than just your skin. Acne is an external reflection of your internal
environment. And we gave eight tips on how to transform
the health of your skin, reduce blemishes and acne. I’m going to go over them real quick. Number one, eliminate gluten. We want to remove this offensive protein that’s
found in wheat, rye and barley. It helps your gut, and it will reduce inflammation. Number two, reduce dairy, because most dairy
has that inflammatory protein called beta-casein A1. If you must consume dairy, consume goat or
sheep. Yogurt or kefir is a little better because
it’s fermented, but I would recommend avoiding gluten and dairy for three weeks, and see
how it improves your skin. Number three, consume fermented foods. Sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, miso, those
are all amazing sources of probiotics, enzymes and organic acids that are wonderful for your
skin in all ways, and of course, good for your gut. Number four, tea tree oil topically for your
blemishes and breakouts. Dilute it or dab directly on your pimples,
and it has antibacterial benefits that will be awesome. If you’re really sensitive, remember mix tea
tree oil with what we call a carrier oil. Number five, frankincense essential oil topically
as an anti-inflammatory. Great with tea tree oil internally, to help
calm inflammation on the inside. I believe it is phenomenal. Two to three drops, three or more times a
day internally. Put it directly on the skin. Frankincense is gentle so you may not even
need a carrier oil. Number six, turmeric supplements, tea, eat
it as a spice. It’s anti-inflammatory, it’s antioxidant,
and it’s great for your skin, do it every day. Probiotics, take supplements to supplement
your fermented food intake. Look for soil-based organisms or SBOs, because
those probiotics, I believe, work on a deep level, and it will be reflected in your beautiful
skin. And last but not least, the eighth acne fighters,
bone broth. One to three cups a day. Buy it. Make it. Use it in a powder. Bone broth contains nutrients and beneficial
compounds that are great for your insides and you’re outside. So if you’re somebody who’s been bogged down
with acne, or if you have a teenage child, this information is critical, and we’re here
every day on Ancient Medicine Today to help you understand that food is medicine and how
best to use it. If you’ve enjoyed this message, click your
“share button”. Make sure that others see how they can improve
their skin, because we say this every program, you’re not just going to get benefits skin-deep,
you’re going to get internal benefits. You’re going to get benefits for your joints. You’re going to get benefits for your immune
system. These eight acne fighters can transform your
health in more ways than one. I’m Jordan Rubin on behalf of Dr. Josh Axe,
wishing you amazing health. And remember, we are here each and every day,
10:30 a.m. Central Time, right here on Ancient Medicine
Today, giving you amazing topics and powerful information to transform your health. See you tomorrow, and God bless.

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  2. I found out that by not eating anything that contains wheat, milk or large amounts of sugar, I was able to eliminate all of my acne issues. Btw I used to be on accutane and all the alphabet topical creams….wish I knew this when I was back in my teen years

  3. In terms of supplements I would recommend Vitamin D and Zinc. In addition, try to get your omega 3's in through salmon, mackerel, sardines etc. Also some of those oils you mentioned can be highly comedogenic, such as coconut, so need to be careful when applying them to the skin.

  4. what about sugar it should be the number 1 thing to eliminate. .sugar was the main cause of my acne …i stopped sugar and my acne stopped. .

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  7. I'm 47. Battling acne and cystic acne my whole life. Definately try all of these things first. Try everything! All I have to say is that my derm suggested accutane/zenatane and I finally said yes. I can't believe I waited so long. Worst side effect was dry lips. I'm so happy.

  8. thank you for the valuable information. I love turmeric and I have taken supplements in the past but I always had to discontinue after 1 week. My skin would turn orangey yellow. What would you recommend to avoid this? golden milk?

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  21. here's a few ideas for relieving acne naturally
    Ensure you eat enough fruit and vegetables.
    Make sure you have enough sleep
    Avoid food that is processed or contains preservatives
    make use of low or no sugar foods.
    (I read these and the reasons they work on Ayanas acne blog website )

  22. I agree milk makes me have more acne. But if I consume turmeric alone it is not as effective. I mix turmeric starch and honey and milk and it is extremely visibly effective. Much better than turmeric starch with lemon and honey. Don't know why

  23. Sir here is my doubt, u said that 'no dairy' in 2nd point..but u also said consume fermented foods as mentioned in 3rd point…but milk is a dairy food as well as comes in fermented food…so is it good to drink milk..?

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  25. Always Gluten and Dairy gets picked on, there are countless of ppl who eat both everyday of their life and don't get any acne. I wish doctors would concentrate on fixing the dietary deficiencies instead of removing ingredients permanently. Removing irritants is not the issue, restoring internal homeostasis just like all the ppl who eat gluten and dairy is. (Celiacs and lactose intolerant folks aside)
    deficiency and poorly functioning internal organs and internal processes need to be addressed imo.

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  30. i had it extremely bad too……… and the only cure that worked for me was WATER…… H2O, FREE…… IT'S THE ONLY THING THAT REALLY WORKS. make sure to drink at least 8-10 oz every 2 hours and you will see a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE.

  31. I couldn't agree more that food is medicine. I almost died from a bone marrow disease and got down to 89lbs at 5'10". I learned a lot through my research on natural healing and foods such as fermented cabbage. Yummy! Lol and very good for you and your intestinal flora.

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  35. Probiotics are necessary
    Do a 3 day bone broth fast and anti bacterial herbs after 3 days of that add lots of probiotics!!! Boom acne solved.

  36. When I went to the dermatologist in the 90's, when I was in high school, I asked the dermatologist if food could affect acne. She laughed at me and said "some people think pizza and chocolate can cause acne but acne can only be caused by blocked pores". Then she went on a rant about natural remedies. Ancient remedies huh? I wish more Dr.'s thought like you guys. ❤ I stopped eating dairy for three weeks ( I have a dairy addiction) and half of my acne that has been perminate since pubrity, went away.

  37. 1. eliminate gluten
    2. no dairy (fermented is better if you really want it)
    3. fermented foods
    4. tea tree oil
    5. frankincense oil
    6. turmeric
    8. probiotics
    9. bone broth

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