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hi friends welcome back to my channel Today i am going to share with you acupressure point to detox your body Now a days we are conscious about our health We eat healthy food ,green vegetables, fruits still we get ill Why we get ill if we are eating healthy food so the reason behind it is the pesticides and preservatives used in the food it increases the toxins in our body and also the makeup products we use like body lotions hair colors hair dye it increases the toxins level in our body To reduce toxins from our body acupressure therapy has amazing detoxification point name as lever 3 Let see the point This is my right hand select the middle finger upper joint upper area to wards the thumb We will mark this point This is really a great point for detoxification This point is bilateral means this point is available on both the hands Now lets mark the left hand point On the left hand middle finger upper joint middle area to wards thumb The method is same as shown in the previous videos Take paper tape stick fenugreek seed on it and apply it on the point We can keep it like this for 8-9 hours or overnight This is a great point to detox your body Stimulate this point Friends acupressure therapy is a simple way to cure problems we can use this method when we are at work or home or anywhere So try this at your home and share your experiences with me.

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  1. Maujhe Skin ki Beemari Hai to Methi Daane Ke Alava Kuch aur Laga Sakta Hoon Sello Tep Me Methi ke daane Se Heat Paida Hogi Body Me

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