Taking Charge of Your Health

While we were at medical school in the
’70s we started seeing that certain people would get better when medicine said they couldn’t. And, we termed this a miraculous cure. And when we started
looking at these people we saw that they were using usually some alternative therapy. And what our goal was was to utilize these therapies and try and integrate them into a conventional medical practice. When we did this people started having quantum leaps in their health, and that quantum effect was the process that we started calling transformational medicine or a transformational healthcare plan. The main reason patients come to us is because they’re having traditional medical treatment and it’s not helping them enough. (Steve) I think that people, as they get sick, lose the sense of control over their lives. (Sandi) So coming here is a great experience because we can help you assess what your medical issue is and give you other options for care that are tailored specifically towards your needs. There’s no one plan for every patient;
it’s very personalized and individualized. Over these 20 years, there has been a lot of research and data to validate what we’re doing. Mostly, patients come to us saying, “You’ve got to help me because I’m struggling so much.” “I’m desperate. I need help.” And, when they go through the treatments, they usually say to me, “You’ve given me my life back!” Somebody who’s really skeptical of coming here, I say to them, “Open your eyes and give it a try!”

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