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we are with Cecilia Surbano holistic therapist what is Reiki ? is it an energy healing ? yes someone called it Reiki , but I like to call it energy healing because I think that is the essence of this therapy everything is energy everything works with energy, our bodies too energy is everything , the universe was made from energy can everybody do Reiki? yes, everybody can do it unless someone who has a mental illness or a physical impairment it is natural in human being when we have a pain we used to put our hands on that part of our body instinctively the same happens when a child is hurt the mother puts her hands to relieve the pain and that is Reiki well, it is confirmed that everything is energy there’s many scientists like Gregg Braden a world-renowned scientist who became more famous with the subject of healing and he says that thoughts plus emotions plus feelings is the base of healing yes, those have to be aligned, I call them mind, body and spirit these are the 3 main bodies that human being have and they have to be aligned, that means that what I feel has to be related with what I think and with my actions too most of the times we follow our mind more then our feelings so when these bodies are not aligned there is an unbalance and is when the illness appear? yes and the stress shows up too, the stress is the consequence to not have those 3 main bodies aligned this is like to having 2 legs and one wants to walk toward north and the other toward south, it is imposible, we won’t get anywhere and we ended stressed out Reiki is one of the tools that we have to heal ourselves and others this can be done remotely yes, yes off course as I said, energy is everywhere and penetrates everything, everything that exists in the Universe then everything is connected and thought is also energy and travels at the speed of light then, if we have a positive thinking and an emotion and we send them to a person who is elsewhere in the world , of course he will get it and if the other person is aware of it , the effect will be much deeper in one of the videos of Gregg Braden, I remember he gave an example of a group of doctors, 3 doctors have cured a woman’s tumor, during a live video only with Reiki, by laying on hands or something like that yes, I think it was a different technique but very similar and yes, by laying on hands and chanting mantras that meant that the woman was already healed They visualized the woman healed and then happened what people called miracle but we know that is something natural the new physics or quantum physics different from conventional one says that everything is energy and that energy contains information and that energy is not destroyed but is transformed and that’s what allows us to do miracles by laying on hands or through Reiki but actually those who think like us, know that it is not miracles but a reality It is so and how it works? what quantum physics says it is that everything is connected and that the particles act according to the observer, that is ourselves that’s why we can modify events, we can heal, we can get ill through thought , energetically that’s from the observer point of view, right? we are contemplating a particular situation and according to how we decided to see it, it will be the result? exactly for example… If I have the idea or believe that is very difficult to get money and I think I can only earn it with sacrifice and hard work that’s my point of view, the observer’s point of view This thought will limit me ? yes and how can we change this? we’re like magnets, the human energy is electromagnetic that means we magnetize as magnets according to the polarity we use either negative or positive, we will attract more of the same That means that , as you said , if I think I can only get money through hard work and sacrifice and doing something I do not like that’s what I’ll get, and all situations in my life will work together to reaffirm my belief when I change my belief understanding that I can create whatever I want in my life and the way I want then, by changing the belief in my mind , thoughts change too, and then automatically, I start attracting, like a magnet , different situations that reinforce the new belief are you offering nutritional sessions? it is based on the nutrients that the person needs, every person is different, every diet is different and the first thing I do is a study of the person’s lifestyle, what are the emotions that this person has, what type of diet, etc and based on that study, I determine the type of treatment that the person needs Cecilia, thank you very much for being with us and sharing your knowledge with all those who are looking for what we have always known and we are remembering at this moment. Exactly, thanks to you Judit to give me the opportunity to share. Thank you. Cecilia Surbano-Georgian 407-399-2848 [email protected]

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