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100 thoughts on “All About Vitamin C for Skin from Product Recommendation to Ingredient Combination | Do & Don’t

  1. Thank you Wishtrend for all the informative videos! I have been purchasing a lot of products and sometimes I was not sure if a product matched with another one, so now with these videos I can really match the ones I have. I'm very happy, excited and waiting for the new products ^_^

  2. Hi! Does this mean I shoudn't use cosrx pimple clear pads and vitamin c in the same routine, as the pimple pads contain BHA? o.o

  3. Thank you for the video, very helpful plus I notes that Eunice face matches her body, I know it's a culture thing having the face lighter!😯😯😯

  4. Can I use a benzoyl peroxide face wash in the morning but then use a salicylic acid face wash at night and only apply Vit C serum at night?

  5. ‪Hi! I would just like to ask if I can apply skinmiso corset pore serum after klairs vit c serum? Or which go first? I plan to use both in the evening, because my face is very oily in the morning and I have to go to work. Thanks! ‬

  6. Can we use klairs rich moist soothing cream with vitamin C 21.5 serum?
    Because here it says Vit C 21.5 serum cant be use with klairs toner.
    So, i am curious if it can be use with the cream.

  7. Wishtrend, I need you help. Now, I use Vitamin Tree cream of I'm from. I really want to my skin brighter but I don't know how mix it with serum. Can you help me?

  8. Hi Eunice and Freya, thanks you for the informative video. Just wanted to ask, if we are using vitamin C 21.5, we shouldn't be using any exfoliant, right?

  9. hi Eunice please help me . is this oke for skin?
    >neutrogena oil to form cleanser > toner > its skin vit c effector > cosrx 96 snail mucin essence > dr morita moisturizer

  10. what if I use the cosrx pimple clear pad (i use it as toner) and snail cream with klairs vit drops, would that be okay? 😮 this is for my nightly routine btw

  11. I bought the Skinmisso Pore Zero Night Cream, the ingredients says it has Niacinamide so I am not sure if the ingredients have changed because in the video says that this cream is an Arbutin so it can be mix with vitamin C. But otherwise if it have Niacinamide then it couldn´t be mixed.

  12. hey i think the vitamin c serum might be breaking me out, is it normal for that to happen when you first use it? will it eventually stop breaking me out?

  13. Hi! Can I use the klairs freshly juiced vitamin c serum with cosrx snail mucin essence? I heard it doesn't work well together.

  14. DONTs
    – Niacinamide
    – Benzoyl peroxide
    – Collagen

    – Vitamin E
    – Essence, serum or anything rich in hydration
    – Arbutin
    – Peptide

    You're welcome 😊

  15. You guys, sunrays in general can harm beauty products, so most of the time I leave my product in the packaging so it is always protected.
    Of course the fridge would be the best solution.

  16. I wanna try the vitamin c with zero pore cream, but in the description says the cream have a niacinamide so what I have to do? Use or not?

  17. Hi I have a question about the DONT use collagen and Vitamin C because I take these supplements with 100mg collagen in them, if so is it okay to use vitamin c then?

  18. Stumbled upon this video & instantly became a new subscriber! I needed this information… this series seems super informative and helpful, thank you 🙂

  19. Anybody here who have tried their vit c serum? i want to try it but rarely see reviews about that product that's why i'm a bit scared to try

  20. can you please help me, does vitamin c thicken skin because i need to use it around eyes to thicken it and firm my eyelid?

  21. What do you mean by "use these ingredients in different routines".
    For example, lets say you use CosRx Galactomyces (that contains niancimamide) in the morning. Then, you should not use Vit C that same morning, but you could use it at night?
    Or it must used on a different night…or week?

  22. I know AHA and Vitamin C should not be used for serums. But does it apply to an AHA toner from The Ordinary and the Vitamin C from The Ordinary?

  23. Hi .. i just wonder when to use both vitamin c+e only at night better?? So we mix it together on hands first? Or i use vitamin c first then next vitamin e? I just didnt get it 🙁

  24. It's actually scientifically proven that vitamin c PROTECTS our skin from uv rays, especially in combination with vitamin e. So it's perfectly fine to use it in the morning. But apply sunscreen afterwards regardless. Never forget the sunscreen, kids! 🙂

  25. Yes l lovvvvvve video's like this, however i want to go a step further what can we use on our body and neck? Can we use this product's too what about our legs and arm's l want my body to look good frm head to toe. I'm light skin and in about to turn 42 in April now most ppl dnt think l'm 41 and l do look good for my age but l ALWAYS want to find something to keep my skin moisturized even tone and brighten. PLEASE help a old girl out😜 thank you l truly love channel yall are the best when comes down to explain things and you talk to all different kinds of age and race which I love and Its very important you just don't have any ideas on how extremely important that is to women like me thank you for ALL Of Your Hard Work💗

  26. So the vitamin c serum should be kept away from the sun but you can still wear it even if its sunny and go outside? Sorry for the dumb questions i'm just really confused

  27. hello..can u kindly help me with my query…Is it okay to use nivea cold cream after using Vitamin C serum? it a good combination?

  28. Can i use apple cider vinegar toner at the morning while using C 21.5 vitamin c serum at night ? Need help please !❤ Thanks in advance

  29. Hi. Pls dere are a lot of vital questions that hav not been answered looking at the comments section.
    E.g. is it ok to use a retinol toner and a vitamin c serum afterwards and also it is ok to use a vitamin c serum then a rose hip oil as a moisturiser afterwards. Pls Kindly answer. Thank u

  30. Donw for like and suscribe. But im so new for evwry beauty product. So i didnt know how to use them. In evwry product you reccommend how i can use that. I mean what am i going to put first and follow. Please answer me. Thank you.

  31. Hi. Is it ok to wash my face with CosRx Salicylic Acid cleanser then use Vit C toner afterwards? Thanks

  32. help me please. can i use a facial foam with niacinamide if i am using vitamin c serum? please i'm scared because i don't know.

  33. If we use niacinamide mix cream in day and vitamin c serum in night time is it good for the skin plz reply me

  34. thanks definitely an informative video! I just add vit c serum to my moisturiser and it helps nourish the skin as i got dry skin and vit c serum by urself on dry skin is a recipe for disaster! Btw r u sponsored by Klaris??

  35. Hi when i use vit serum after can i use vegetable glycerin ? Also my cleanser has nacanmid and hyularic acid can i use vit c seruem after use my cleanser or not? Plaase kindly reply me . Thanks

  36. Hi is klairs vitamin c good to use with the ordinary toning solution (glycolic acid)?? Will really appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance

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