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Bricolage Theory Within the latest decade, bricolage, as a
tactic to qualitative inquiry, has obtained publicity in academic circles. Anyway, while concrete and conceptual precedents
subsist, the tactic has continued comparatively misunderstood, and uncommon, in broader research
societies. This may be for the reason that the complexity
of the tactic has stymied widespread commentary and debates. Obviously, Denzin and Lincoln, (1999) think
bricolage to become more than multimethods study. They view it as a tactic that authorizes researchers
to esteem the complication of the meaning-producing and inquiry operation. In this manner, it challenges the foundation
of conventional multi-methods survey. The methodological plan instructed by the
crucial bricolage structure should become interdisciplinary at ontological, philosophical,
epistemological, and methodological standards. Concentration on webs of connections instead
of plain objects-in-themselves, the bricoleur builds the object of survey in a more complicated
framework. In this procedure, attention is guided toward
relationships, processes, and interconnections among phenomena. Anyway, such dissection drives bricoleurs
to numerous dimensions of multilogicality.

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