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Chronic and recurring pains in the knees,
shoulders, back, wrists, and other parts of the body may be symptoms of arthritis. The most common form of arthritis occurs when
our joints are inflamed. The most common symptoms of arthritis are
constant pain, swollen joints and stiffness throughout the body. It can also be extremely difficult to perform
certain movements. After consulting your doctor to determine
the true cause of your mobility issues, you should understand that there are many natural
remedies to treat the symptoms of arthritis. Let’s learn how to make a homemade oil to
help treat the pain, swelling, and stiffening of your joints. The ingredients in this recipe contain specific
substances that act directly on the reversal of inflammation in our bodies. Ingredients 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper – this ingredient
contains substances, such as capsaicin, that relieve pain and act to protect the health
of sensory nerves. 2 tablespoons of mustard seed – with thermogenic
properties, mustard seeds heat the affected area, facilitating blood flow. 2 tablespoons of grated ginger – apart from
being one of the most famous natural anti-inflammatories, ginger removes substances that cause pain
and swelling of the tissues. Therefore, it’s the most important element
in this recipe. It can’t be replaced with ginger powder
or any other processed option. 250 ml of cold-pressed sunflower oil – it’s
rich in vitamin E, in addition to possessing strong anti-inflammatory properties. It will be used to activate ginger. The cold-pressed version is sold in health
food stores or online. Don’t confuse it with the everyday variety
sold in supermarkets. Instructions Simply mix all the ingredients in a sealed,
preferably airtight, glass vial and let it sit for a week. After that, strain the mixture and store. You can either swap the original bottle for
another one or simply wash the original bottle before storing. Use this oil to massage the affected area,
relieving the pain in your joints, muscles, back, and other areas of the body affected
by arthritis. Remember that this oil is a natural and supplementary
remedy. Therefore, you still need to consult a specialist
to discover the cause of arthritis and properly treat it.

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